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The Poker Agent is one of the first organisations working in the poker app industry. We specialise in finding soft poker rooms, poker apps and private real money clubs. 

Our main missions are finding the softest possible games and having the biggest amount of poker deals to chose from. As reputable poker affiliate, we are able to provide incentives such as very high rakeback deals, hand chase rewards and vip poker rooms, which very few people have access to.


why play on poker apps, instead of popular Online poker rooms ?


The answer is very simple – popular poker rooms are filled with poker sharks, grinders and regulars. Another problem which popular sites  present are country and location limitations.

Goes without saying, that in popular poker rooms, there are very few incentives. Low rakeback deals, low tournament prizes , huge amount of competition, tough verification process are all the things you will be dealing with in 99% of the places you play.

Club based poker apps such as PPPoker , Upoker and Pokerbros are the easiest to win and most profitable places to play poker by far. The level of play is like nowhere else. Players are pure amateurs, who waste their funds, playing for fun.

Even high stake games are filled with fish ready to be skinned.



are poker apps like pppoker, pokerbros and upoker safe ?


Going online and joining random PPPoker clubs, is a bit risky to say the least. Playing in real money private clubs is tricky and requires deep knowledge of poker world and secure connections.

We have build those with hard work and having a team of professional poker players, who are well connected in the poker world.

Our combined poker experience is more than 50 years, which allows us to guarantee 100% for your funds and provide you with the biggest catalogue of poker deals .

The Poker Agent gives acces to huge amount of poker unions, poker clubs and other interesting places for you to play, without worrying about your funds.



 what are private poker clubs ?


Private poker clubs are created on poker apps like Pokerbros, PPPoker and Upoker. They are run manually by people who organise private poker games.

Everyone can join and play if they create free account on the given poker app and request joining by entering club ID. Owners of these poker clubs decide themself the value per ingame chip. There are clubs from USA, Russia, India, Peru, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Ukraine, UK, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand and many more countries.

The best thing about club poker, is that you can play from everywhere. All you need to do is join and contact an agent of certain poker club, to get you started.

Make no mistake, most of those private poker clubs are huge and have enormous player base. These poker rooms have plethora of active tables and resemble the biggest poker networks in traffick. You will find beefy tournaments and more active cash game tables , than you will need.

Poker clubs achieve this by joining forces together and forming poker unions.



What are poker unions ?


Think of poker unions as one enormous poker club. Poker union is formed by many clubs joining together and combining their player base, chip value and tables.

They become one whole poker room, which is bringing new players on daily basis, by having multiple poker clubs working together.

Most of the time, in these poker unions, clubs are not even from same country or continent. They just combine to increase traffick and provide bigger tournaments.

Some of the biggest Pokerbros Unions are Diamond, Panamericana and Paradise. All of those are USA based, but they include players from all over the world.

PPPoker Unions are more diverse and include ones from Australia like PPPfish. Or Europe + Russian mix like Fresh Breeze. There are all kinds of PPPoker Unions from Brazil, Peru, India and Mexico like ” Mini India ” , “Dorada ” , “Cactus” , “Liga Suprema ” and “Cosmopolitan” . 

Upoker Unions are fewer in numbers but compensate with fish density. Upoker is the default poker app choice for asian players, who happen to be the weakest recreational players. 

Many asian amateurs play even high stakes in the Grand Union on Upoker. On the other hand Israel whales love to waste their funs in the famous “Upoker Israel “union.





Contacting our team is always recommended, just because we will guide you through every step of the process.

The good news is joining real money poker clubs is extremely easy. Whether you download the PC or Smartphone version of your chosen poker app, just create account and ask us for club ID, to join these  private poker clubs.

The Poker Agent offers many poker unions and clubs from 5 continents and over 15 countries. And you can join these exclusive real money poker clubs with few clicks, regardless of your location


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