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How to Join Pokerbros Clubs


Download Pokerbros from the official website 


Open Pokerbros App and create account


Choose a Pokerbros Club from the list below or contact The Poker Agent for recommendation . Add the Pokerbros Club ID and Referral ID in Pokerbros app Main Lobby.


Contact us to help you join and answer all your questions. Getting started in any of the Pokerbros Clubs takes no more than 2 minutes!

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Pokerbros Clubs and Pokerbros Unions

pokerbros crystal union
  • Pokerbros Club Cream ID: 1659221 Agent ID:1409100
  • Cream is one of the Pokerbros clubs, part of the fresh new  Pokerbros Union Crystal. At these early days of existence, Pokerbros crystal union impress us with the MTT schedule. Other formats are not fully developed yet and it is a mystery, which game types would be preferred here. We suspect ring games will be quite soft, because Crystal Union will reward those who lose, with extra bonuses.
  •  Best for MTT
Pokerbros Club Chabos
  • Pokerbros Club Chabos ID: 1627335 Agent ID:1409100
  • Chabos is a Swiss Pokerbros room , which currently is not in a  Pokerbros Union. Most of the players are from Switzerland and other European Countries. The game of preference here is Omaha. Tables run 7 days of the week. This is a private club, which means active tables rarely are above 4-5 at the same time. Mid-Stakes action up to 5/10. Among the best Pokerbros clubs from Europe.
  •  Best for PLO 5 / PLO 6
Pokerbros Star Poker Union
  • Pokerbros Club Star ID: 1625164 Agent ID: 1409100
  • This is one of the Pokerbros Clubs, forming up the new alliance called  Pokerbros Union – Star Poker. This is one of the newest Pokerbros unions, launched in the end of 2022. You can find good MTT schedule and solid Omaha ring games, mainly on low to mid stakes.
  •  Best for MTT / PLO6
Pokerbros Clubs Shatterline
  • Pokerbros Club Shatterline ID: 29029 Agent ID:1045813
  • Not in a  Pokerbros Union . This is a private Pokerbros field with high stakes NLH games, only for whale players. The Poker Agent give access to all of our grinders, who dare to play 10/20 + stakes. Currently among the best Pokerbros clubs for high stakes NLH.
  •  Best for NLH
UK Pokerbros Isolation Club
  • Pokerbros Club Isolation ID: 58833 Agent ID: 1409100
  • A newly formed Pokerbros Group from England. Independent room, not part of any of the Pokerbros Unions. Fall 2022, saw many private PokerBros clubs opening, but this one is very special, due to the unbelievably soft games. As any independent group, the player pool here is not huge, but it is growing on daily basis. 
  •  Best for NLH / Omaha
Pokerbros Matrix Union
  • Pokerbros Club Hyatt | ID: 1651339 Agent ID: 951653
  • Part of one of the best North American alliances –  Pokerbros Union – Matrix. Started developing super-fast right from the start. It is already running 4-8 tables regularly. There are good MTT schedule as well. Good for all kind of stakes.
  •  Best for NLH / Omaha
Pokerbros Envite Union
  • Pokerbros Club Cream FT ID: 219321 Agent ID: 1409100
  • One of the Pokerbros groups, spearheading the newly formed Pokerbros Union Envite. This is a refreshing European union for low to mid stakes games. Not a ton of active players, but those who play are consistent and rarely skip a day of playing. This does not mean they are tough regulars, so feel free to give this new club a shot.
  •  Best for NLH / PLO5
European Pokerbros Club
  • Pokerbros Club Stuttgart | ID: 164103 Agent ID:1409100
  • New German Pokerbros room with mainly local players from Stuttgart, is now available for our players. Not in any Pokerbros Union, this club is far removed from the popular Pokerbros groups. Currently, mixed games are the main format here. It is incredibly difficult to find mixed games online, let alone soft ones. One such place is  Pokerbros club “Stuttgart “
  •  Best for Mixed Games
US Pokerbros Club
  • Pokerbros Club Lucky Stars| ID: Contact Us 
  • USA based, as most Pokerbros rooms.  Not aligned with any of the Pokerbros Unions. Probably one of the softest Pokerbros clubs for regular Texas Holdem along with clubs Dogfights and Pokerbros Mexican Union. Surprisingly good traffic for private club (5-10 active tables). Low stakes games , NL10 – NL400.
  •  Best for NLH
pokerbros club plo6
  • Pokerbros Club SixCardsWar ID: 1660064 Agent ID:693507
  • A private place for exclusively PLO6 games. Not connected to the Pokerbros Unions ecosystem. Games are mainly happening during evening time (CST) . There is good variety of stakes available.
  •  Best for PLO6
Pokerbros Dogfights
  • Pokerbros Club Dogfight ID: 1597524 Agent ID:951653
  • Secret American Pokerbros club, not part of any  Pokerbros Unions. Very good number of active tables after 5 PM US time. Superb mid to high stakes games against hobby players. Preferred deal for many of our players. Private Pokerbros clubs almost never dissapoint.
  •  Best for NLH / Omaha
Pokerbros Panamericana Union
  • Pokerbros Club Geek ID: 22461  Agent ID:1409100
  • Poker Geek is proud member of   Pokerbros Union – Panamericana. Internationally famous room. One of the most consistently good high stakes, are available in Panamericana alliance. Second biggest union on Pokerbros.
  •  Best for PLO / PLO6
Pokerbros RGS Union
  • Pokerbros Club Fish |  ID: 1634277 Agent ID:1045813
  • This Pokerbros club is part of one of the softest  Pokerbros Unions – RGS . Ranking 4th in traffick of all alliances, this purely American union provides all the conditions you need to win. Many weak players, can be found at any given table, at any given time. A fan favourite, out of all Pokerbros clubs, for many players. 
  •  Best for Omaha Hi Lo / NLH
Pokerbros Club Robocop
  • Pokerbros Club Robocop ID: 1658449 Agent ID:1045813
  •  Club Robocop is not in a  Pokerbros Union . Instead it is private club with small amount of active tables, but at least games run daily. An American poker room with extremely easy to win games, due to the majority of the players, viewing poker as a hobby .
  •  Best for NLH / PLO5
Pokerbros Poker Suits NLH Club
  • Pokerbros Suits ID: 1660899  Agent ID:1045813
  • This is one of the Pokerbros groups, which are not member of a Pokerbros Union. Here you can find very weak poker enthusiasts, who enjoy the game, without worrying too much about winning. Games run rarely, but once they do, it is very easy to win here. Gameplay resembles Friday poker nights with friends.
  •  Best for NLH / PLO5
Pokerbros Polska Unia
  • Pokerbros Club MBT ID: 1644750 Agent ID: 693507
  • Part of the small Pokerbros Alliance  called  Pokerbros Union Polska . Some good tournaments can be found here, as well as juicy high stakes games. It is a smaller club with exclusive access – which means small player pool and soft games.
  •  Best for NLH 
Pokerbros Galaxy Union
  • Pokerbros Club Regency Park ID: 1652286 Agent ID:951653
  • First one launched in 2022 Pokerbros Union Galaxy. This club took off immediately after launch. Superb mid/high PLO6 games. A lot of home game enthusiasts play during UK evening time. One of the softest Pokerbros clubs.
  •   Best for PLO6 / Heads Up
Pokerbros Latam
  • Pokerbros Club Nordic ID: 1625573  Agent ID:693507
  • The newest Pokerbros Union Latam is ready for action. The latest addition to the list is mainly targeting MTT and Omaha players for now. The stakes are lower and so is the competition. 
  •  Best for MTT
Pokerbros Mexico Union
  • Pokerbros Club MTY |  ID: 118578 Agent ID:1409100
  • Another fresh of the shelf  Pokerbros Union – Mexico . Small stakes, small number of active tables, but big fishes to skin. There are around 5-10 active tables, during evening time in Mexico. Games are splashy. Not many Pokerbros clubs have so loose games, with multi-way pots happening almost every hand.
  •  Best for NLH
Pokerbros Diamond Union
  • Pokerbros Club JP ID: 55555 Agent ID:693507
  • Just Poker is part of the biggest  Pokerbros Union – Diamond . By far the most popular online poker room, on all apps. Traffick is huge – over 100 active tables, in peak times. Huge variety of poker game types. Diamond Union has policy of removing king shark players and keeping the field soft. The biggest of all Pokerbros clubs on this list.
  •  Best for NLH/ PLO5 / SnG
Pokerbros Paradise Union
  • Pokerbros Club Paradise ID: 193697 Agent ID:1045813
  • Old and reputable American Pokerbros Union – Paradise . Plethora of active tables, tournaments with huge rewards and all poker formats you can wish for. One of the best places on Pokerbros.
  •  Best for PLO / NLH
Pokerbros Pacifica Union
  • Pokerbros Club Saloon ID: 194327  Agent ID:693507
  • One of the best under the radar  Pokerbros Unions – Pacifica . Mix of Asian and Australian players , who love to play on NLH 8-max tables. If you have patience to play full ring games and wait for suitable table a while, this poker club is a golden egg. On top of that, there are decent amount of MTTs and freerolls.
  •  Best for NLH
How to Pokerbros


Playing on Pokerbros is very simple. All you need to do is download the app, create account and contact The Poker Agent to give you a list of Pokerbros clubs to choose from.

To choose a Pokerbros Club, you need to take into account:

    1. The game types played there.
    2. Size of blinds on most tables.
    3. The number of active tables and time of traffic peaks.

If you know the answer to those questions, you will easily find yourself a club. There are some bonus questions, like how soft are the games, are they loose or tight etc. The Poker Agent can answer all those questions and get you inside the most suitable Pokerbros clubs for your needs.

Usually there is no single best place to play, as they are often pleasing different tastes. Another reason is that, in some Pokerbros clubs grow daily and player base change very drastically. What you get in week 1 of launching the club, is vastly different after few months have passed. Especially in private clubs.

With all that said, at some point and time, there are super good clubs, which we recommend to almost anyone. Message us periodically, even if you play somewhere on Pokerbros, to check for new deals.

Pokerbros Union is a alliance of Pokerbros clubs, which combine in order to boost traffic. This is how big tournaments are made possible on Pokerbros. For ring games it is also very useful way to keep the games running 24/7.

There are many Pokerbros Unions and we offer them all. The entry point to each one, is by selecting one of the Pokerbros clubs above and contacting us to quickly join and start playing.

Everyone can become Pokerbros agent, but not everyone should be. You can message us for details. If you have few poker playing friends, this is a quick way to have a very rewarding side hustle.

There is no built-in feature on Pokerbros, to transfer chips between Pokerbros clubs. You can ask us our Telegram admins and we will do it within few minutes.

There are many legit Pokerbros clubs, but there are also those, who look to scam their players. The Poker Agent works only with legit clubs. If by any chance, some club decides to scam, we fully guarantee the players, that we will take the hit and those who are playing using our referral ids, will be 100% safe.

On top of that, we will provide them with another Pokerbros Club in same union or if it is a private club – another private one, which is similar to the one you lost.

Every player who uses our referral IDs, is bound to receive weekly bonus in the form of in-game chips. We send you a photo of your weekly stats and after that chips are transferred directly to your Pokerbros account. All of this happens on Monday.

To play Pokerbros on PC, you need to use emulator.

pokerbros emulator

The one which works best for most of us is LDPlayer



Disclaimer 1: PokerBros is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.

Disclaimer 2: PokerBros is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.

 Pokerbros is one of the hottest online poker names and rightfully so. Playing on it is unique, fun and rewarding. At the moment it is exclusively for IOS and Android, lacking a windows version, which explains the soft player pool. Playing on PC is possible with emulators

In short, Pokerbros allows home games organizers to create their own clubs and play online with their friends. These Pokerbros clubs often join forces and form unions which have shared tables, to provide even bigger action for all members. We work with the largest Pokerbros unions available with over 5000 players each  and growing bigger every day. We offer smaller pokerbros unions as well, in which you can enjoy soft games in higher stakes.

Each Pokerbros union is available for players from all across the globe but its main player pool is USA. We are offering many Pokerbros unions with USA origin, as well as others. We work with all reputable Pokerbros clubs  , no poker room will be out of reach for you.

Pokerbros Unions

The games in nearly all Pokebros clubs are very soft and can be EXTREMELY profitable. That’s why we highly recommend to try the Pokerbros app.The reason for this is mainly the large share of players being recreational with their VPIPs frequently above 50 %, making the games very juicy.

Since Pokerbros was primarily designed for your mobile phone, it is possible to play anywhere, anytime, which greatly increases the traffic. Pokerbros app is also trusted by the most recognizable poker vloggers Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme, during quarantine they also moved their favorite Meet Up Games (MUG) from American casinos to this application.


Why to play in pokerbros clubs and unions ?


  • The softest poker games of 2022

  • Huge selection of different Pokerbros clubs (also access to all Pokerbros unions)
  • Excellently designed client for mobile devices
  • Lots of action at all limits and a great offer for MTT fans
  • A lot of loose passive recreational players
  • Weak high limit players, ready to be crushed

   Find more information about each Pokerbros Union.