• Available on PC, iOS, Android
  • Best Mobile Poker Platform for Heads Up and PLO5
  • Variety of international PPPoker Clubs to choose from.
  • 24/7 Action
  • Live Customer Service
  • RNG certified. 
  • No Country Restrictions
  • Payments in Crypto

Why Play on PPPoker with The Poker Agent ?

  • Access to the biggest PPPoker Clubs List
  • Ability to join  all PPPoker Unions
  • Same Day Withdraws!
  • Instant chip requests and chip Transfers between Clubs
  • New, safe and legit PPPoker clubs, every day.
  • Big weekly rakeback for PPPoker agents and players.


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Best PPPoker Clubs To Join in 2024

Biggest PPPoker Clubs ( Part of the largest PPPoker Unions ) :

  1. Australian Union (PPPFish )
    The largest among the PPPoker Australian clubs and one of the biggest PPPoker Unions. Best for Short Deck and Pineapple Holdem. 
    pppoker-australian-union-pppfishJoin with Club ID: 4048779 and Referral ID: 5097243
  2. El Dorado Union
    The main Brazilian PPPoker Union. PPPoker Clubs from Brazil are known for their loose action. This one has the best Heads Up NLH and Omaha.
    join-pppoker-el-dorado-unionJoin with Club ID: 3881273 and Referral ID: 2445143
  3. Yamal Union 
    Large PPPoker alliance with majority of the players coming from the CIS countries. Active 24/7. Very soft NLH / PLO5 + HU.
    pppoker-yamal-superunionJoin with Club ID: 3898069 and Referral ID: 2445143
  4. Primetime Super Union 
    The very first alliance between  American PPPoker Clubs. Good traffic and decent PLO5 action.
    pppoker-primetime-union-lobbyJoin with Club ID: 3519291 and Referral ID: 2445143
  5. Indian Union (Alliance )
    Many recreational players from India. Best PLO6 games, including Bomb Pot and Double Board.pppoker-indian-unionJoin with Club ID: 4149855 and Referral ID: 5097243
  6. Pinoy Donks Union 
    Oldest PPPoker Union from the Philippines. This Filipino alliance has tougher games, but is suitable for multi-tabling and micro-stakes.  One of the main PPPoker OFC clubs. Seka, “Stand Up Game” and Tongits available too.pppoker-pinoy-donks-union-tongitsJoin with Club ID: 3893709  and Referral ID: 2445143
  7. Super4 Union India 
    Safe Indian club with very soft PLO5 and PLO6 mid-stakes. Min 45% VPIP required !pppoker-indian-club-for-plo5Join with Club ID: 4095224 and Referral ID: 2445143
  8. Romano Union 
    Not very active, but among the best holdem Clubs. Many recreational players. Low stakes NLH + Bomb Pot.
    pppoker-romano-unionJoin with Club ID: 3550453 and Referral ID: 5097243
  9. Japanese Union / JOPM 
    Asian PPPoker Club for high stakes heads up NLH and PLO5.pppoker-japanese-union-joinJoin with Club ID: 4054007 and Referral ID: 5097243
  10. Fish United Union 
    Alliance with combination of PPPoker Clubs from United States and Russia. Plenty of game types to choose from. Incredibly soft Short seated Omaha.best-pppoker-clubs-from-usa-fish-unitedJoin with Club ID: 3991950 and Referral ID: 2445143

Best Private PPPoker Clubs and Small Alliances:

  1. Whale Pond 
    Small Australian PPPoker Club. One of the best PPPoker clubs for high stakes. Suitable for NLH and PLO5.australian-pppoker-clubJoin with Club ID: 2770411 Referral ID: 2445143
  2. Crazy House Club
    Among the best private rooms. Excellent low to mid-stakes NLH and PLO5. Russian player pool.Pppoker-private-clubsJoin with Club ID: 3755571 Referral ID: 5097243
  3. Punters Club
    Best among the UK PPPoker clubs. 100% recreational players tuning in every evening at aroun 9 PM ( UK time). Superb PLO6 BombPot tables.uk-pppoker-club-for-plo6-bombpotJoin by asking on Telegram: @thepokeragent
  4. Family FIsh Union
    No.1 from the USA PPPoker Clubs. Slow traffic, but very soft PLO5 , PLO6 and OFC action. In the conversation for the best PPPoker Omaha clubs.pppoker-usa-clubsJoin with Club ID: 3534189 Referral ID: 5097243
  5. Ginger Union
    The best of the Russian PPPoker Clubs. Good 7-max higher stakes NLH and PLO5.pppoker-ginger-russian-unionJoin with Club ID: 4099380 Referral ID: 2445143
  6. Favela 
    Soft low-stakes PPPoker club from Brazil. Especially suitable for all Omaha Heads Up players and PPPoker agents.pppoker-brazil-clubJoin by asking on Telegram – @thepokeragent
  7. Kingdom Union
    CIS PPPoker Union with plenty of different types of PLO5 tables – Bomb Pot, Double Board, 3-seated, 4-seated, 6 and 7-seated.pppoker-clubs-from-cisJoin with Club ID: 3878792 Referral ID: 2445143
  8. Tilters
    Private Indian PPPoker group with weak PLO4 and PLO5  players.Pppoker-indian-clubJoin with Club ID: 3771595  Referral ID: 5097243
  9. Fishpoker Club
    Small PPPoker Omaha Club from India. Small player pool of vrry weak omaha players. Best for PLO5, PLO6, OFC.Best-pppoker-clubs-in-indiaJoin with Club ID: 3717565 Referral ID: 2445143
  10. Rublev Union
    Oldest PPPoker Russian Union. Micro/Low stakes NLH and PLO5.russian-pppoker-clubJoin with Club ID: 2686826 

Here is How to Join PPPoker Clubs  

  1. Download PPPoker from the official websitebest-pppoker-clubs-in-2024
  2. Open the PPPoker app and create an account.

    how-to-play-on-pppoker app

  3. Choose from the  PPPoker Clubs list above a suitable room for your preferences or contact The Poker Agent for recommendation. Add the PPPoker Club ID and Referral ID from the list above, into the PPPoker App main lobby .


  4. Message us to accept you into the PPPoker Club, you have chosen. We can also help you deposit and withdraw chips.



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More Information About the Best PPPoker Clubs, Security and Deals

How to Choose a PPPoker Club ?

To choose the best  club for your needs, take into consideration your preferred game types and blinds. If you are in doubt, contact us to help you.


Which are the best PPPoker Clubs ?

It is not always true, but usually the weakest players are found in the smallest PPPoker clubs. If you prefer to multi-table, the main PPPoker unions are your best choice.

What is a PPPoker Union ?

PPPoker union is combination of PPPoker clubs, which share the same lobby. Unions are also called PPPoker Leagues or Alliances.


Which Are the biggest PPPoker Unions ?

Currently the largest PPPoker Unions are  Pinoy Donks, PPPFish Australia Union , Yamal, Primetime and El Dorado ( Brasil Union )

pppoker alliance pinoy donkspppoker yamal superunionpppoker primetime megaunionpppoker australian union - pppfish

Can i Become PPPoker Agent ?

Yes, everyone who can refer players is welcome to become PPPoker agent. Getting started is quick and easy. The Poker Agent provides always new secure deals list and big rakeback.

legit pppoker agent

How to move chips between PPPoker clubs ?

You can NOT manually do it. Ask your PPPoker agent to assist you.

Is PPPoker Rigged ?

PPPoker is fully tested by BMM labs and have RNG certificate. The Random Numbers Generator proves the software fairness.

Reputable PPPoker Clubs with good security

Are there PPPoker cheats ?

Pure PPPoker hacks do not exist. The most common methods of cheating on PPPoker are chip dumping, collusion, and RTA (Bots). The app has a fully dedicated security team, which works tirelessly 24/7 , and stops and confiscates anyone daring to attempt cheating. 

Is PPPoker Available on PC ?

Yes PPPoker has fully working PC version.


Where are players from on PPPoker ?

There are PPPoker clubs from all over the world, but currently there majority of the traffic is from Australia, Brazil, Philippines, Japan, Russia and CIS countries. 

Does PPPoker Allow HUD/Trackers ?

YPPPoker app itself allows the usage of additional software but many clubs forbid it, to keep the games more recreational. Popular choice for HUD is the PPPoker Card Catcher.

What are the PPPoker VIP Cards Used for ?

PPPoker VIP cards are used for cosmetic features, as well as bonuses like rabbit hunt and seeing a detailed statistics about your opponents like Check-Raise, Fold to 3-Bet, Bluff percentages and more. There are 3 types of PPPoker VIP cards – Silver, Black and Platinum. They can be bought from the in-game shop or with PPPoker diamonds


PPPoker is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service. Any monetary value indicated in this article is solely and exclusively endorsed by the respective pppoker clubs owners.
PPPoker is mixing up the online poker market with great action and soft games. The app was launched mainly for the Asian market, but has become a global phenomenon available to anyone who wants to play, no matter where they’re located.


Low Stakes Friendly

One of the best platforms for low stakes players. Loose action, lots of tables to choose from, micro limits, low rake and bad players.
Plenty of low limit ring games in NLH, PLO and PLO5, mainly with players from South America and CIS countries. It’s extremely easy to win pot after pot if you wait patiently for a good starting hand.
Players call whole stacks with all kinds of bad hands.

Heaven for Heads Up Players

Players who choose the services of The Poker Agent have access to best PPPoker clubs for heads-up ring games.
Whether it’s Texas Hold’em or Omaha, we have them all. Plus, you can choose from a variety of stakes.
Expect loose Latino players who bluff and call a lot. They play almost every two hands, which can be their undoing if you play smart.

RNG and Security

PPPoker makes sure that everyone can enjoy the games in a safe environment.
They have a dedicated security team that can spot collusion, chip dumps and other forms of cheating from afar. The head of the security team is a former Pokerstars veteran who was the nightmare for people who wanted to cheat there.
The fact that the app hires such a professional shows that it wants to keep the games clean.
Of course, like any other reputable platform, PPPoker is RNG certified, which ensures that the cards are shuffled 100% randomly

Game Variety and Innovation

This was the first platform to popularize agent-based poker apps.
I was also the first mobile poker game to make the transition from traditional Omaha to the 5-card version.
Nowadays, a huge portion of players prefer 5-card Omaha, which was first introduced by PPPoker.
Shortly after, some unorthodox game types were added, such as Pineapple Holdem, Pusoy and even Short Deck. The latter was available here first.
In short, if you want to catch the latest trend, just join some of the clubs and check them out.

PPPoker Private Games

In a nutshell, PPPoker allows private game organizers to create their own  clubs and play online with their friends. The cash games played in private clubs, hosted on the PPPoker app, are real money games. These rooms often join together to form unions, which share tables to provide even more action for all members. 
The largest PPPoker Unions have more than 5000 active players !


All PPPoker unions are available to players from all over the world, but each alliance has the majority of the players, coming from single location. There are  unions with Malaysian, Australian, Brazilian, European, Indian and American origin.

The different PPPoker unions, use different chip values.
To give you an example :  In a  PPPoker European Group usually  1 chip = 1 Euro . In some room from Philippines,  chip currency might be in pesos (PHP) .  Indian PPPoker games have are usually played in Indian Rupees.

Australian, Russian and Brazilian PPPoker clubs make up most of the traffic on the platform, this is why you will frequently discover PPPoker Leagues and private clubs with AUD, Rubles or BRL currencies. 

List of the Best PPPoker Features :

  • Excellent user interface with great features like multi-tabling, player stats and even EV Chops.
  • Large  selection of recreational PPPoker clubs from all around the world –  India, Turkey, Russia, South America, Philippines and many more.
  • Play the latest poker formats like 3-1 (Pineapple) Holdem against players who don’t care much about the rules
  • Plenty of poker games, formats and stakes to choose from
  • Great rakeback deals
  • 100% bankroll guarantee ( By The Poker Agent team )


There is a lot more to discover about the platform, so if you are in a mood for some reading :