Why to Play on PPPoker with The Poker Agent ?

  • Access to all PPPoker Clubs
  • 100% Funds Guarantee
  • Exclusive PPPoker Unions and Private PPPoker Clubs to Play in
  • Big Weekly Bonuses for Players and Agents
  • Personal Attention 24/7, Chip Transfer Between Clubs 
  • Help in Selecting The Best PPPoker Clubs for Your Needs

How to Join PPPoker Clubs


Download PPPoker from the official website 


Open PPPoker app and create account.


Choose PPPoker Clubs from the list below or contact The Poker Agent for recommendation . Add PPPoker Club ID and Referral ID in PPPoker Lobby.


Message us to accept you in one or many PPPoker clubs, you have chosen and for deposits / withdraws.

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PPPoker Clubs and PPPoker Unions

pppoker usd club
  • PPPoker Club Rich ID: 3534189 Agent ID: 5097243
  • Small private PPPoker club , available internationally. Very diverse player base.  Not in any of the PPPoker Unions. Players here are extremely loose, many of them have more than 40 % VPIP. Loose and passive players, who like to call too much. Mainly full ring games
  • Best for NLH
PPPoker Union India T3
  • PPPoker Club Manilla ID: 2559462 Agent ID: 5097243
  • An Indian PPPoker Club part of the PPPoker Union – T3. This is Indian PPPoker Union with solid number of active tables on low/mid stakes. The main games are PLO5 and OFC, but there are also NLH tables. Players are from India and are quite bad.
  • Best for  NLH, PLO5, MTT
PPPoker Royal Union
  • PPPoker Club Sunday ID: 3329143 Agent ID: 5097243
  • One of the best low stakes NLH PPPoker clubs. It comes as a no surprise, because Sunday PH is part of the Asian PPPoker Union Royal. Most of the players are from Thailand. You can find active tables 24/7.
  • Best for NLH
PPPoker Union Romano
  • PPPoker Club Gipsy ID:3550453 Agent ID: 5097243
  • This is one of the PPPoker clubs, member of the PLO5 oriented  PPPoker Union – Romano. There are mainly low to mid stakes Omaha games with few NLH tables here and there. OFC poker is available at some times as well. It is not one of the best known PPPoker Unions, so there are not many regular players. 
  • Best for NLH
pppoker indian alliance union
  • PPPoker Club Ak47 ID:3677690 Agent ID: 5097243
  • The spearhead room of the new wave of private Indian PPPoker Clubs. Suited Queens is connected to the  PPPoker Union – Alliance . One of the busiest PPPoker Clubs from India, the platform ever saw. It is not huge in traffic, compared to some PPPoker Unions from Philippines , Australia and Brazil, but still plenty of tables to choose from, whether you like tournaments, chinese poker , PLO5 or PLO6.
  • Best for PLO6 / OFC
pppoker club Favorites Union
  • PPPoker Club UnderDog ID: 3181232 Agent ID: 5097243
  • Integral part of the newly formed  PPPoker Union Favorites – Shambala club is a room with good traffic and stakes variety. The alliance is mainly aimed towards players from CIS countries, but everyone is welcome to join with The Poker Agent. The club is best suited for low and mid stakes 6 max No Limit Holdem and 5 Card Omaha.
  • Best for NLH
pppoker kingdom of poker union
  • PPPoker Club Compass ID: 3331716 Agent ID: 5097243
  • One of the older PPPoker Clubs. A veteran on the platform with many loyal players, who continue to play through the various unions Compass club existed. Currently part of the CIS PPPoker Union Kingdom of Poker. Here you can enjoy some of the best PLO6 games on the platform. Weekly bonuses for all our players in this PPPoker club, are very high.
  • Best for PLO6
pppoker sirius union
  • PPPoker Club WinHub ID: 3797335 Agent ID: 5480278
  • This is one of the newest PPPoker clubs in 2023. It is  aligned with PPPoker Union Sirius. Another PPPoker club, which is home mainly to players from the CIS countries. Along with club Freddy and Underdog, those are 3 of the softest clubs on PPPoker. Stakes are lower, but there are opportunities to multi-table. 
  • Best for NLH
PPPoker Asian Unions
  • PPPoker Club Queen 6 ID: 1764379  Agent ID: 4498656
  • Another addition to our mini list of private Indian PPPoker clubs. Not part of the many available PPPoker Unions,Queen 6 is a place where recreational players play at evening mid stakes. As low as 1/2 and up to 4/8. There are usually only 2 tables running, but this is all you need for secondary club. One of the few clubs on PPPoker, which offers regular PLO4, on top of the popular PLO5 format.
  • Best for PLO
PPPoker Yamal Union
  • PPPoker Club White Fish |  ID: 2978679  Agent ID: 5097243
  • One of the best places to play online poker. Part of  PPPoker Union – Yamal , White Fish is one of the rare breeds of PPPoker clubs, offering both soft field with many active tables. At peak times, there are very profitable high stakes games (10/20 blinds). Players are from CIS countries, barely able to play poker. If we recommend just one of all the PPPoker clubs on this list, it would be this one.
  • Best for NLH
pppoker trouth farm union
  • PPPoker Club Freddy ID: 3512062 Agent ID: 5480278
  • Russian  PPPoker Union – Trouth Farm is not what you would expect. There are no low stakes grinders and nit regs here. Quite the opposite. There is VPIP >30% requirement on each NLH table and VPIP > 40% on each Omaha table. Tight players are removed without warning. So if you look for some loose and juicy games – take a shot here.
  • Best for NLH / PLO6
PPPoker China
  • PPPoker Club Continental ID: 8898 Agent ID: 5480278
  • The main part of PPPoker Union Continental . One of the newest PPPoker Clubs in 2022 is consistent mainly of players from China. Some recreational poker lovers from Europe also join the party from time to time. Great for Low Stakes.
  • Best for NLH
PPPoker Japan
  • PPPoker Club Hiroshima ID: 1582720  Agent ID: 5097243
  • Asian players await you in  PPPoker Union – Japan. Many things here will remind you of the online poker beginnings. No one knows what is doing, everyone plays texas holdem and loves to limp and call with any two hands.  Exclusively Heads Up and OFC games. 
  • Best for Heads Up / OFC
pppoker flesh union
  • PPPoker Club Nefertiti ID: 3382349 Agent ID: 5097243
  • One of the main clubs in  PPPoker Union – Flesh. Nefertiti is great place to enjoy lower stakes NLH and PLO5, against players from the CIS countries. This PPPoker club is widely unknown , so most players are random enthusiasts.
  • Best for NLH / PLO5 / PLO6
PPPoker Brazillian Union
  • PPPoker Club Kraken |  ID: 3429096 Agent ID: 5480278
  • Member of  PPPoker Union – Kingz , this club is a heaven for PLO5 players. There are Omaha Heads Up , as well as 6 max tables. Traffick is pretty good, with 20-40 games running, almost all of the time.  Among the best PPPoker clubs for 1v1 .
  • Best for Heads Up
PPPoker Primetime Union
  • PPPoker Club Snatch ID: 1216197 Agent ID: 5097243
  • This is one of the many PPPoker clubs, which are inside the PPPoker Union – Primetime, It is one of the most desired unions on PPPoker and rightfully so. It offers plenty of active tables, at all times, and good number of high-stakes games. Tournaments are also beefy and with huge prize pools
  • Best for PLO5
PPPoker Royal Union
  • PPPoker Club Saloon Thailand ID: 3327865 Agent ID: 5097243
  • Part of small private PPPoker Union – Royal, This Thai club is full of hobby players. There are between 8-20 active tables at any given time. This is perfect place, for low stake grinders.
  •   Best for NLH
PPPoker Dorada Union
  • PPPoker Club Saloon COID: 3027793 Agent ID: 5480278
  • This is one of the best PPPoker clubs for Heads Up. The club is connected to one of the oldest PPPoker Unions – Dorada, Players here are mainly from Peru and Colombia. Games are loose, but stakes are low. During peak times (5:00 GMT), there are also few mid-stakes tables. Traffick is above average
  • Best for Heads UP
PPPoker Australia
  • PPPoker Club Saloon Australia ID: 3327850 Agent ID: 5097243
  • This is one of the Australian PPPoker Clubs is part of the PPPoker Union PPPFISH. It is one of the biggest unions on the app. Many active tables await you 24/7, as well as plenty of tournaments and variety of poker game types.
  •   Best for MTTs and Short Deck
PPPoker Russia
  • PPPoker Club Rublevi |  ID: 2837634  Agent ID: 5097243
  • Russian poker club , part of  PPPoker Union – Double Ruble.  Games are not super soft, but micro players can find good amount of gamblers here, who do not care, about small stakes. Active tables are 10-20, at all times, which is good enough for multi-tabling. Rublevi is good place to build bankroll.
  • Best for NLH
Indian PPPoker Club
  • PPPoker Club Richie Rich |  ID: 3620830  Agent ID: 4498656
  • Private Indian PPPoker Club not part of any  PPPoker Unions . The difference between this club and the other Indian ones, is that here regular PLO is the game people play, instead of PLO5. Good variety of stakes and decent traffick for exclusive club targeting local players mainly.
  • Best for PLO
PPPoker Pinoy Donks Union
  • PPPoker Club Pinoy PH |  ID: 2108888  Agent ID: 4498656
  • This club is part of the Philippine PPPoker Union – Pinoy Donks . As name suggest, tables are full of “donks”. Not only that, this is currently  the biggest PPPoker Union. It is perfect for multi-tabling and playing many different game types.. Active tables at times, are more than 100.
  • Best for PLO
pppoker faq


Joining PPPoker is pretty straight-forward. Just download the app on your phone or PC, create account and choose from the  PPPoker clubs in our list.

PPPoker has the richest variety of private clubs and unions. It has the most choice out of all apps and it is hard to keep track and follow all the latest available clubs.

This is why the easiest way to join and play in one or many suitable PPPoker clubs for you – is by asking us directly. Let us know your preferences in terms of:

  1. Game Types
  2. Blinds
  3. Time of Day when you will be playing.

Once we know this information about you, we can select few suitable places for you to grind.

With so many choices it is hard to say, which is the best PPPoker club at any given time. There are so many good PPPoker clubs, from all over the world, that it is a joy to explore the multiple options youare presented with.

In our PPPoker Clubs list above, you can see which clubs are “new” and especially, which ones are marked with “top” badge. These are the usually the softest rooms.

PPPoker Union is a alliance of PPPoker clubs, which combine in order to boost traffic. This is how big tournaments are made possible on PPPoker. For ring games it is also very useful way to keep the games running 24/7.

PPPoker has more than 20 unions and we offer them all, on top of all the small private clubs from India, South America, Asia and Russia.


We have deals for agents on PPPoker. You need to have few friends, who play actively. Once we know their preferences, we can give you a suitable PPPoker clubs to be agent in.

The app, itself, has no such feature, but you can manually request transfer of chips in a chat with The Poker Agent. After that we will need few minutes (or seconds to be exact) to fulfill your request.

For chip transfer to be possible, you need to apply in the PPPoker clubs with our referral ids.

PPPoker is very old app and initially, it was home to many players, who used collusion and other ways to cheat. These days are long gone and currently the games are monitored by security teams.  

The way you can be tricked is not while playing, but rather after you try to collect your winnings. There are shady club owners, who are not trustworthy. The way to protect yourself from such attempts is by using the services of The Poker Agent.

We fully guarantee your funds in all PPPoker clubs and take the risk ourselves, while leaving you 100% protected.

pppoker security

Every player who uses our referral IDs, is bound to receive weekly bonus in the form of in-game PPPoker chips. We send you a photo of your weekly stats in the clubs you had activity and after that chips are transferred directly to your PPPoker account. All of this happens on Monday.


PPPoker is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service. Any monetary value indicated in this article is solely and exclusively endorsed by the respective pppoker clubs hosts.
PPPoker is quickly disrupting the online poker market with terrific action and soft games. The app was launched mainly for the Asian market, but nowadays it is global phenomenon, available for every one who wants to play, regardless of his location.
PPPoker unions

In short, PPPoker allows home games organizers to create their own PPPoker clubs and play online with their friends. The cash games played in the private PPPoker clubs through PPPoker app are real money games. These clubs often join forces and form PPPoker unions which have shared tables, to provide even bigger action for all members. We work with the largest PPPoker unions available with over 5000 players each  and growing bigger every day. 

best pppoker unions

Each PPPoker union is available for players from all across the globe but its main player pool varies. We are offering PPPoker unions with malaysian, australian, brazillean, European, indian and American origin. 
Different PPPoker clubs have different chip values. To give you an idea, a typical PPPoker club from Europe will have 1 chip equivalent to 1 EUR and a PPPoker club from Thailand will have 1 chip equal to 10 THB. Similarly, Indian PPPoker clubs will have chip values like INR 5, INR 10 and INR 50 etc. ThePokerAgent  will clearly mention this when you’re registering to the club.pppoker clubs

Why should you play in PPPoker clubs and unions

  • Excellent userface with some great features including multi-tabling, players’ stats, and, as of late, even EV chops.
  • Biggest selection of soft online poker rooms. Play against weak players from India, Turkey, Russia, South America, Philippines and many more.
  • Play the newest poker formats like 3-1 (Pineapple) Holdem against players who barely take interest in the rules
  • Biggest variety of poker games, formats and stakes. 
  • Great rakeback deals
  • Guaranteed funds in the account
Read more about each PPPoker Union.