TOP 10 ClubGG Unions Ranked | How to Join Each ClubGG Union (2023)

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Back in 2021 we made a quick review about ClubGG and the clubs you could join then. Back then, we kept saying this app is destined for success. With the serious background of their development team (GGNetwork) and the carefully chosen niche ( private clubs ) , the ClubGG app was i,nevitable to become a superstar in online poker.

One year later and here we are. We had to update constantly our old review of the app, to keep adding the new ClubGG clubs available, so that players were able to keep up with the super fast speed, with which ClubGG Unions and private clubs, started to emerge.

Our ClubGG page was created so that you can always be up to date with what the app has to offer. All the legit private games and ClubGG unions, you can find listed there.

There you can briefly read about all the ClubGG Unions, but today we will focus more on these alliances and which ones might be best for you. These are still young groups of clubs, so expect traffic to keep increasing on daily basis. Yet, there are already enough action on 4 stable ClubGG unions, which are getting quite popular, among lovers of club-based poker apps.

Below are our rankings of all reputable ClubGG Unions ;

11. ClubGG Massive Union – Better be Patient with this one !

clubgg massive poker union

ClubGG Massive Union is the main villain of good players. Not because games are tough, on contrary, they are filled with casual players.

The bad thing here is that the Massive Union directly removes winning players. Of course, The Poker Agent team fully guarantee players bankroll, but it is still quite not cool, to waste everyone time by having this ridiculous policy.

Even if the player is recreational, he can have some winning sessions and if owners are not feeling like it, they will ban him from playing in their alliance. This is why ClubGG Massive union is on the bottom of our list.

Now, there are also some positives of ClubGG Massive union, such as

Being one of the rare breed of ClubGG Unions, focusing on lower stakes games.

Games are not tough at all, but also not very busy. Still, finding fish, is always counting as positive.

There are good PLO4 games. Nowadays on Poker apps, everyone focuses more on PLO5 and PLO6. Good to see some ClubGG Unions have not forgotten the classic.

How to Join ClubGG Union Massive ?
– Given how problematic this ClubGG Union can be and that they want to focus mainly on American players, better talk to our Telegram admins.

10. Whales Union – Nitty but Decent Traffic

clubgg whales usa union

Whales Union is a new ClubGG Union, which looks and feels as an already established alliance . Most ClubGG Unions start small and develop their player base from there. We say Whales Union is unconventional because right from the beginning there is plenty of activity.

There is plenty of NLH, PLO4 and PLO5 tables to choose from. Blinds are mostly low.

There is even bomb pot and double board Omaha tables.

In Whales Union, on occassion there are password protected VIP tables. If you are inside a club of this union and you want to join these VIP games, contact The Poker Agent.

How to Join Whales Union ?
Club ID: 942126

Ref ID : 6682-4899

9. ClubGG Union Friends- Small but can pack a punch !

clubgg club escimo lemon israeli

High stakes games, splashy pots and playing only during evening time in Israel. This is the ClubGG FriendsUnion in a nutshell.

It is definitely not a bad place, we would rank it even higher, as it has some ridiculous whales, who play like complete maniacs, but the lack of activity ruins it for us.

After all, we are ranking here ClubGG Unions, not private rooms and we expect from alliances to have a bit more action.

It is still a nice place if you like to play omaha on big boy stakes, from 15/30 and up to 50/100.

It’s definitely not everyone cup of tea, but some of you will extract a ton of value from this club.

How to Join ClubGG Friends Union ?
– Message us directly and we will let you know how you can access this alliance.

8. One of the Latest American ClubGG Unions- Lemon

clubgg lemon union chubbies

Purely aimed at US based players, ClubGG Union Lemon is not welcoming to outsiders. It is almost identical to Massive Poker Union, but it is a bit less strict.

It gives players a bit more room to breath, although do not expect miracles. If you join ClubGG Lemon Union with us, be prepared from time to time the club to be on pause.

It is not a bad option for secondary room, to play against some recreational players, but definitely to the place in which you can grind for hours or be allowed to completely dominate the games for months.

The Poker Agent gives 100% safe access to ClubGG Lemon Union, as well as all the other alliances and private clubs.

How to Join ClubGG Lemon Union ?
– Talk to our Telegram Admin for details, especially if you are from outside of US.

7. European ClubGG Union – Swiss

clubgg swiss union

ClubGG Swiss Union is NLH oriented and has many active tables during evening time in Europe. It quickly amasses 15-20 active tables out of thin air.

Action is hit and miss, with many nitty players lurking around. To combat that, club charges high rake, which is currently 5% with unlimited cap. As of right now, it only results in one more negative point, as the tight regs conitinue appearing, in spite of the punishing rake structure.

Another attempt to attract more recreational players is by hosting freeroll tournaments on daily basis. This move, however, also backfired as it only attracts freeloaders who have no plans to play in the club.

It is still good option for No Limit Holdem, but more of a secondary addition, to your main arsenal.

How to Join Swiss Union ?
Club ID: 846222

Ref ID : 2292-6015

6. ClubGG Moldova Union – Easiest way towards NLH winnings

clubgg moldova union

Sadly, the ClubGG union Moldova is small in size and lacks any real Omaha action, but here all the downsides ends.

This Moldovan Alliance on ClubGG is everything you need as a Texas Holdem lover. Players with 90% VPIP ? Check . Heads Up Games against fishes ? Check. Easy to tilt players who call with almost any 2 cards ? Check.

It is the perfect place for No Limit enthusiasts. As if players were brought with time machine from 15 years ago.

Do not hesitate to join this Moldovan ClubGG union :

Club ID: 683605

Ref ID : 4074-0320

5. First American ClubGG Union – Donkey, (now renamed to UpRoar Coalition )

There are two USA based ClubGG Unions and they are hard at work to compete for the number 1 spot. We feel that this will be ongoing battle and they will switch places often, in bid to be the go-to place for all American players ( and not only ).

Update 2023 : Sadly of Uproar Coalition , the competition on ClubGG is tough and it loses a few spots in our list, but it is nature of the game. Still, it is one of the best ClubGG unions, all things considered.

Donkey Union was the first one to launch and maybe this is the reason it is slightly bigger in terms of player base. Offers good amount of ring games on both NLH and PLO4. It is a nice change of pace, since most clubs on apps prefer to offer PLO5. Here you can play in a soft PLO4 games up to 5/10 and as low as 0.25/0.5. NLH grinders will be happy to know that their old school format is alive and well here, with games being pretty soft.

Now we said that ClubGG Uproar Union is slightly bigger than their main competitor , but the other American union is slightly softer. And in our book we rank softness above traffic. Bare in mind that Uproar Coalition is not so much larger in size. It is busier by only few active tables at all times. Especially on Omaha.

Update November 2023 : Donkey United is now called “Uproar Coalition ” It is slightly busier and offers interesting new formats, such as 6 card Omaha Hi Lo and NLH Bomb Pot.

How to Join Uproar Coalition Union ?
Club ID: 487223

Ref ID : 8655-3045

4. Oldest of the ClubGG Unions – UTG

This was the first ClubGG Union created on the app. Let’s briefly cover what an union is – a combination of clubs, which combine their player pool, in order to boost traffic on both tournaments and ring games.

This is the reason why, being the first ClubGG Union, UTG has advantage over the others in terms of time to develop. You can already see there very decent traffic, juicy tournaments and freerolls.

Most of the players here are from Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bosna and other Slavic countries. As you can imagine, the tables quickly become a battlefield ! It is good to keep your game sharp, but UTG Union is definitely the softest one out there. On the contrary, it is a bit tougher, but in exchange you get to find a games, almost at every possible time you log in, which is advantage for those seeking busy clubs.

How to Join UTG Union ?
Club ID: 620041

Ref ID : 6682-4899

3. The biggest of all ClubGG Unions – Israel Kingdom

Back few months ago, this would easily be the best union and not only on the ClubGG platform. It was filled only with players from Israel, who barely knew what they were doing. This is why we keep saying that it is so important to get to the right clubs on time . Before some solid players find these deals and make you work harder in order to keep winning.

By keeping an eye for all the newest clubs on all apps, you position yourself to be one of the first grinders and play against fishes. We make it super easy to follow all this, with our deals list .

Back to the largest ClubGG Union – Israel Kingdom. Now, we still believe it is very soft, but this alliance became more or less international. There are weak players, but long gone are the days, where there were only fish players. There are other private clubs, where recreational players from Israel play. Drop us a message to give you access to those as well. They are not part of the ClubGG Unions network.

Now let’s talk about the positive aspects of Israel Kingdom, which are still many. Most games, most table variety, most stakes variety and certainly one of the best high stakes Omaha games on ClubGG. If you are multi-tabling grinder, this is the best ClubGG Union for you.

How to Join Israel Kingdom ?
Club ID: 168292

Ref ID : 1625-7178

2. ClubGG World 365 Union – Crazy Traffic and Game Variety

usd clubgg unions - world 365

Just for few weeks Poker World 365 Union developed explosively, offering an abudance of low , mid and high stakes NLH, PLO4, PLO5 and PLO6.

It feels like someone is constantly pouring new players into this ClubGG union and we cannot complain, as very few of them are regulars.

Huge traffic and soft games, are the reason this union directly skyrocket to second place, just for few weeks of activity. The main countries, from which players come, are Israel, USA and Canada.

It is hard not to recommend this as one of the best ClubGG unions, when you can find whatever game type you wish 24/7 and even multi-table comfortably. Excellent addition to the platform.

How to Join Poker World 365 ?
Club ID: 539987

Ref ID : 1625-7178

1. One of the newest ClubGG Unions – Rake2High

ClubGG Rake2High Unions is one of the rare breed of alliances, which focus on NLH games exclusively. You can find low, mid and even mid-high stakes here on 6-max, 7-max and 8-max tables, as well as Heads Up.

It is definitely one of the best ClubGG unions for NLH. On top of that the rake is only 3% with 1-2bb cap , depending on the stakes. Add to that, the fact that majority of the players are from Asia and play incredibly conservatively , which makes them painfully predictable.

ClubGG Union Rake2High has also very solid amount of active tables 24/7. There is plenty of games to choose from and you can easily multi-table. Grinders paradise on apps.

How to Join Rake2High Union ?
– Ask our Telegram Admins

Final Words about ClubGG Unions

This list is made according to what we saw , tested and heard from our players feedback. In any case , different ClubGG Unions suit different type of players. Preferences like time to play, amount of active tables needed, stakes, game types, formats – all come into consideration when we select club for players who contact us.

If you know which ClubGG Union is for you – great ! For those still wondering which one might be best for them – just talk to us and we will figure it out together. Reminding you, we have a few secret private clubs as well, which are not part of any ClubGG union.

There are also people looking to become ClubGG Agents and invite their friends to play on the platform. If you are one of those people, check our how to become agent page. The fastest way to be updated about new clubs will always be by subscribing to our Telegram News Channel .

For all questions about ClubGG, we are ready to talk with you at any time. Good luck and may the poker gods guide your path ( away from bad beats ).

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