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Since the pandemic started, online poker is one of the few spheres in entertainment industry, which became even more popular and attractive for newcomers. With local casinos being closed, live poker players were forced to switch gears and grab their mouse and keyboard.

Today we are comparing the trendiest way of playing – poker apps, versus the classic way of playing – online poker sites. Our poker offers include poker rooms such as Betkings, GGPoker and 1234Poker. In the same time we also provide the best poker apps – PPPoker, Upoker, X-Poker and KKPoker.

In our homepage you can see us mentioning only 3 of those, so you maybe wonder why we chose online poker apps over regular poker sites. Here is our detailed comparison :

Poker Apps have no country restrictions.

While regular poker sites have restrictions based on your location, poker apps have no such issues. You can play on online poker apps, regardless of where you are in the world.
On the other hand famous poker sites can be available in some countries and not available in others.. Also can decide to stop their support suddenly in certain location, forcing you to search for another place to grind.

Poker Apps do not have ID Verification.

All you need to do is download the app on PC, tablet or smartphone, create account and join a club. You do not have to send ID documents, provide proof of adress or answer questions. You just hop in and play.

Regular Poker Sites have automatic system and in Poker Apps you are dependent on your agent.

This is the major downside of poker apps. They are platforms for private clubs and you are invited in those by your agent. Also all the payments are done through poker agents, so the most important thing is trusting your contact. Choosing good agent to assist you is crucially important in you gaining access to more online poker clubs. It is like you have manager. For good results, you need the best manager possible.
Regular poker sites, do not have this problem, as they have automatic cashier.

Poker Apps have a lot more fish than Regular Poker Sites

Without getting in detailed explanations, we just straight up say this – poker apps are full of bad players. Playing poker on regular poker sites and playing on poker apps feel like two different games. On apps it is full of gamblers and amateurs, on sites it is full of regulars. Simple as that. You can check our other articles to see why this is true.

Regular Poker Sites have better customer service.

On many occasions you will feel no difference whether you are playing on poker app or regular poker site. Other times, though, big famous rooms have faster support. For example on poker apps, you may be forced to wait 24 hours for cashout and on regular poker site can be done instantly.

Poker Apps offer bigger rakeback deals.

The main incentives, with which poker apps attract players, are big rakeback and juicy freerolls. This in turn, fills real money poker clubs with recreational players, who are just there because of the bonuses.
For regular grinders , there is no need to explain the importance of rakeback. Let’s just say on poker apps you can get double the rakeback of regular poker sites.

Poker Apps are tailor made for playing on both phones and PC

While big poker rooms have perfect software for PC, they have slow, buggy and demanding poker app which does not run smooth. Poker apps are light software and run smoothly.

Poker Apps are better for MTT

Tournaments on poker apps have fewer players and bigger prizes. This is done to attract newcomers. So you will be competing against less players, for bigger rewards. There is no need to say how huge this is for your winrate.

Regular Poker Rooms have much more traffick.

Famous poker sites have big traffick 24/7. You can just hop up and play 12 tables at the same time at any desired limit. This is not the case with poker apps. Player pool there ranges between 1000 members and 50000 members, depending on which club you are in.

Poker Apps introduce fresh new formats.

Have you played 3-1 Holdem ? Or maybe NLH Swap ? What about 6+ PLO ? You have not played them ? Maybe you need to give this new online poker app trend a shot. Sounds fun right.

On Poker Apps you can target certain nations.

Usually Regular Poker Rooms have one big international player pool. On poker apps, there are many private poker clubs from different nationality. You can find clubs from USA, UK , Denmark, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, India, China, Japan, Greece, Germany, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Korea, Israel and more. Each with own currency and player pool. Its possible to join whichever ones you like, regardless of your location.


Whether you like big poker sites or private clubs on poker apps, it is certainly good to be informed of how the latest poker trends work.
Moreso in Poker than any other industry, being one step ahead is the key to success long term and improving your results short term. Feel free to contact us if you want to start in certain regular poker site or some poker app. Happy Grinding !

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