PartyPoker Russia is no longer available (2022)

partypoker russia

PartyPoker Russia will no longer be available on 14th February. Citizens of Russia and Moldova will not be welcome to one of the biggest networks in the world. This will drastically affect the online poker scene in these locations.

partypoker russia

Why PartyPoker stopped support in Russia And Moldova ?

For those who do not know, PartyPoker parent company is called GVC Holdings. Their plan for the upcoming years includes only regulated markets, which exclude countries like Russia and Moldova. These are one of top poker playing countries, yet PartyPoker in Russia, will no longer be a thing. GVC is aiming to switch completely to regulated markets

The departure of PartyPoker from Russia is the next step of GVC’s policy of full legalization. Other countries which already were removed from this network include Montenegro, Poland, Venezuela , Panama and Norway.

PartyPoker Russia is gone, what this means for other players ?

PartyPoker Russia is no longer a thing, which is a breath of fresh air for regs. They will no longer compete with russian players, who are renown for their poker skill. No one likes to play against tough russian pros. This, however, does not mean the network itself, is making the right move. Excluding such large player base from the tables will hurt PartyPoker network in the short term, probably in the long term as well.

Is playing PartyPoker from Russia with VPN possible ?

You can bypass the rules by using VPN , but this is highly dangerous endeavour. Not only your account in PartyPoker can get frozen, but your funds can be confiscated in the proccess. There are fresh examples from countries like Poland and Norway, which are also prohibited from accessing the network. Players from there, who try to cheat the system, often end up on the wrong end of the stick.

Is PartyPoker Ukraine and Belarus in Jeopardy ?

For now, partypoker is continuing it’s support in those countries. However, if you are citizen of those countries, but you are currently living in Russia – PartyPoker is off limits for you.

Till when i can cashout from Party Poker Russia ?

PartyPoker russia players can withdraw their funds till the end of April. You can cashout using Skrill, Neteller or your visa card.

partypoker in russia

Where to play now ?

There are many limitations in regulated markets such as Brazil, Russia, USA and many other countries with poker traditions, who can not fully enjoy, their favourite game. This is why in the last few years, few exotic options have arised. Those up to the latest trends, know that the best places to play poker without limitations and against weak opponents, are found on club-based poker apps.

Below you can read in depth review of these platforms, which welcome players from all over the world – including Russia.

PartyPoker Russia may be finished but there are plenty of online poker options for players from CIS countries. Just reach out to us and we will provide you with full consultations ;

We fully expect other big networks to forbid access for Russian players, in the foreseeable future. You can speculate that the current political situation, in combination with the fact, that Russia is not a regulated poker market – will invite more problems, Big networks like GGPoker and 888Poker are already not fans of the russian grinders. PartyPoker Russia might be the warning signal you need, to investigate other options , where you can compete with lesser competition and not worry about your accounts, being frozen. There is also a whole poker quiz we put together, in which you can select your preferences, bankroll, skill level and receive recommendation with a tailor made for you, online poker room.

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