how to play on poker apps

How to Play In Private Clubs on Poker Apps ?

1. You can start playing by downloading the poker app, we have chosen for you or liked by yourself.

2. Create Account

3. Select Poker Club from our lists or contact us with your preferences ans we will handpick the best poker club for you.

4. Apply to the club with the ID’s we will give you

5. You are READY ! It takes only 2-3 minutes to complete all these steps. You can now check the games and contact us if you wish to deposit. We will handle cashouts as well. Your funds are fully guaranteed by us , regardless of which private games, you decide to join.



Why should i chose PPPoker / Pokerrrr 2 / Upoker over the more famous online poker rooms?

There are many reasons we think, those platforms are superior to every other poker room out there. The main ones are:

  •  Much softer player pool

  •  Bigger Rakeback

  •  Playable worldwide. No country restrictions

  •  Extremely strict rules and security. No cheating possible.

  •  Jackpots, bonuses and beefier freerolls

  •  No documentation or verification needed.

Who are we?

The Poker Agent is one of the oldest and most reputable organisations working in the poker app industry. We are always up to the latest trends in poker and provide the largest selection of soft online poker rooms.

We offer many platforms and private real money clubs from 5 continents and over 15 countries. Not only that, if you play with us, we can transfer funds seemingly between clubs, unions and poker apps.

Our offers are updated on daily basis, so you will always find something new in our poker deals section or read informative article in our Poker Jounral.

How to deposit and withdraw on Poker Apps ?

The main payment methods we use are bitcoin wallets, Skrill and Neteller
Contact us for more info if you use Revolut, Paypal Transferwise, Cashapp or any other payment service provider.

Just contact us and we will help you join suitable poker club for you, instruct you how to deposit and withdraw from poker clubs , apps and sites.

I have not used crypto wallets before, how can i join the action?

Creating cryptocurrency wallet is extremely easy. Chose one of the many crypto platforms such as , binance , , Trastra or some other you prefer. Sign up, verify your account and you are ready to send and receive crypto. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies happens inside these platforms – transparent, fast and easy.

Here is detailed review of playing poker with bitcoin

What is poker club/union?

Poker clubs are places in which big groups of players play with real money by using virtual chips, which they sell or buy from club owner / agent.  Each club sets its own chip value. One may charge one peso per chip. Another may charge one dollar per chip.

Poker unions are formed when 2 or more clubs join forces. They start sharing same tables, same currencies per chip and combine their players pool. We always work with the best poker unions available.


How do i get rakeback?

Rakeback is paid to you in game chips or can be withdrawn to your wallet.

Do you offer bonuses for inviting a friend?

Our bonuses for inviting a friend are huge. If you happen to know some interested poker players you can introduce them to us. If they like our deals and start playing, you will receive funds, based on your player performance.

Depending on their weekly rake, you will receive funds or chips. You chose which one you prefer. If you are poker player yourself, you can build bankroll from just making a connection. If you do not look to join the action, you will receive passive income untill your player is playing. For a lifetime.