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suprema principal union
  • Pokerbros Club Fichas Gold |  ID: 289540 Agent ID:304087
  • One of the new  Suprema Unions – Principal . Recently merged with another Suprema Union – Infinity, this brazilian poker room offers plenty for everyone. Winnable tournaments and tons of Heads Up and PLO5 games  – typical latino club features. Extremely profitable place to play online poker in.
  •   Best for Heads Up
  • Pokerbros Club Fichas 2|  ID: 898234 Agent ID:304087
  • Formerly on PPPoker, this club and all others from the alliance moved to  Suprema Union – Suprema . Huge amount of active tables (50+) and new players joining every day. Still in its early days, Fichas 2 offers plenty of action and fishes to be skinned. Hot tempered brazilians, love to gamble and make questionable gameplay decisions.
  •   Best for NLH / PLO5
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As The Poker Agent promises everywhere , we always offer the latest poker offers to players from all over the world. At the time of writing this review, Suprema Poker App launched just few hours ago. This is why, we can not say an awful lot about this Brazillean Poker app.

suprema club

First and foremost – Suprema is poker app developed by Upoker. It is reskin of their software, which is not bad thing, since Upoker is in the TOP 3 of the best poker apps at the market.

The story is very simple – Upoker offered the biggest PPPoker Brazilian Unions, to have their own app. Liga Suprema – the biggest union on PPPoker, was the spearhead of this transition between platforms. They had some misunderstanding with PPPoker app and decided to take matter in their own hands.

suprema unions

Here enters Upoker development team, which offers Union owners of Liga Suprema a deal, to switch all their traffick, to this newly developed poker app.

What this all means ? It means that Suprema Poker is full of already existing PPPoker players and splashy games with hot-headed latino gamblers. The biggest surprise is, that Suprema app is booming with active tables, since Day 1. This Brazilian Poker App is not wasting any time. It starts with full speed, as if it was operational from many years ago .

Poker formats which you can find here are Heads Up on NLH and Omaha, 6 max tables NLH/PLO/PLO5/PLO6, and of course Tournaments and Chinese Poker.

If you are always looking for the latest poker trends, do not skip Suprema app. It is heaven for serious players, as currently, it has mainly players from Latin America, which means only one thing – Very Loose games. With the right strategy and enough traffic to multi table, even low stake grinders can make big profits.

suprema app review


Why you should play in Suprema Clubs


  • The newest poker app on the market

  • Soft Brazilian Poker Clubs

  • Excellently designed app from Upoker development team
  • Lots of action since day 1
  • Big rakeback deals
  • Guaranteed funds in the account

  • A lot of amateur and hobby players from Latin American countries