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Unibet Poker is a popular choice among grinders for many years. It was one of the original “popular ” poker rooms back in the day. Along with Pokerstars, Party Poker and 888Poker – they were holding the vast majority of poker player pool on a global scale.

Skipping forward to 2021, Unibet is still running, but things have changed. With the appearance of GGPoker, Winamax and Private Poker Clubs on apps – the competition for being the best poker platform, was never tougher.

As every big poker site, there is also online casino , which will entertain you with sportsbetting and slots. Today we will skip reviewing Unibet Casino and focus solely on Poker.


unibet signing up
unibet signing up

Signing up for Unibet Poker is pretty straightforward. New players are taken through a step-by-step process to give their personal details. Before new players are able to play Unibet Poker games, they will need to send some form of identification verification.

It can take up to 24 hours for Unibet to confirm identification, but this usually happens much faster. For us, it took less than 2 hours.

Unibet Deposits

Unibet allows players to deposit funds using 6 methods, these are:

  • Debit card
  • Paysafecard
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Bank Transfer
  • Skrill

All of the funds deposited into Unibet are protected in a client account separate to company funds, meaning that all players’ funds are protected in the case of Unibet’s insolvency.


Unibet poker has first deposit bonus which they call “£20 extra to play with” . It is made up of 5 free poker tickets worth €24 (or £20).

These free tickets are comprised of:

  • 1 x €8 Cash Game Ticket
  • 4 x €5 Unibet UK Tour tournament tickets

New players also receive entry into 4 new player freerolls each with a €500 prize pool.

Rake requirementLevelBonus Value

This table shows the amount of money you will need to rake in order to clear the full €500 bonus. It comes out to €2,400 in rake paid and roughly 21% in rakeback. This is almost identical system to other popular poker rooms, like Winamax and 888Poker. These bonuses can be unlocked only with grinding a lot and in the end of the day, it is just 20% rakeback of your efforts. Disappointing

Unibet Poker Software

unibet poker software
unibet poker software

The Unibet software is proprietary and does not use a network like iPoker for its games. Make note that HUDs are banned – in fact Unibet is the site that led the way in ridding online poker of such software.

Unibet’s interface is very easy to navigate and runs identically on any device. The software is unique but intuitive and easy to use. 

Note that Unibet takes a very different approach to their offering than any other poker site. Some things they do differently are:

  1. No HUDs – Unibet were the first to make this move in an attempt to make the game friendlier to recreational players
  2. Unibet rake is the lowest you will find in the lower stakes. This is designed to keep worse players around for longer, thereby giving better value for money
  3. Limited Multi-tabling – To keep regs from propagating throughout the games, Unibet has capped the number of tables you may play at a time to four 4NL tables at once, or 8 of any other game
  4. No Table Observing – You cannot watch a table before joining, this is to prevent good players from bum hunting the fish
  5. Player nicknames – You may change your identity up to 3 times a day in order to remain anonymous
  6. Rakeback Structure – A points-based rakeback scheme which relies on events that happen during normal play, making the whole process more exciting for recreational players

Playing Unibet Hexapro SNGs

unibet poker hexa spins

Unibet’s answer to Jackpot sit ‘n’ gos are Hexapro SNG tournaments. These are three-person Hyper Turbo games with a randomly generated prize pool. 

This popular SPIN format is favourite of many grinders, as player pool is quite soft. Also it combines poker strategy with luck element, in terms of earning bigger rewards, which is always exciting for gamblers.

How Unibet Compares to Club Based Poker Apps ?

While Unibet is huge platform with history, it is somewhat surprising the new trendy poker apps offer way more in almost every aspect.

Unibet Cash games, for example, are not very varied to say the least. They include only regular NLH and PLO, while stakes are limited to NL4 – NL400.

Pokerbros , for example, offers stakes from NL6 – NL10000 and variety of formats which include NLH, NLH Pineapple, Spin&Go, SNG, PLO, PLO5, PLO6, PLO8, Omaha Double Board, Short deck and more. Certainly much more varied and interesting.

Similar to our favorite club based poker apps, Unibet software will allow you to play up to 4 tables simultaneously.

Unibet also has a ban on auto rebuy to max . This aims to attract more recreational players, but as everyone knows, the softest games are on club based poker apps and they allow topping up automatically.

Rake at Unibet

You can see how Unibet rake stacks up against other sites at our online rake comparison. However, the table below really speaks for itself. The rake at Unibet is as low as 2% in the lowest stakes and has a very reasonable cap of €0.50. 


While many will write poems, in ecstatic praise of Unibet rake structure, we would like to note a few things. While for limits up to NL25 and PL50, things are looking very good, after that it becomes a bit messy.

First, every reputable poker room, tries to LOWER the rake, the higher the stakes. This aims to invite more high stake players, who hate to pay ton of rake. Here however we see increase in rake, the higher the stakes become. In our humble opinion, this is counter-intuitive

The good news are for the micro and low stakes – player there will be paying as little as 2% rake. This however is attracting ton of micro grinders, regulars and even sharks who multi table low limits, just because of this low rake. For sure, Unibet has below average rake, but their structure is a bit strange to say the least. It drives away high stake gamblers and welcomes low stake regulars.

Unibet Rake Back

Rakeback deal in Unibet , like in every major poker site, is overly confusing. It includes collecting points, doing challenges and unlocking rewards. These rakeback systems are heavily oriented on grinding and making it interesting to collect points and unlock rewards. However, behind all these fun events and point systems, like the ugly truth – poker sites reward you with subpar rakeback reward.

It is tough to calculate how much is the exact rakeback % , just because from player to player will be huge difference, in terms of when they sign up or what monthly promotion they participate in. On average, players would see 15-20% of their rake, paid back to them. Which is not terrible, especially comparing it to Pokerstars.

Unibet Summary

Out of all big poker sites of the past, in 2021, Unibet is clearly the winner in terms of soft games, rake structure and rakeback deals. When comparing it to the new fresh breeze of poker rooms like GGPoker Network and Club based Poker Apps, Unibet is having hard time catching up. We believe with few tweeks in their rake structure and including more poker game types and stakes, this classic poker platform can become one of the best again.

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