PPPoker – The EASY Way to Win at Poker (2022)


PPPoker is the first club-based platform, which exploded with popularity back in 2018. Now, 4 years later, [t is still going strong , being one of the dominating forces in the poker market. Developers kept things fresh by always introducing new game modes, include variations of the classic ones and even adding innovative gameplay elements, such as EV Chop.

Constantly improving and listening to player’s feedback, is why PPPoker is the biggest club-based poker platform in the world. It is available in all continents with both PC and mobile versions. Not only that, there are so many clubs from different regions of the world. that even an experienced PPPoker agent or player, might not have heard most of them.

There are many seasoned veterans, who think they know all about the app. Today they will find some unexpected things, including new PPPoker Unions and secret clubs.

PPPoker – What Changed ?

Since its introducton 4 years ago, PPPoker app improved in almost all aspects. One of the key ways it did so, is by introducing fresh new poker formats. Players now can enjoy No Limit Holdem Pineapple . This variation of traditional NLH, spices things up and makes the games more dynamic. At the same time, it is a format , with lower variance. Perfect for those tired of unlucky rivers.

Other new game types include All in Or Fold, Short Deck, PLO6, Sit & Go and few more. These were not present back in the day. Nowadays, there are many PPPoker unions, in which these formats are played regularly.

In addition to these , development team added more flavour to the gameplay. Now clubs can create tables with EV Chop option. This lowers luck factor to practically 0. Playing it safe, is now easier than ever. Just go All In with the best hand, select EV Chop and take percentage of the whole pot, which equals your hand equity.

Joining PPPoker Club

pppoker club

PPPoker is free to play application , which has nothing to do with real money games. However, many private clubs and unions, monetize their games , which allows for some juicy gambling.

PPPoker is hosting many real money clubs, this is why there is no ” Best PPPoker Club”. It all depends on what you look for. Stakes, Game Types, Formats, Traffick – it all should be taken into consideration, when you choose a club, which suits you.

This is the sole reason, we created this QUIZ . You answer few questions and receive answer by email, with our recommendations. If you prefer chatting directly, just contact us on Telegram , where we will answer all your questions and help you choose the best club for you .

PPPoker Rakeback Deals

pppoker rakeback

Bonuses on PPPoker are given to you by agents or club owners. Regular players receive weekly rakeback bonus, in the form of ingame currency or directly to their wallet. Percentages we offer to players are individual, depending on their weekly statistics. It is safe to say, however, that PPP is one of the best places to be, if you seek high rakeback deals.

High stake players can expect rakeback up to 55% .

PPPoker Agent Deals

pppoker agent

Being a PPPoker agent is both simple and complicated at the same time. The easy part is, that you have to invite your gambling friends to play. Hard part is, that you need solid bulletproof connections in the poker world. Trusting random clubs you find online – will only get you so far. Sooner or later, you will lose time and money.

Guaranteeing money of your players, the main job of an agent. Another important task of affiliates, is to be up to the latest trends and deals. If all this sounds risky, it does, because it is.

Luckily, we have tons of experience on PPPoker and similar apps. Our reputation and long years of hard work, gives us access to all the unions and clubs. Not only that, we can give you better rakeback deals, than some club owners. The cherry on the cake is, that we guarantee for your funds and provide you with our full list of pppoker deals.

Eager to start as PPPoker Agent ? You are somewhat familiar with the ecosystem ? Check our rakeback offers in this PPPoker Union list.

UnionRakebackChip ValueStakes
Fresh Breeze20-65%0,95 USDHigh
UAH 20-60% 1 UAH Low
Private Russia 20-40% 100 RublesMedium
Private USA 20-40% 1 USDMed
Private India 20-30% 9,5 INRLow
Mini India 20-40% 0,85 INRMedium
Double Ruble 20-55% 1 RubleMicro
Primetime 20-60% 0,87 USDMed/High
Cactus 20-50% 0,94 BRLLow
Dorada 20-60% 0,85 PENLow/Medium
Black Poker 20-60% 100 RUBLESMedium
Square 20-65% 0,9 USDMedium
Pinoy Donks 20-60% 0,87 PHLow
Liga Latam 20-55% 0,95 BRLMedium
PPPFish 20-50% 0,9 AUDHigh
Full House 20-50% 0,95 USDHigh
Royal 20-52% 0,95 THBLow
Korea 20-53% 1000KWLow
Texas 20-53% 100 RublesMedium
Yamal 20-65% 95 RublesMedium

PPPoker Deposit Options

To deposit , as we have already mentioned, you need to contact trustworthy PPPoker agent or club owner. If you go with us, the two ways you can send / receive money are crypto and skrill.

Disclaimer :

PPPoker is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service. Any monetary value indicated in this article is solely and exclusively the opinion of the author only.”

Skrill is eWallet mostly used in Europe and South America. It is available on other continents as well, but it is not a popular choice there.

Cryptocurrencies are the main payment system, which is used on PPPoker. This is a worldwide platform, so sending and receiving money with coins, is much easier than with some local wallets. It is fast, low tax and convenient. Choosing the best crypto wallet for you, depends on your location. You have to carefully study the pros and cons , of all cryptocurrency wallets, available in your country.

How to Choose PPPoker Club ?

As mentioned above, it is better to contact us directly or take our quiz. However, you can also visit our dedicated PPPoker page, in which we review all the clubs. They are all different in terms of size, player pool and game types. Biggest unions offer all poker formats and many active tables. They resemble biggest poker sites, in terms of traffick.

Different to them are the little private clubs, which run only few tables at peak times, but are unimaginably soft. In general, all these private games are filled with amateur players, but some, more than others. So, do you prefer huge rooms with moderate amount of fish or very small ones, full of hobby players ? To help you with these choices, we have selected one suitable club, for every taste.

Best PPP Club for NLH


Choosing the best place for the most popular poker format in the world, is not an easy task. There are many places on PPPoker, which offer soft games, full of fish. But if we have to choose one room, it will be the following one.

  • Club ID: 2978679
  • Agent ID: 5097243
  • 1 Chip = 95 Rubles
  • Union: Yamal
  • Country : CIS

Best PPPoker Club for Omaha ( PLO)

Regular Omaha with 4 cards is less popular than PLO5 alternative. PPP is home of the best PLO5 games on the planet. With that being said, there are few very good spots, for all the traditional omaha lovers. Here is our favourite one

  • Club ID: 2466363
  • Agent ID: 4498656
  • 1 Chip = 9,5INR
  • Union: Private
  • Country : India

Try this PPPoker Club for Omaha 5 Cards (PLO5)

pppoker omaha

The sheer amount of choice for PLO5 games is through the roof. PPPoker has so many options, for loose PLO5 games, especially in Brazillian clubs. Here is our recommendation ;

  • Club ID:  3327850
  • Agent ID: 5097243
  • 1 Chip = 0,95 BRL
  • Union: Liga Latam
  • Country : Brazil

The Number 1 PPPoker Club for PLO6

Choosing a good plo6 club on this app is usually hard. Most agents don’t have access to the best ones. We present you a small UK club , with low amount of tables, but high amount of fish – perfect for Omaha 6 cards.

  • Club ID:  3181231
  • Agent ID: 5097243
  • 1 Chip = 0,95 USD
  • Union: Full House
  • Country : UK

Any Good PPPoker Short Deck ?

6+ Short Deck games are getting more popular, with each passing year. There is difficulty in finding regular games, let alone soft ones. PPPoker is the ideal place to be, as we have the perfect club for 6+ grinding ;

  • Club ID:  3327865
  • Agent ID: 5097243
  • 1 Chip = 0,95 THB
  • Union: Royal
  • Country : Thailand

Which PPPoker Club for tournaments ?

pppoker tournament

PPPoker Aussie Union ”PPPFish”, is one of the first ones, on the platform. Nowadays, the cash games are somewhat tough, but tournaments are very soft ;

  • Club ID:  3000687
  • Agent ID: 5097243
  • 1 Chip = 0,90 AUD
  • Union: PPPFish
  • Country : Australia

Best PPPoker Clubs for Heads Up ?

Another clear winner in this category ! Dorada Union is the best place to be, if you love poker duels. There are both omaha and holdem heads up tables . This union is quite big, games run round the clock ;

  • Club ID:  3027793
  • Agent ID: 5480278
  • 1 Chip = 0,85 PEN
  • Union: Dorada
  • Country : Peru/Colombia

Clubs for Micro Players ?

Many grinders. like to start slow and build bankroll from micros or freerolls. If you are one of them, welcome to one of the best places to do so. Super soft Peruvian club with all kind of games running 24/7. This room is best for heads up micro, but 6-max tables are also bankroll boosters ;

  • Club ID:  1625114 
  • Agent ID: 5097243
  • 1 Chip = 0,94 PEN
  • Union: Cactus
  • Country : Peru

PPPoker Club for High Stakes ?

There are , at least 4 clubs, which we would like to recommend here. PPPoker is not the most popular place for high stakes, especially compared to other club-based apps, but the present games, are super soft. It is a common thing, to watch players on tables with 10/20 USD blinds, play like amateurs on 10/20 cents. Not even exaggerating.

  • Club ID: 2569999
  • Agent ID: 5097243
  • 1 Chip = 0,95 USD
  • Union: Fresh Breeze
  • Country : Whole World

Finishing Words

There is not much to say, besides that you have to try this app. There are games for everyone here, with choice so big, that it rivals the biggest poker networks. The only thing , which is unrivalled on PPP, is the amount of bad players, who easily donate their whole bankroll.

If you want to keep up with the latest clubs, unions, deals and trends – visit our website regularly or subscribe to our Telegram Channel.

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