Get the Best Deals on Poker Apps. Play in Exclusive PPPoker , Upoker , Pokerbros clubs and unions

The main advantage of these online poker apps is that the opponents are very weak. Out of all online poker sites and rooms, we as poker affiliate offer you exclusive real money poker clubs, because we are sure these are the easiest to win and profit from.

PPPoker, Upoker and Pokerbros are not real money poker apps, they are platforms, on which are formed real money poker clubs, which often combine their player base to form huge poker unions. Our goal as poker affiliate, is to guarantee for your funds and find you the best poker rooms to play in. For poker deals on those, check out our reviews below. 

  • Weakest Competition

  •  Bigger Rakeback

  •  No country restrictions

  •  Extremely strict rules and security. No cheating possible.

  •  Jackpots, bonuses and other incentives

  • No documentation or verification needed



Pokerbros Deals :  All Pokerbros Unions Ranked


Pokerbros is the trendiest poker app on the market right now. With all the soft games and fun poker formats, most poker players chose this innovative platform as their main place to grind.

While it is not hard to find a club to play in, it is much more profitable to have solid agent, who always find you the softest games, suitable for you.

You maybe saw our top 5 list of pokerbros unions, which was made just few months ago. It should come as no surprise, that in few months time, the dynamics have changed.

Pokerbros is extremely dynamic platform which always improves and changes, and so do the Pokerbros unions of clubs. As you know those unions use the Pokerbros software to organise poker games.

Today we are going to review every single Pokerbros union. As you know, you can join each one on extremely good VIP deal. Just contact The Poker Agent team and you will receive full list of Pokerbros clubs on each union.

Let’s start ranking those juicy Pokerbros Unions:

PPPoker Deals : All PPPoker Unions you can join


Have you ever wondered why you joined two PPPoker Clubs and they had same traffick and player pool ? You are not the only one, many players confusingly ask us, why such clubs look identical.

The concept of PPPoker Clubs is to be platforms for private real money games. PPPoker unions on the other hand are just alliance between many clubs, which share same game currency, player pool and available tables. The reasoning for combining multiple clubs in one big union, is to increase traffick and allow for beefier tournaments. This way even smaller clubs with less amount of players are welcome to bring their action into the fold.

After this quick intro, we will delve right into the biggest list of PPPoker unions, which are available to all online poker lovers who contact us. You can deposit and cashout in these private online poker unions with Skrill, Neteller or Cryptocurrencies. As you will see below, our offers include PPPoker unions from 5 continents and many exotic countries.

Upoker Deals : Top 5 Upoker Unions

Upoker is asian  poker platform similar to PPPoker.  The poker clubs and unions system here is working the same way, though some key differences can be spotted. There are many more  Upoker clubs which are standalone and not in a union, as well as many small unions of 2-5 clubs. This gives a feel of playing in private games or home games with unknowing opponents.


Many of those clubs with small player pools are extremely profitable, because players are amateurs and playing for fun. With that being said, there is one Grand Union , which is enormous and action packed non-stop.
Upoker in general, we consider the easiest field you can play online poker in. Here are our top 5 Upoker Deals ;

Poker Affiliate Deals


In addition to top poker deals for players, we invite fellow agents and poker affiliates to join as well. Here is what we can offer you :


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  • Huge rakeback deals !

  • Full Guarantee for funds – yours and your players.

  • Gain access to many under the radar, not popular clubs, which are very soft and players love to grind in them.

  • Work with 1 poker affiliate manager for all your poker deals and switch chips between many clubs on different platforms. 

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