Why to Play on ClubGG with The Poker Agent ?

    • Access to all ClubGG Clubs
    • 100% Bankroll Guarantee
    • Exclusive secret ClubGG Clubs
    • Big Weekly Bonuses for Players and Agents
    • Personal Attention 24/7, Chip Transfer Between All ClubGG Clubs
    • Help in Selecting The Best ClubGG Clubs for Your Needs
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How to Join ClubGG Clubs


Download ClubGG Poker App from the official website


Open ClubGG App and create account.

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Choose a ClubGG Club from the list below or contact The Poker Agent for recommendation . Add Club ID and Referral ID in ClubGG app Main Lobby.

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Message us to accept you in one or multiple clubgg clubs. We will be handling your deposits and withdraws as well.

ClubGG Agent

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ClubGG Clubs and Unions

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Just download ClubGG Poker app, create account and choose yourself a club from our ClubGG clubs list.

Choosing a bunch ClubGG clubs is not that hard. Unlike established apps like Pokerbros and PPPoker -here, the clubs clubs  are not so many, which limits your choices a bit.

Still. ClubGG is the fastest developing app and new clubs launch every day. Easiest way for you to find what you need is just to message us for recommendation.

ClubGG Union is a combination of multiple ClubGG clubs, which share their player base to form one bigger room. Unions can also be called alliances or even groups by some players. It is essentially a joining of forces to provide more action.

The Poker Agent has access to all ClubGG unions and multiple private high stakes clubs. Just message us and we will get you playing in few minutes. 

ClubGG develops very dynamically, and things change very often, but there are always better and worse choices. In general. depending on player’s preferences, different clubs, have different strenghts.

Some ClubGG clubs are ideal for high stakes omaha, others are better for low stakes NLH. It is very individual. Easiest way is to ask us directly or check our list above for clubs marked with “top” badge next to their logo.

Yes, you can become ClubGG agent. It is enough to have few friends ready to play and you can ask us to make your account agent.

There is no built-in feature on ClubGG, to transfer chips between ClubGG clubs. The Poker Agent provides this service for you, for free. Just let us know between which clubs you need chip swapping. Of course, you have to be our player, who applied with our referral codes to be able to transfer chips.

ClubGG app makes no exception to all the other club poker apps and has a security team, monitoring the games. Not only that, but there is also union security, which makes sure the games are fair.

There are, however, some shady club owners, who are not entirely correct with their players. To avoid being scammed, use our services, as we guarantee 100% all ClubGG deals. If anything, bad happens, we take the hit, and you are fully protected. Risk is entirely for us.

Every player who uses our referral IDs, is bound to receive weekly bonus in the form of in-game chips. We send you a photo of your weekly stats and after that chips are transferred directly to your ClubGG account. All of this happens on Monday.

Yes and No. ClubGG is developed by GGPoker team. Software is identical to those of the regular site. The PC version even has the exact same horizontal looks, as most poker sites and unlike all the other poker apps.

The differences are much more, however. This remains club-based poker app for private games, so there is no automatic cashier, id verifications or one big room to play in. Action is happening on smaller private clubs with different player pools.



Launched back in January 2021 by GGPoker Team, ClubGG app forced many sceptics to take another look at the club-based poker app scene.

 ClubGG app is so professionally designed with its easy-to-use software and state of the art visuals, that it is probably the last step towards blurring the line between “regular poker sites” and club-based platforms.

The app is highly popular among Youtube and Twitch Streamers and quickly after that – their audiences. To the mass public, club-poker is something far and away removed from the “normal” poker sites.

However, projects like ClubGG, which is developed by the biggest poker network in the world – GGPoker, shows that the poker world is ready to embrace this way of playing, as the future.


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As we already stated, ClubGG app is available for PC/iOS and Android. The visuals are so good, that the interface is identical to all platforms. This is not because, the developers were lazy to create responsive and unique design. On contrary – ClubGG app is working equally well on PC , smartphones and tables .

The only difference in aesthetics-wise , is that tables on PC are with horizontal looks, as in almost all regular online poker sites. The vertical look is only for phones, this is a feature which we hope the likes of PPPoker , Suprema and Upoker steal from their competitor.

 Security and Availability

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Security is the foundation of running games on all mobile poker apps. ClubGG has advanced security functions to monitor the games for any fraudulent activities like collusion or prohibited software aids. The app is BMM test labs certified, as all other club-based poker apps .

On top of that, most ClubGG unions have their separate security team, working in tandem with the app security. In short, ClubGG is as safe as it can get in online poker.

When it comes to availability, similar to all the other poker apps, you can play in all  ClubGG clubs, from anywhere. No documents needed. The only restriction you can see above is for accessing clubs from Israel.

ClubGG clubs with Israel origin, look to be home mostly for local players, this is why the only condition in getting access there, is to use VPN with Israel settings upon registering your account. This setup costs only 30 seconds of your life, to get access in one of the softest games on the planet, in return.

Deals for Agents

ClubGG is a platform not only for all poker players. It is a perfect opportunity for poker affiliates, agents and people who want to refer few friends to one of the ClubGG clubs we offer, and earn big rakeback in the process.

Becoming ClubGG agent is quite simple. Our offer towards affiliates and agents is valid for all ClubGG clubs on this page. You do not need any previous experience to start earning. It also is not time consuming, nor it will take away from your nights of grinding. Just recommend to friends our services, contact us and we will help them start, while you will be rewarded weekly with passive bonuses, until they play in one or many ClubGG Clubs, that you recommended them. This offer has no expire date too!

Serious affiliates, who look for unusual private rooms or maximum rakeback deals, can directly ask for conditions, clubs or anything else surrounding the club-based poker apps. You can also see more about how much you can win as poker agent – HERE


The Poker Agent team run our own promotions on all the club-based apps, including bonuses in all ClubGG clubs. The bonuses vary, depending on the ClubGG clubs you have chosen and the weekly volume of play. We stimulate regular players with rake races and high rakeback deals.

You can check our weekly promotions page, to always follow the latest exclusive deals in the ClubGG clubs we offer and other apps, as well.

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Why you should play in ClubGG Clubs


  • Professionally designed app from the GGPoker Team

  • Superb Mobile Software and PC Client

  • Extremely soft games in most of the ClubGG clubs
  • Not very popular, solid players are nowhere to be seen.
  • Big rakeback deals
  • Guaranteed funds in the account

  • Excellent high stakes against whales from Israel.

Read our article about the ClubGG poker payment methods .