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Best ClubGG Clubs and ClubGG Unions in 2024

Biggest ClubGG Clubs ( Part of the largest ClubGG Unions ) :

  1. Value Bets : ( Best for Omaha Mid-Stakes)
    Best Israeli Clubgg Union. Plenty of active tables with terrific NLH action. Equally soft and busy Omaha lobby, with all the extras available – bomb pots, double board, and ante tables
    Clubgg valuebet union
    Very Active ClubGG Poker Club
    Club Codes only per request.
  2. Massiv Union : ( Best Game Variety )
    Among the best ClubGG US clubs with plenty of action. Unique 7-max tables with ante. Additional Bad Beat Jackpot rewards.  This is one of the ClubGG poker clubs with the most rewarding loyalty program – Weekly leaderboards and rake chases.
    clubgg massive union bombpot
    Massive Union is the biggest ClubGG alliance
    Club Codes only per request.
  3. Uproar Coalition Union ( Best for NLH / PLO4 )
    American ClubGG Union, previously known as Donkey United. One of the few ClubGG clubs with leaderboards each week. Attractive hand chases. Lots of active players 24/7.
    clubgg nlh high stakes
    Uproar Union has plenty of NLH bombpots
    Join with Club ID: 139845 and Referral ID: 4074-0320
  4. Rake2High Union ( Best for Low-Stakes NLH )
    Taiwanese union. Very busy 24/7. Low to Mid stakes with a low rake and cap. Highest traffic out of all ClubGG NLH Clubs.
    clubgg rake2high union taiwan
    Taiwanese club for Texas Holdem only
    Join with Club ID: 610683 and Referral ID: 2292-6015
  5. ISR23 Union : ( Best for NLH)
    One of the softest ClubGG poker clubs for Texas Holdem cash games. It is always very easy to find games running.
    ils clubgg union
    best Israeli ClubGG Club for NLH
    Club Codes only per request.
  6. KFG Union : ( Best for NLH / PLO4 )
    ClubGG USA clubs are many, but this is one of the leading ones, in terms of balance between soft games and traffic. USA-Flag accounts are the only ones allowed to enter. This is one of the few ClubGG Unions with Bad Beat Jackpot Bonus to sweeten the deal.  Using VPN  and ClubGG converters is forbidden. 
    usa clubgg kfg union
    ClubGG American Club for low-stakes
    Club Codes only per request.
  7. Joker World Union : ( Best for NLH / PLO5 )
    Small American ClubGG Alliance with active tables every day of the week. All game types are available with PLO4/PLO5 being the main attraction. Only Australian, South, and North American players are allowed
    clubgg joker world union
    American ClubGG Alliance Joker World
    Join with Club ID: 407950 and Referral ID: 1625-7178
  8. Pride Union : ( Best for NLH / Omaha )
    No.1 among the Russian ClubGG clubs.  Excellent mid-stakes Omaha with Bomb Pots and Double Board. Heads-up available as well.
    Clubgg pride union
    Russian ClubGG Club
    Join with Club ID: 664134 and Referral ID: 2667-9461
  9. Dacian Warriors Union : ( Best for Low Stakes )
    Mostly players from Romania. Lots of Bomb-Pot tables. Blinds are low but pots are juicy, thanks to the high VPIP% of everyone.
    clubgg dacian union
    clubgg dacian club lobby
    Join with Club ID: 284457 and Referral ID: 6682-4899
  10. Swiss Holdem Union : ( Best for NLH Mid-Stakes )
    Lots of tight players. Tougher games, but if you look to play during evening hours in Europe, this Swiss club is suitable for multi-tabling. One of the Clubgg clubs with the most freerolls !
    Clubgg switzerland union
    ClubGG Swiss Clubs for NLH
    Join with Club ID: 846222 and Referral ID: 2292-6015
  11. American Union : ( Best for Omaha High Stakes )
    Busy high-stakes ClubGG Omaha club with sporadic NLH action up to 25/50 blinds. There are also lower-stakes tables available. One of the busiest nosebleed-stakes groups on GG
    clubgg america union clubs
    ClubGG USD Clubs for high stakes
    Club Codes only per request.
  12. UTG Union : ( Best for Multi-Tabling )
    Busy at all times and possibility to play on many tables, thanks to the larger player-pool. Good activity on the 5/10 blinds tables.
    clubgg utg union join
    UTG Clubs Lobby
    Join with Club ID: 123456 and Referral ID: 9645-2656
  13. Player’s Choice UK Union : ( Best for SnG , Hi Lo, NLH, Double Board )
    ClubGG UK clubs are always good, but this is one of the best ones. Incredible game and stakes variety. The Omaha Hi Lo and Heads Up Sit & Go’s are ridiculously good. Maniac playing style has been adopted by almost everyone.
    clubgg players choice union uk
    Very Soft ClubGG UK Club
    Join with Club ID: 385210 and Referral ID: 7028-1379
  14. Ribhoz Union : ( Best for NLH )
    A cakewalk towards easy winnings. Recreational field with Russians.  In the TOP 5 of the best low-stakes ClubGG clubs.
    clubgg ribhoz union russian
    One of the best ClubGG russian clubs
    Join with Club ID: 123456 and Referral ID: 9645-2656
  15. Moldova Union : ( Best for NLH / Omaha Bomb Pot)
    Unbelievably soft field. Super loose players with high VPIP%. One of the best Bombpot ClubGG clubs. Low and Micro-stakes. Perfect spot to bumhunt fishes.
    Join with Club ID: 725336  and Referral ID: 6682-4899

Best ClubGG Private Clubs 

  1. Whale Club : ( Best for PLO5 )
    The leading Canadian Club on GG . Spearheading the traffic from this part of the world, this private club runs only for few nights a week, but with plenty of PLO5 games running simultaneously..
    canadian clubgg clubs
    Canadian room for Omaha

    Join with Club ID: 679450   and Referral ID: 9645-2656
  2. Ca Va Jouer : ( Best for PLO5 / PLO6 + Heads Up )
    French private club with hobby poker players from local live games. There are some European grinders in the mix, but overall – one of the softest ClubGG Groups that ever existed. 
    Best Clubgg clubs from europe
    Small French Club

    Join with Club ID: 959059 and Referral ID: 2667-9461
  3. Splash Squad ( Best for NLH/PLO4 )
    American ClubGG group with a ton of activity 24/7. All accounts should be with the USA flag. Home to hobby poker lovers, no nits and tight regs. Low rakeback deal. 
    Clubgg splash squad join
    Private USA Club

    Club Codes only per request.
  4. Run it Two Times ( Best for Bombpot PLO5 )
    European Private ClubGG poker club for 5/10 blinds Omaha with bomb pots. Traffic is from all around the world with games happening daily on regular basis. Juicy pots.
    Bombpot omaha clubgg poker club
    Bombpot games lobby

    Join with Club ID: 732918  and Referral ID: 2292-6015
  5. SiFi ( Best for PLO6 )
    European room for one game only, which is 6-carded Omaha. Juicy stakes and ante blinds.
    Clubgg plo6 clubs
    One of the best Clubgg plo6 clubs

    Join with Club ID: 664134  and Referral ID: 2667-9461
  6. Ca Va Jouer + ( Best for PLO5 / PLO6 higher blinds )
    The higher stakes version of the previous club with identical name. European ClubGG clubs are usually Omaha oriented but here there is a bit of 5/10 Blinds Texas Holdem in between the pot limit tables. Has Call Time 60 Hands .
    European clubgg club ca va jouer
    ClubGG CHF Club

    Join with Club ID: 650595 and Referral ID: 2667-9461
  7. Punters GB : ( Best for Mid -Stakes PLO6)
    Aimed exclusively at the 6-card Omaha crowd. Blinds are from 2/4 and up to 5/10 .Peak of traffic is around midnight ( UK Time Zones).This is ClubGG UK club with mostly local players, who were previously on PPPoker.
    ClubGG UK Club Punters
    Among the best ClubGG GBP Clubs

    Join with Club ID: 770891  and Referral ID: 7028-1379
  8. Supreme INT : ( Mid-Stakes PLO6)
    Private games, which were previously organized on Pokerbros and now are on ClubGG. Player base is from Denmark.
    Clubgg private club from denmark
    Danish ClubGG Poker club

    Join with Club ID: 493512 and Referral ID: 7028-1378
  9. Insomnia : ( PLO5 / PLO6 Double Board )
    Greek ClubGG Poker Clubs are finally here. People from Greece love poker apps and they finally arrived on GG. Insomnia is a great start with some seriously loose Omaha ante and bomb-pot tables.
    greek clubgg clubs
    ClubGG Euro Club for 6-card Omaha

    Join with Club ID: 110985  and Referral ID: 2292-6015
  10. MvM : ( Best for PLO6 )
    Deutsch ClubGG club. 2/4 blinds PLO6. Very small in size, tables running only for few nights a week.
    clubgg germany clubs
    One of the best Deutsch ClubGG clubs

    Join with Club ID: 544389 and Referral ID: 2667-9461
  11. Heads Up Members : ( Best for HU PLO and Holdem)
    South American room with maniac players, who eagerly open sit table and wait for 1v1 challengers. No Limit and PLO tables are always up, on variety of stakes.
    Clubgg brazilian clubs
    Heads Up club from Brazil

    Join with Club ID: 758117 and Referral ID: 6682-4899
  12. Chip Valley : ( Best for PLO5, PLO6, MTT )
    Exclusive American room with limited access. The attractive tournament schedule includes high entry MTTs and Freerolls. Easily among the Top ClubGG clubs for Omaha. The tables are 6 and 7-seated.

    clubgg usd club chip valley

    Ask for Club Codes to Submit Application

Best ClubGG High Stakes Clubs 

ID codes for these  High Rollers GG Groups are only available after contacting us on Telegram : @thepokeragent 

  1. Boombox / Warzone : ( NLH / Omaha )
    The busiest high-stakes action, when it comes to private games online. Big variety of game types. Up to 50/100 blinds.
    clubgg boombox club
    Warzone high stakes club
  2. Deuces ( PLO5 / PLO6 )
    Canadian High-stakes club with nosebleed Omaha games. Some No Limit Holdem available as well.
    clubgg deuces join
    Canadian high stakes club
  3. Double Fiesta : ( PLO4 / PLO5 / PLO6 )
    International room for all types of Omaha, including Double Board and on occasion PLO8 ( Hi Lo) .
    Clubgg double fiesta group
    High stakes lobby in usd
  4. India Dubai ( PLO5 )
    One of the most well-known Indian ClubGG Clubs. The overall player base is mixed in with the Arabic countries. Splashy pots almost every hand.
    clubgg dubai india
    High stakes plo5 tables
  5. Altitude ( NLH / PLO4 / PLO5 / PLO6 )
    Originally a Spanish ClubGG club but currently widely available. Home of live-poker game whales, who transition to online poker. It is a tight group and not many outsiders are welcome. Newcomers must pass a short KYC check.
    Best Clubgg high stakes club
    Private high roller action
  6. Club of Dreams : ( PLO5)
    Israeli High Stakes Club, with higher rake but also larger whale count. Crazy loose Omaha enthusiasts. The action starts at around 6 PM (GMT+2).
    High stakes israel clubgg club of dreams
    High stakes club from israel
  7. 5Card4Life ( NLH / PLO5)
    Considered by many – the best ClubGG Poker Club for high stakes. KYC of players is required. Players from all over the world are allowed to enter. High-stakes NLH and Omaha are both available
  8. Avatar : ( PLO5 )
    One of the oldest high-stakes ClubGG clubs. Prepare for Omaha 5-cards against whales from the Arabic Countries / Middle East. What more could a high-roller grinder wish for?

Best ClubGG Poker Clubs from Israel

Disclaimer: The Israeli ClubGG Clubs below can only be joined by accounts with Israel flag.

To be able to play , just create new GG account using VPN software and after that it’s not needed.

When you are ready, contact The Poker Agent team for invitation to the rooms below : 

  1. MJ23 Union : (PLO5)
    Smaller ClubGG Israel Union focused on 4 and 5-carded Omaha. Prepare your bankroll for Mid-stakes with Bomb Pot and Double Board. Here you can test yourself playing heads up too !
    clubgg mj23 union
    ClubGG Small Alliance from Israel
  2. Hamossad : ( PLO5 / PLO6 high-stakes )
    ClubGG Poker clubs from Israel continue to impress with busy Omaha lobbies. This private club has lots of different PLO variations for all the different tastes
    clubgg hamossad union
    Hamossad alliance lobby
  3. Toy Story Union ( PLO4 / PLO5 / PLO6 )
    Another GG club based in Israel.  Extremely soft field but very high rake ! Omaha tables are with minimum requirements of  45% VPIP.
    Israel clubgg club for plo
    Toy Story Union Lobby
  4. Animal World Union ( PLO5 )
    Running only during the evenings ( Local Time ) . Has a lot of whales with poor poker skills. Has table with different number of seats. Perfect place for bumhunting, just follow the rule of playing a minimum of 30 Hands after profit. 
    private clubgg groups
    Animal World Union lobby
  5. MTT Poker League ( Tournaments, SnG and Spins )
    Of all ClubGG clubs – this is the best one for Sit and Go, Spin format and of course, Multi-table tournaments. You can sign up to variety of different MTTs with big guaranteed prizes. Just make sure your ClubGG account is with Israeli Flag and you are good to go !
    clubgg mtt clubs tournament
    Best ClubGG club for tournaments


  6. PVT Union ( PLO5, SnG Heads Up )
    Less known place, with many fishes from Israel. Unique Sit and Go 1v1 Tables. Superb high stakes PLO5 games.
    Clubgg sng club with heads up
    Sit and Go Heads Up action and PLO5 high stakes
  7. Movie Land Union ( PLO5 , PLO6 )
    Ridiculously soft Pot Limit Omaha with 5 and 6 cards. Only Ante tables, lots of loose high vpip% adrenaline junkies. Rake is 5% , uncapped, so pick your battles carefully. 
    movie land union in ils currency
    Busy Omaha Tables with players from Israel

How to Join the Best ClubGG Clubs

  1. Download ClubGG Poker App from the official website.

    join clubgg private clubs


  2. Open the ClubGG App and create an account.

    How to Join ClubGG Clubs

  3. Choose a club from the list below or contact The Poker Agent for recommendations. Add ClubGG Club ID and Referral ID in the ClubGG app Main Lobby.


    join clubgg clubs

  4. Message us to accept you in one or multiple ClubGG clubs. We will be handling your deposits and withdraws as well.

clubgg poker clubs list

Recommend Me Club

Blacklisted ClubGG Clubs Owners, Unions and Agents

  • GTA Poker Club / Young Ace – Running away with players bankroll. Not clean traffic.
  • Aces chase – Renames and opens new  ClubGG clubs, but remains the same scammer. He tries collusion, chip dumping, and many other cheating methods.
  • Hilton – Private ClubGG club from Israel with no integrity. They randomly take chips, remove stats, stop activity or remove players.
ClubGG Poker Club Owners / Scammers
  • Spin City Union  – RTA, Collusion. No security. Lots of cheating on the tables.
  • Goldfish Union  –  Exit scamming. Probably this fake ClubGG alliance does not exist, but becareful if you hear a similar name or some project run by the @cartel_of_trust telegram username.
  • Nexus Union –  Cheating players, lack of security. 
  • Fishing4Chips Union – Removes club owners and agents without notice and explanation. Exit scam.
  • Nova Union – False accusations towards players and agents. They kick the whole downline without any proof or explanation.
  • USA Whales – Not clean traffic. Chip Dumping + Collusion. 
  • Israel Poker Kingdom – Cheating players using multi-accounting and collusion tactics. Lack of effort from union-owners to keep the game clean.
  • World 365 Union – Collusion and players using RTA.
ClubGG Unions / Avoid

Buletata – Shady ClubGG agent begging for credit line and not paying when he loses.

ClubGG Agents / Avoid
clubgg faq


 What is ClubGG  ?

ClubGG  is a club-based poker app, where everyone can organize private games, which are held in private ClubGG clubs. You can join these exclusive rooms, by entering a club id and waiting for the club owners to approve your application


 Can i Play ClubGG on Mac  ?

ClubGG platform is available on all Apple devices. You can download the app from your iOS store or if you use Mac Book – directly from the official website.


Does ClubGG have PC / Windows version?

Not only ClubGG Poker app has a PC version, but it is crafted masterfully by the GGPoker team. It has horizontal look tables, clean visuals, and everything else you can expect from the brand, which is behind one of the largest poker sites in the world.
The ClubGG PC version can be downloaded from the official page.

clubgg pc version
ClubGG Has fully functional PC software

How to Choose a ClubGG Club ?

Check among the many options on the platform and select the most suitable ClubGG clubs for your preferences in terms of games, stakes or maybe even by nationality of the players inside.
Make that you join with the help of reputable ClubGG agent, so that your deal and bankroll are guaranteed.


What is ClubGG Union ?


best clubgg union

ClubGG Union is a combination of several ClubGG clubs, which share their player base to form one bigger room. Unions can also be called alliances or even groups by some players. It is essentially a joining of forces to provide a bigger and better poker room.

The Poker Agent has access to all ClubGG unions and multiple private high stakes clubs. Just message us and we will get you playing in few minutes. 


Which are the Best ClubGG Poker Clubs ?


ClubGG develops very dynamically, and things change very often, but there are always better and worse choices. In general. depending on player’s preferences, different clubs, have different strengths.

Some ClubGG  clubs are ideal for high-stakes Omaha, others are better for low-stakes NLH. It is very individual. The easiest way is to ask us directly or check our ClubGG clubs list above and choose the one, which is in unison with your preferences.


Which are the Largest ClubGG Clubs ?


The biggest clubs are usually connected to unions. There are 4 main alliances which are much larger than any other room on the platform. The names of those ClubGG unions are Israel Poker Kingdom, UTG, Uproar Coalition, and World Poker 365.

clubgg israel poker kingdom unionclubgg world 365 unionclubgg utg unionclubgg uproar union (donkey united)

Are there ClubGG Clubs offering Freerolls?

Some of the GG clubs are offering  Freeroll tournaments. Notable mentions include some of the bigger ClubGG alliances, such as  –  Massive, Joker World, and MTT Poker League. 

Can i Become ClubGG Agent ?

become clubgg agent
ClubGG agent stat screen

Yes, everyone can become ClubGG agent. It is enough to have few friends ready to play. Receiving an agent account is simple and quick process, which will be executed efficiently by The Poker Agent team.


How to Transfer Chips Between ClubGG Clubs ?

clubgg clubs for high stakes

There is no built-in feature on ClubGG, to transfer chips between ClubGG clubs. The Poker Agent provides this service for you, for free. Just let us know between which clubs you need chip swapping. Of course, you have to be our player, who applied with our referral codes to be able to transfer chips.


Why do sometimes ClubGG Poker Clubs, part of the same union, have different chip values?

ClubGG clubs in the same union, share exactly the same tables on which all players can play versus one another. Some of you, may noticed, that on occasion, different clubs in the same alliance, offer different chip currencies. 
This is happening, because some club owners decide to give more chips to their players up-front but less on withdraw. 


What is the Rebate System on ClubGG ?

The rebate system usually concerns more ClubGG agents and not so much the players. In short, this system gives additional weekly bonuses for the losing players but slightly penalizes winning players.
This way, recreational poker enthusiasts keep playing longer and being rewarded for doing so, while some sharks may decide to leave and seek better conditions, in more reg-heavy ClubGG clubs.


How Safe is Playing in ClubGG Clubs ?


ClubGG app makes no exception to all the other club poker apps and has a security team, monitoring the games. Not only that, but there is also union security, which makes sure the games are fair.

There are, however, some shady club owners, who are not entirely correct with their players. To avoid being scammed, use our services, as we guarantee 100% all ClubGG deals. If the ClubGG clubs we recommend you, decide to not pay us, we take the hit, and you are fully protected. Risk is entirely for us.


How to Claim My Bonus?


Every player who uses our referral code is bound to receive a weekly bonus in the form of in-game chips. We send you a photo of your weekly stats and after that chips are transferred directly to your ClubGG account. All of this happens on Monday.


Is it the Same As GGPoker ?


Yes and No. ClubGG is developed by the GGPoker team. The software is identical to the one on the regular site. The PC version even has the same horizontal looks, as most poker sites and unlike all the other poker apps.

The differences are much more, however. This remains a club-based poker app for private games, so there is no automatic cashier, ID verifications, or centralized lobby, where all players compete together.

The games are only held in smaller private clubs with separate player bases.



Launched back in January 2021 by GGPoker Team, ClubGG app forced many sceptics to take another look at the club-based poker app scene.

 ClubGG app is so professionally designed with its easy-to-use software and state of the art visuals, that it is probably the last step towards blurring the line between “regular poker sites” and club-based platforms.

The app is highly popular among Youtube and Twitch Streamers and quickly after that – their audiences. To the mass public, club-poker is something far and away removed from the “normal” poker sites.

However, projects like ClubGG, which is developed by the biggest poker network in the world – GGPoker, shows that the poker world is ready to embrace this way of playing, as the future.


clubgg poker software


As we already stated, ClubGG app is available for PC/iOS and Android. The visuals are sleek, while the interface is identical to the rest of the club-based platforms. The reason behind is NOT, because the developers were lazy to create responsive and unique design.

On contrary – ClubGG app is working equally well on PC , smartphones and tablets .

Aesthetics-wise ,  the only difference between the visuals on all platforms, is that tables on PC are with horizontal looks, as in almost all regular online poker sites. A  design decision, which we hope the likes of PPPoker , Suprema and Upoker steal from their competitor. The vertical look is only for mobile devices.

 Security and Availability

clubgg clubs
ClubGG clubs security team

Security is a key piece of the puzzle for all reputable mobile poker apps. ClubGG is taking safety of it’s players very seriously and is monitoring non-stop for any fraudulent activities like collusion or prohibited software aids.

The app is BMM test labs certified, as are all other club-based poker apps.

On top of that, the best ClubGG clubs and unions, have their separate integrity team, working in tandem with the app security. In short, ClubGG poker app is as safe as it can get in online poker.

When it comes to availability, similarly to all the other poker apps, you can play in all  ClubGG clubs, from anywhere. No documents are needed. 

Groups with Israel origin, look to be home mostly for local players, this is why the only condition in getting access there, is to use a VPN with Israel settings upon registering your account. This setup costs only 30 seconds of your life, to get access in one of the softest games on the planet, in return.

Deals for Agents

ClubGG is a platform not only for poker players. It is a perfect opportunity for poker affiliates, agents and people who want to refer few friends to one of the ClubGG clubs we offer, and earn big rakeback in the process.

Becoming ClubGG agent is quite simple. Our offer towards affiliates and agents is valid for all ClubGG clubs on this page. No previous experience is needed to start earning. This side hustle is not time consuming, nor will it take away from your nights of grinding. Just recommend to friends our services, contact us and we will help them start, while you will be rewarded weekly with passive bonuses, until they play in one or multiple ClubGG Clubs. This offer has no expire date !

Serious affiliates, who look for unusual private rooms or maximum rakeback deals, can directly ask for conditions, clubs or anything else surrounding the club-based poker apps. You can also see more about how much you can win as affiliate in our become a poker agent page.


The Poker Agent team run our own promotions on all the club-based apps, including bonuses in all ClubGG clubs. The bonuses vary, depending on the poker clubs you have chosen and the weekly volume of play. We stimulate regular players with rake races and high rakeback deals.

You can check our weekly promotions, to always follow the latest exclusive deals in all of the platforms.

Clubgg promotions
ClubGG Promotions and bonuses



Why we recommend playing in ClubGG clubs :


  • Professionally designed app from the GGPoker Team

  • Superb Mobile Software and PC Client

  • Extremely soft games in most of the ClubGG poker clubs
  • Not very popular, solid players are nowhere to be seen.
  • Big rakeback deals
  • Guaranteed funds in the account

  • Excellent high stakes against whales from Israel.


ClubGG is a huge name in the poker app industry, that we can spend hours writing about it. And this is exactly what we did. Find more information about :