KingsClubPkr Review 2023 – How to Play the Best Mixed Games

kingsclubpkr review


kingsclubpkr review
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KingsClubPkr is a small private online poker site, with limited access. You can play there with the help of an agent. It is one of the best rooms for Mixed Games format.


KingsClubPkr Review

KingsClubPkr is a US private online poker club with high stakes action. The emergence of KingsClubPkr and other private clubs is associated with the events of Black Friday, when online poker in America was banned. American poker players now have a choice – either to register in the few rooms that are still available, or to look for closed clubs like KingsClubPkr. The American room consists mainly of amateurs who prefer to play at high stakes. Mixed types of poker, Omaha and several variations of Chinese poker are especially popular here. A more detailed review of KingsClubPkr will be presented below.

KingsClubPkr software

kingsclubpoker software

You cannot download KingsClubPkr, because this poker room works exclusively in browser mode and does not require the installation of a special application. Nevertheless, in terms of its functions and capabilities, the client of the room is in no way inferior to the downloaded applications. So, you can change deck options, change bet sizing, adjust the size of the tables, and customise the colour of the tables. The time bank has 23 seconds.

Using the filters at the top of the list of games, you can quickly filter the tables by the parameters you need. Statistics collection programs are not supported by the poker room, which is also aimed at attracting recreational players. Therefore, there is no HUD in KingsClubPkr.

KingsClubPkr games and traffic

kingsclubpkr fixed limit
kingsclubpkr agent

Traditionally for American poker rooms, the game is played here for dollars. The evening in the US and early in the morning in Europe have the highest attendance. At this time, a little over 150 poker players usually play. If we consider the traffic throughout the day, then it fluctuates within the range of 50-100 connections.

Most of the players gather at the cash tables with the rules of Pot-Limit 5-Card Omaha. They also like to play high-low Omaha here. At the peak of attendance, this discipline is played by about 10 full tables at stakes of 5/10 dollars. There is almost no game at low limits – only a few tables. The game is played at 6-max tables, there are also heads-up tables. The room implements the functions of distributing the flop twice, straddle, double board straddle, which are in demand among recreational players, and increase the potential income of regulars.

After Omaha, the most popular are mix games, which include 7 types of poker, and which are held with fixed limits. On average, 5-7 such tables are collected. Usually the game is played at high limits with stakes of $ 30/60.

Hold’em at KingsClubPkr is not that popular, but there are several tables at high stakes. Also in this poker room you can play Stud, Draw poker and Chinese Pineapple Poker.

kingsclubpkr join

KingsClubPkr Rake

KingsClubPkr rake in Mixed Games, Hold’em and Omaha is 5% at all limits, but the cap varies from 2.5% to 20% depending on the discipline and the limit played. In open Chinese poker with a jackpot of up to $ 3, the rake is 3% with a cap of up to $ 3. In games with a jackpot over $ 3, a commission of 2% and a cap are taken, but not more than $ 5-10.

KingsClubPkr Rakeback

Standard rakeback at KingsClubPkr is 30%. But if you are an active player who is able to generate a large rake every month, we are ready to offer you more favourable conditions. To discuss the details, please contact our managers. Also, our staff will help you register at KingsClubPkr  – the poker room is closed and does not accept players from other countries.

Financial transactions are performed through an agent. For deposits and cash-outs, the payment systems Skrill and Neteller are used. There are usually no delays in withdrawing funds.

Why is it profitable to play at KingsClubPkr

kingsclubpkr mixed games

The main advantage of the KingsClubPkr poker room is undoubtedly the weak field represented by recreational American players. Of course, the attendance of this room leaves much to be desired, but due to the low level of the opponents’ play, you can have a good profit. The American poker club will be of interest primarily to those who like to play pot-limit five-card Omaha and mix games, as well as Chinese poker Pineapple.

The disadvantages of KingsClubPkr include the lack of a downloadable client. Therefore, every time to play, you will have to open a browser, go to the official website of the room, log in and play through a flash player. Nevertheless, the browser version is made with a very high quality, and therefore poker players will not experience much discomfort. But the lack of HUD for some regulars will be noticeable. But again, the field of the room is so weak that even without collecting statistics on opponents, a good player will have a big advantage over them.

Final Verdict

KingsClubPkr is interesting American room, which is a perfect place for poker players, who love non-traditional poker formats and high stakes games.


  • Great action
  • Good traffic
  • Fewer regulars and lots of weaker players
  • OFC Pineapple, Mixed Games, Fixed Limit and other rare formats.


  • There are much better rooms for the classic formats
  • High Rake
  • No Trackers

If this site is not enough for you, visit our online poker apps page, to see where the best games would be happening in 2023 !

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