Top 8 Poker Myths, Which Stop You From Being Poker Shark !

By speaking to many poker players every day, for many years now, we decided to put a list of poker myths, we often hear on daily basis.

Some points in this list will be familiar but others will truly surprise you. Some of them are so different than popular believe, that you will be sceptical at first.

Yes we know many coaches and advanced poker players will have a lot to say about our last few entries in our list, but we assure you none of them is dealing 24/7 with poker players and watch where many grinders go wrong in their thinking.

Our advice in general is do not follow popular dogmas blindly. Do not repeat automatically everything you hear on forums or even by poker coaches.

We bust 8 poker myths here. Of First 4 myths, most often are guilty beginner players. On the other hand, last 4 myths, are often preached by advanced poker players.

1. Online Poker is Rigged

Maybe the most common myth around the poker world is that online poker is rigged, but it’s not surprising that this statement comes from players who mostly lose their money playing online poker and find themselves depositing money again and again to their poker account and bankroll.So no, online poker is not rigged. Just as you can lose at poker cash games from bad beats, bad plays, bad games or even bad players who chase you down, the same applies for online poker. Just ask the poker pros like Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey and others, they also lose at online poker, but they don’t claim it’s rigged, they just change their game and win all over again, remember that poker is not 100% win at all times, you have to work for your money and work hard.If this answer does not satisfy you, then you should know that every online poker room uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) that randomly chooses from a 52 card deck on every single hand.So remember:

1. There are not too many bad beats

2. Cards are not fixed to keep the players playing

3. Cards are not fixed in order to build bigger pots

Master the game, learn more and get your game better and in the long run if you’re serious about poker and your game, you’ll be able one day to earn money at online poker and maybe even make a living of it just like many poker pros.

2. Cashing Out Curse

Believe it or not, but there is a myth that claims that if you withdraw from your poker bankroll, you will suffer bad luck in future hands and lose your money not too long after your withdrawal.Well, there’s no sense to make you lose your money because the poker rooms take rake from your plays and if you can’t play, how will they earn their money? Ever thought of that?Online poker rooms don’t care if you withdraw or not and are not there to teach you a lesson, just like you they are there to make money, so this is just another myth that is kept alive by bad poker players.

3. Good Poker Players Always Win

Have you ever seen a poker player that is always profitable and always wins? There is a myth that claims that if you’re a good poker player, you can win at any poker room and table and be profitable no matter where you play.This is absolutely not true! Sure, in the long run the good poker players will win, but poker cannot guarantee you 100% win, even the best players in the world like Tom Dwan or Phil Hellmuth suffer losses from time to time from various reason like a bad poker day, bad plays they made, bad beats, poor bankroll management and other reasons.The big difference is that good poker players always analyze their plays after the game and try to avoid mistakes made, thus improve their game while bad or mediocre players blame online poker for being rigged, bad players that don’t understand the concept of the game (“donkeys”), chase cards and pay ridiculous amounts for their chasings and other irrational reasons to their losses.

4. Winning at Poker is all about Reading Your Opponents

The myth is that winning at poker is all about reading your opponents. Well, it is true that your odds at winning the game will greatly improve if you’ll be able to read the opponents around the table, yet it’s not the only way to win the game.First, you cannot really read your opponents at online poker rooms, you don’t see nor hear them, you cannot read their body language, hear their tone of voice, you cannot ask questions, yet you can win at online poker.If you know your poker math, poker strategy and adjust your game according to the players you face at the table, you will win at online poker (and cash games as well) even without reading the physical signs of your opponent, seeing or hearing him.

5. Bad Poker Players Are Hard to Beat

The myth is that bad poker players will always call your bet and eventually end up outdrawing you when you have the better or best hand and that is why it is very hard to beat bad poker players, or is it?You can beat any poker player around the table, you just have to adjust your game according to your opponents, know when to be aggressive against players who afraid to lose or play tight against players who call your every bet.From time to time every player will get lucky and catch the cards he was chasing, that doesn’t mean you cannot win bad players, because if you play poker according to the right strategy of the table and your game then in the long run the odds are in your favor and you will win more than the bad players who will end up losing their bankroll, it’s plain mathematics and you cannot fool mathematics.

6. You Suffer More Bad Beats at Online Poker

Playing online poker means suffering more bad beats than playing at casinos, cash games and home games. Really?There’s a reason this is a myth, because the cards at online poker rooms are drawn randomly just like at live cash games or at your home games with family and friends.Do you remember that online poker is not rigged or fixed? So where does this myth come from? Well, there are two main reasons why you could suffer “more” bad beats at online poker games, but it’s not because the rooms are fixed, it’s because of these reasons:

A. You play more hands at online poker rooms, thus you’ll suffer more bad beats. Again, it’s all about probabilities and math.

B. You may suffer more bad beats playing online because players are not so afraid of playing poorly at online poker rooms.

7. In Order to Succeed at Poker You Have to Master Mathematics

There’s an assumption that good poker players are math wizards and geniuses, know to run complicated math in their heads before making any decision while playing their hand, thus winning more around the table.It is true that knowing the basic poker math will help you win more, yet knowing the basics like odds of hitting a straight or a flush with one or two more cards to come can be enough to win at the table if you apply theses basics in your game, thus knowing when to bet, raise or fold…no need to be a genius.

8. You need 100 Buy Ins bankroll for cash games.

This is very underrated poker myth. Actually it is considered absolute truth and many poker coaches give exactly this advice.

In reality, when playing cash games and you have 200 USD bankroll for example, you do not need to automatically start grinding NL2.

If you are no stranger to poker, spend enough time with it and already look to cash some good winnings instead of playing to pass the time – you will not do so at NL2. Instead avoid the “mandatory” 100 Buy In rule and hop to NL5, NL10 or even NL20.

Playing NL10 for example is 20 Buy Ins with your 200 USD bankroll. If you know what you are doing and do not tilt, it is almost impossible to lose 10 Buy Ins in a row. Instead, you will have solid chance of multiplying your funds, instead of grinding against terrible gamblers and pay ton of rake on NL2 for example.

The same can be said for advances players who have solid bankroll, but are afraid to take the next step. Playing in bigger stakes is not only more profitable, but also the best coach you can have. Nothing is more valuable than playing and analysing yourself against solid competition. Practice > Theory . Its good to have theory but when you are in middle of session, often you need practice more than poker theory to come on top.

9. It is always good idea to play as many tables as possible

You probably heard it – ” Play more tables to reduce variance”. Actually in practice, the only thing you are reducing is your concentration, observation of other players. By playing many tables often novice, intermediate and even advanced poker players, become considerably more predictable in their plays and do not follow the hands completely, preventing them from taking the right decision.

We see it from first hand as well. Often our players who play on apps, always ask if they can multi table. Then they ask for the biggest possible online poker club and start grinding many tables. When they result is not what they expected, they dial it down to 1-2 tables but instead upping the stakes a bit.

This almost all of the time results in considerably better results. We know this sounds counterintuitive and on contrare to popular belief but we assure you, it is true.

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