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Is usually no simple task. It depends on infinite variables such as which online poker sites are available in your country , preferred poker games, formats, stakes. Not to forget countless hours of trying and failing in different online poker sites, can be nerve wrecking. How many times you went through tedious verification process just to find out, the poker room you chose is full of regular poker players and pros.
Here in The Poker Agent, we are team of professional poker players with elite understanding of the poker game on and off the table. We tried every online poker room you played, heard or never heard of. Our team is always one step ahead of competition and up to the latest trends in the poker world. We are hungry sharks and never stop looking for poker fish. Knowing the best places to play, always has been and always will be the most important thing in online poker. Remember, not everyone can be the best poker player in the world, but everyone can be the best in certain table or a game. 


We feel our player deserve something extra for trusting us.  This is why we are  giving you unrivaled rakeback deal with an ever available option to increase. For our serious grinders we set weekly targets and reward them with rakeback which you can not get anywhere else. Making sure you play with huge rakeback is our way of helping you win in the long run, 

BIGGEST SELECTION OF upoker, pokerbros and pppoker clubs

The Poker Agent crew is confident in our judgement as well as our experience with years. The best online poker apps is an ever changing topic but for now and foreseeable future those are PPPoker, Pokerbros and Upoker. Those poker apps are platforms for poker clubs and poker unions to develop and offer the best online poker experience. We tried countless poker unions and poker clubs to recommend you the best ones for you. The Poker Agent is super agent and have access to all poker unions and clubs across many platforms, but most notably , Upoker , PPPoker and Pokerbros


Poker is individual game when the cards are dealt, but outside of the poker table, poker players can be a team. The Poker Agent is the partner you want in your corner. We want you to win and will do anything we can to help you with mental toughness and improving your poker game.
Besides that we are non-stop available for questions, cashouts, deposits or stake offers. Assisting fellow agents or struggling players is what differentiate us from the rest. We want you to win and continue using us as your poker agent.

poker deals without borders

We are offering online poker apps, which are available to play regardless of your current location. You can play from your country by using Bitcoin, USDT, Skrill, Neteller, Revolut or Zelle. Crypto poker is the latest trend in online poker and is very convenient, because allows you to play in all real money poker apps. Playing poker with bitcoin is low fee, easy to set up and secure.