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Best Poker Agent Deals in 2023

Rakeback Conditions for Poker Agents and Affiliates

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In most poker affiliate programs, the commission is between 5-30% . Does not sound  like a huge amount right ? Yes bringing friends to play poker is not the hardest thing to do, but still, it feels like the percentages are too low.

In our poker agent program, you will NOT earn 5% rakeback per player you introduce. The MINIMUM amount of Rakeback deal you will get as a poker agent,  will be 40%. For the highest raking poker affiliates and agents, we give rakeback deal up to 65%

In addition to top offers for players, we have the best poker agent deals , as well. Here are the reasons to refer poker players and earn big rakeback commissions

  • Make money while sitting in your couch or even when you sleep. If you are hard working and constantly looking for poker players, passive income is coming your way. When you are poker affiliate, hard work always pays off. Especially on club based poker apps, which offer big poker unions.

  •  Work with more than 40 poker unions on apps like PPPoker, Upoker and ClubGG , Pokerrrr 2 + our own club in the biggest Upoker Union.
  • We are not expecting results immediately ! You will have our full support and knowledge at your disposal to climb the poker affiliate ladder. Conquer the club poker apps, while it is still early.
  • Huge rakeback deals ! From 40% up to 65% .
  • Full Guarantee for funds – yours and your players.
  • Gain access to many under the radar, not very popular poker clubs, which are very soft and players love to grind in them.
  • Work with 1 poker agent manager for all online poker rooms and switch chips between poker unions on all apps. 
  •  Get the newest online poker rooms, apps and  private clubs first.


How To Become Poker Agent in 2023

Joining our poker agent team is pretty simple. We offer agencies in all club-based poker apps.

  1.  Just head to our Poker Apps Page
  2.  Select from our deals and request entry by writing to us.
  3.  Try your poker agent panel inside the app, where you can check all the statistics of your players and invite them with your own Agent code.
  4.  Receive Rakeback weekly directly to your crypto wallet, eWallet or as ingame currency – decision is yours.

Are There Any Requirements to Become Poker Agent ?

 It does not matter where you are from, how many players you have or even, if you are poker player, yourself. The only thing on your path to big profits, from the comfort of your home, is the desire to grow in this business.

We will provide you with the newest offers, huge rakeback deal and guaranteed payments. The single thing, which you will be doing is inviting players to play and reaching out to new ones. Whether it is live or online – up to you.

The goal is to have as many poker players as possible, to turn your ” Refer a Friend ” operation, into full blown poker agent business, which has potential to  fully replace your current job. 

How much i can earn as Affiliate ?

As we mentioned earlier , your revenue share, as poker agent , will be based on the percentage of the rake, your players generate. Bear in mind our poker rooms are with low/normal rake structure, so your players will be happy to play in such conditions.

Our main goal is to keep the players, as happy, as possible and try to help them win , in the long term. We strongly recommend future poker agents, to adobt similar attitude towards their own grinders.

After all we are all in one team – the winning one. Even lesser skilled players, should be invited to extremely soft rooms, so they have the chance to be profitable, as well. On this page header, you can find how much money you can earn approximately, as a poker agent.