PokerKing and PPPFish Union – Best Short Deck Poker Sites

short deck poker rooms

Short Deck has gained popularity over the last few years, due to the its intense action packed gameplay.

Vastly popular in Asia, Triton series of poker hosts many live TV events , which include world-class poker stars, such as Tom Dwan , James Koon , Daniel Cates and many others.
“Durrrr” especially, is the biggest fan of the game and almost exclusively devoted himself to the 6+ poker format.

But not everyone have the bankroll, nor the skills, to go to Macau and play with the best in the world. The question is, where to play short deck online ? Today you will see the two, absolute best places to grind, where the opponents are the weakest.

PokerKing – Regular Poker Site for Short Deck

PokerKing Short Deck

This is one of the best places to play Short Deck format. It is big and reputable poker site, flagman of the Winning Poker Network.

PokerKing has solid rakeback deals, for the regular grinders and seasoned pro players.  This makes it the tougher place to grind, out of the two, we will present you today.

However, it is still very good poker site, especially for Short Deck, when we compare it to shark infested poker rooms, such as PokerStars, Party Poker and 888 Poker.

Here you can meet players from countries where poker is prohibited or has an underground status: Turkey, Portugal, Australia, Israel, or in other words soft poker playing countries.

PPPoker PPPfish Union – Australian Poker Room full of weak players

PPPfish Union

Six-plus holdem is very popular poker format in this Australian Union on PPPoker. It has plenty of active tables round the clock .

Not only that, the Short Deck tables here are extremely soft. You will find very loose players with high VPIP.

The software of PPPoker app , has built-in statistics for your opponents, also it allows you to mark your opponents in different colours and adding notes, next to their name. This makes the bumhunting even easier , especially when PPPFish Union, is one of the biggest ones on PPPoker and allows for multi-tabling.

Since this is mainly Australian Poker room  , all poker games are played in Australian Dollars.

The Poker Agent gives away beefy rakeback deals to players and PPPoker affiliates.

6+ Short Deck Holdem Final Words

Short Deck is here to stay and even becoming more popular with each passing day. This unusual poker format , will almost surely be trending in 2022 , too. Reserve your spot early and play against lesser skilled short deck opponents on PokerKing and especially in PPPFish Union on PPPoker.

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