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  • Plenty of PPPoker Clubs from all around the globe.
  • A Ton of Active Tables Around the Clock
  • Customer Service Seven Days a Week
  • RNG license 
  • No Country Restrictions
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Why to Play on PPPoker with The Poker Agent ?

  • Access to all new PPPoker clubs with 100% secure deal.
  • Exclusive PPPoker unions and private PPPoker clubs to play in
  • Large weekly bonuses for players and agents
  • Personal support around the clock, chip transfer between clubs.
  • Help in choosing the best PPPoker clubs to join in 2024, considering  your needs and preferences.

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Best PPPoker Clubs To Join in 2024

best pppoker clubs for nlh

The Best PPPoker Clubs for NLH are :


  • Ginger Union – CIS PPPoker alliance. Great for lower stakes NLH and OFC. Club ID: 3797335 , Ref ID: 5480278
  • Yamal Union – One of the biggest PPPoker unions. 24/7 action on variety of game types and stakes. Club ID: 3898069, Ref ID: 2445143
  • Rublev Union – Russian PPPoker club for micro and low-stakes NLH. Tight players. Club ID: 3837543, Ref ID: 2445143
  • Romano Union – One of the best PPPoker clubs for regular and Pineapple Holdem. Active tables round the clock. Club ID: 3878778 , Ref ID: 2445143
  • Japanese Union – Mid and high stakes NLH. 6-seated and heads-up tables available. Asian players love to play AoF and Chinese poker here as well. Club ID: 4029392 , Ref ID: 5480278


Below you can see the Holdem  PPPoker Clubs in action :


best pppoker clubs for plo5

Here are the Best PPPoker Clubs for Omaha :


  • Primetime Union – International PPPoker union. Not the softest field, but plenty of PLO5 action. Club ID: 3519291 , Ref ID: 2445143
  • Family Union – One of the smallest USA-based PPPoker unions.Many fishes. 5-card Omaha mid-stakes. Club ID: 3534189 , Ref ID: 5097243
  • Trouth Farm – Among the few PPPoker clubs for PLO6 Double Board. Low traffic. Mid to high stakes. Mainly players from the CIS countries. Club ID: 3181231 , Ref ID: 5097243
  • Kingdom of Poker – Decent activity at all times. Unorthodox 3 and 4-seated PLO5 tables. Soft field. Club ID: 387892, Ref ID: 2445143
  • Indian Union – Biggest of the Indian PPPoker Clubs. Plenty of PLO5 and PLO6 Bombpot and Double Board.  Club ID: 3698074 , Ref ID: 4498656


Below you can see the PLO PPPoker Clubs in action :


best pppoker clubs for heads up

Busiest Heads Up Action, is found in the following PPPoker Clubs :


  • El Dorada Union – Hundreds of active tables. NLH and PLO5 heads-up. Latam players. Club ID: 3881273 , Ref ID: 2445143
  • Square Union – American PPPoker Union. Very soft NLH HU low stakes. Club ID: 3870849 , Ref ID: 5480278
  • PPPoker Near Me – Part of the Bravo Union. Good for high stakes No Limit duels. Club ID: 4041082 , Ref ID: No
  • Liga Brasil – Hot headed latino players. Plethora of active tables on variety of stakes. Both NLH and PLO5 available. Club ID: 3894110, Ref ID: 2445143
  • Flesh Union – Easy-to-win NLH heads-up matches. Players come from the CIS countries. Lower stakes. Decent Omaha action as well.  Club ID: 3954084 , Ref ID: 2445143


Below you can take a peek of the Heads-Up oriented PPPoker Clubs  :


biggest pppoker clubs

The TOP 4 Biggest PPPoker Clubs  Are …


  1. Pinoy Donks Union – Plethora of proven and less known game types , such as Pusoy, Omaha Hi Lo, OFC and others. Many regs. Club ID: 3893709 , Ref ID: 2445143
  2. El Dorado Union – Lots of 1v1 tables and Spins. Over 100 active tables at all times. Club ID: 3881273 , Ref ID: 2445143
  3. Yamal Union– Over 60 active tables at all times. Great balance between traffic and winnable games. 6-seated tables mostly. Club ID: 3898069 , Ref ID: 2445143
  4. Australian Union – Large Aussie PPPoker room. Best for Short Deck and High Stakes. Club ID: 2315005 , Ref ID: 2445143


Take a look at the largest PPPoker clubs :


Here is How to Join PPPoker Clubs  

  1. Download PPPoker from the official website

    best pppoker unions

  2. Open the PPPoker app and create an account.

    how to play on pppoker app

  3. Choose from the  PPPoker Clubs list  above a suitable room for your preferences or contact The Poker Agent for recommendation . Add PPPoker Club ID and Referral ID from the app main lobby.

    pppoker club ids

  4. Message us to accept you in one or many PPPoker clubs, you have chosen and for deposits / withdraws.

    best poker agent on pokerbros, clubgg and pppoker

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PPPoker Clubs FAQ

How to Choose a PPPoker Cub ?

PPPoker has the richest variety of private clubs and unions. It has the most choice out of all apps and it is hard to keep track and follow all the latest available clubs.

This is why the easiest way to join and play in one or many suitable PPPoker clubs forour tastes – is by asking us directly. Let us know your preferences in terms of: 

  • Game Types
  • Blinds
  • Time of Day when you will be playing.

Once we know this information about you, we’ll be able to find you some suitable places to grind.

Which is the Best Club ?

With so many options, it’s hard to say which is the best PPPoker club at any given time. There are so many good PPPoker clubs around the world that it’s a pleasure to explore the many options available to you.

In our list of PPPoker clubs above, you can see which clubs are “new” and, more importantly, which ones are marked with a “top” badge. These are usually the most favorable rooms.

What are PPPoker Unions ?

biggest pppoker unions

PPPoker Unions are an alliances of PPPoker clubs that join together to increase traffic. In this way, large tournaments are made possible on PPPoker. For ring games, it’s also a very useful way to keep the games running around the clock.

There are more than 10 PPPoker Unions and we offer them all.  In addition, you can gain access to small private rooms from India, South America, Asia and Russia.

What are the Biggest PPPoker Clubs?

Currently the largest PPPoker clubs are found within the following PPPoker Unions – Pinoy Donks, PPPFish, Yamal and Primetime.

Can i Become a PPPoker Agent ?

legit pppoker agent

We have offers for agents on PPPoker. You must have some friends who are actively playing. Once we know their preferences, we can offer you a suitable room , in which you can start working as an agent.

One of the advantages of using The Poker Agent services, is that you always have access to all PPPoker unions and private games on the platform.

How to Transfer Chips Between PPPoker Clubs ?

The app itself doesn’t have such a feature, but you can request the transfer of chips manually in a chat with The poker Agent team. After that, we’ll need a few minutes (or often just a few seconds) to fulfill your request.

In order for the chip transfer to be possible, you need to apply with our referral IDs.

How Safe is to Play ?

Reputable PPPoker Clubs with good security

PPPoker is a very old app and originally it was home to many players who used collusion and other ways to cheat. Those days are long gone and today the games are monitored by security teams.

The way you can get cheated isn’t during the game, but after you have tried to collect your winnings. There are shady club owners who aren’t trustworthy. You can protect yourself from such attempts by using the services of The Poker Agent.

We fully guarantee your money in any room and take the risk ourselves, while you’re 100% protected.

How to Claim by Bonus ?

Every player who uses our referral IDs will receive a weekly bonus in the form of in-game PPPoker chips. We’ll send you a photo of your weekly statistics in the clubs you have been active in, and then the chips will be transferred directly to your PPPoker account. All this happens on Monday.


PPPoker is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service. Any monetary value indicated in this article is solely and exclusively endorsed by the respective pppoker clubs hosts.
PPPoker is mixing up the online poker market with great action and soft games. The app was launched mainly for the Asian market, but has become a global phenomenon available to anyone who wants to play, no matter where they’re located.
legit pppoker agent

Low Stakes Friendly

One of the best platforms for low stakes players. Loose action, lots of tables to choose from, micro limits, low rake and bad players.
Plenty of low limit ring games in NLH, PLO and PLO5, mainly with players from South America and CIS countries. It’s extremely easy to win pot after pot if you wait patiently for a good starting hand.
Players call whole stacks with all kinds of bad hands.

Heaven for Heads Up Players

Players who choose the services of The Poker Agent have access to several suitable PPPoker clubs for heads-up ring games.
Whether it’s Texas Hold’em or Omaha, we have them all. Plus, you can choose from a variety of stakes.
Expect loose Latino players who bluff and call a lot. They play almost every two hands, which can be their undoing if you play smart.

RNG and Security

PPPoker makes sure that everyone can enjoy the games in a safe environment.
They have a dedicated security team that can spot collusion, chip dumps and other forms of cheating from afar. The head of the security team is a former Pokerstars veteran who was the nightmare for people who wanted to cheat there.
The fact that the app hires such a professional shows that it wants to keep the games clean.
Of course, like any other reputable platform, PPPoker is RNG certified, which ensures that the cards are shuffled 100% randomly

Game Variety and Innovation

This was the first platform to popularize agent-based poker apps.
I was also the first mobile poker game to make the transition from traditional Omaha to the 5-card version.
Nowadays, a huge portion of players prefer 5-card Omaha, which was first introduced by PPPoker.
Shortly after, some unorthodox game types were added, such as Pineapple Holdem, Pusoy and even Short Deck. The latter was available here first.
In short, if you want to catch the latest trend, just join some PPPoker clubs and check it out.

PPPoker Private Games

In a nutshell, PPPoker allows private game organizers to create their own PPPoker clubs and play online with their friends. The cash games played in PPPoker private clubs through the PPPoker app are real money games. These clubs often join together to form PPPoker Unions, which share tables to provide even more action for all members. We work with the largest PPPoker unions, each of which has over 5000 players and is growing larger every day.

best pppoker unions and largest

Each of these PPPoker unions is available to players from all over the world, but their main player pool comes from different locations. We offer PPPoker unions with Malaysian, Australian, Brazilian, European, Indian and American origin.
Different PPPoker unions have different chip values. To give you an idea: A typical room from Europe has a chip equivalent to 1 EUR, and another from Thailand might have a chip value of 10 THB. Similarly, Indian PPPoker clubs have chip values like INR 5, INR 10 and INR 50 and so on. The Poker Pgent will clearly mention this when  you are registering at the club.

best pppoker clubs in 2023
Why Should You Play in PPPoker Clubs and PPPoker Unions ?

  • Excellent user interface with great features like multi-tabling, player stats and even EV Chops.
  • Largest selection of soft online poker rooms. Play against weak players from India, Turkey, Russia, South America, Philippines and many more.
  • Play the latest poker formats like 3-1 (Pineapple) Holdem against players who don’t care much about the rules
  • Largest selection of poker games, formats and stakes.
  • Great rakeback deals
  • 100% bankroll guarantee

There is a lot more to discover about the platform, so if you are in a mood for some reading :


Blacklist of Scammers

blacklisted agents and club owners

Saying he is agent, but looks just to gain the trust of unsuspecting victims and runaway with their funds.

Gamesh / PPPoker Reddit
blacklisted agents and club owners

Cheats with calculations, delays withdraws. Rates different approximately 15 % in his favor.

Sarthak / Indian PPPoker Agent
blacklisted agents and club owners

Scammer, who seduces with promises of big bonuses. Then disappears with deposits.

Burky / PPPoker Club in Bangalore