TOP 11 ClubGG Unions Ranked | Exclusive Insights (2024)

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If you are familiar with the ClubGG platform, you probably have heard the term ClubGG Union . Some people look to join them, others to be agents on them and there are even those , who look to become club owners and add their club in one of the ClubGG Unions.

So today we will explain what these ClubGG alliances/unions are , in a way, that is easy to digest even for newcomers to the world of club-based poker.

What is a ClubGG Union ?

A ClubGG union is a group of two or more clubs that share player base with one another. Players in all the ClubGG clubs, which are part of the same union, can play between themselves. Once clubs combine in a union, they become part of one larger poker room.

Needless to say, that for clubs which struggle to maintain regular games, it is better to merge with some union. This way, they can provide much more action to their players.

For example, say Club “Backdoor ” has 30 players and can barely run a few tables a night. For them, it may be a better choice to combine forces with more private clubgg clubs and form an ClubGG union / alliance. Or maybe directly join an established one.

To learn everything about the ClubGG Clubs, check our dedicated page. If you wish to proceed to the list, below are our rankings of the TOP 11 best ClubGG Unions in 2024 ;

11. World365 Union


World365 is one of the biggest ClubGG Unions but has lots to be desired. From shady club owners, to failure in dealing with collusion, the union became quite a mess in 2024. There could be still value in playing there, but we could not find it.

10. Rake2High Union


Rake2High is a Taiwanese Union with only NLH action. It was once a perfect place for NLH, which to an extrend still is. However the union owners have decided to impose a variety of taxes, fees upon almost all ClubGG agents and players. It is still a decent room, with good security and many active Texas Holdem Tables, but there are better options out there.

9. Israel Poker Kingdom Union


Israel Poker Kingdom is another alliance, which was much better when it first started. Many regs found out about it and it is no longer a soft alliance of Israeli ClubGG Clubs. Instead it is international room, with questionable security and game integrity. Heads up games are hit and miss. Skilled player can still extract value, but it is far from the best place on ClubGG platform.

8. UTG Union


UTG Union is run by professional poker players and veterans in the poker app industry but always came a bit short . Whether it was tougher games or lack of big game variety – there was always something better out there.

It is still a decent choice, especially with the opportunity to multi-table, since, there are major traffic peaks at certain hours. One of the worst things about this ClubGG Unions is that they ban strong players. It is admirable, that they strive to keep the games recreational, but having regular players is also a way to keep the ecosystem balanced.

7. One of the Biggest ClubGG Unions – Massiv


Right from the start, when ClubGG Massiv Union was just a American Alliance – the goal was to become this large room with many active tables. Well, the mission succeeded but it all came with a cost.

While the game seem to be still great with many active tables at all times, the conditions to play there become next to impossible to fulfill.

First and foremost, this is mainly ClubGG USA union. Players from most of the countries around the world, are not allowed to play here. Even regular American players, who are winning for few weeks in a row, are politely asked to leave, as the room focuses on recreational players.

ClubGG Massiv Union offers variety of game types and stakes, from the regular NLH, PLO4 and PLO5, to the extravagant PLO6 with Double Boards and Bomb Pots. It is a decent option for those who look to multi-table.

6. Joker World – Small but Soft


Joker World is American ClubGG Union with plenty of recreational players on low and mid-stakes. There are decent amount of bombpot Holdem tables with very loose action.

The traffic is not the best, but the soft games compensate that.

In Joker World Union, on occasion there are password protected VIP tables. If you are inside a club of this union and you want to join these VIP games, contact The Poker Agent.

5. The Russian ClubGG Union – Pride


ClubGG Pride Union is the most successful Russian ClubGG Alliance. One of the most famous russian ClubGG Clubs part of it are “Ozerki” and “Push The Tempo”.
Games are mostly recreational with low-stakes NLH and mid-stakes Omaha being played every evening (Moskow Time) . Especially suitable for people enjoying Double Board Bombpot PLO6. The traditional PLO4 tables are breath of fresh air with all the Omaha craziness with many cards elsewhere.

Quite busy, with 10 to 15 active tables in peak times.

4. ClubGG Moldova Union – Easiest way towards NLH winnings

clubgg moldova union

If we have to describe ClubGG Moldova Union with 2 words it will be – NLH BombPot. All the tables are here are extra bombastic with this spicy addition to the games. Nits and tighter players will have a harder time here as the games are lower stakes and quite splashy. Prepare for many multi-way spot especially on 5-card Omaha BombPot tables.

Players are 99% local, it is extremely hard to gain access to this smaller alliance, unless you are with The Poker Agent ! We will get you started in this Moldovan Union in just a few minutes.

3. ClubGG Israeli Union ISR23 – Best Low-Stakes NLH


Low to Mid-stakes games, splashy pots and playing only during evening time in Israel. This is the ClubGG ISR23 in a nutshell.

The activity is not the best but here are one of the most recreational Texas Holdem tables online. It is full of players from Israel, who have a hard time against more experienced regulars.

There are already some players from other countries inside, but they also have Israeli Flag accounts, so watch out. Do not underestimate anyone and it will be a “walk in the park” towards solid winnings each week.

Even though this is not the biggest union of clubs – there are opportunities to multi-table.

2. First American ClubGG Union – Donkey, (now renamed to UpRoar Coalition )

There are two USA based ClubGG Unions and they are hard at work to compete for the number 1 spot. We feel that this will be ongoing battle and they will switch places often, in bid to be the go-to place for all American players ( and not only ).

Update 2023 : Sadly of Uproar Coalition , the competition on ClubGG is tough and it loses a few spots in our list, but it is nature of the game. Still, it is one of the best ClubGG unions, all things considered.

Donkey Union was the first one to launch and maybe this is the reason it is slightly bigger in terms of player base. Offers good amount of ring games on both NLH and PLO4. It is a nice change of pace, since most clubs on apps prefer to offer PLO5. Here you can play in a soft PLO4 games up to 5/10 and as low as 0.25/0.5. NLH grinders will be happy to know that their old school format is alive and well here, with games being pretty soft.

Now we said that ClubGG Uproar Union is slightly bigger than their main competitor , but the other American union is slightly softer. And in our book we rank softness above traffic. Bare in mind that Uproar Coalition is not so much larger in size. It is busier by only few active tables at all times. Especially on Omaha.

Update November 2023 : Donkey United is now called “Uproar Coalition ” It is slightly busier and offers interesting new formats, such as 6 card Omaha Hi Lo and NLH Bomb Pot.

1. The Best of All ClubGG Unions – ValueBet


Even though ClubGG ValueBet Union is fairly new, it is among the biggest ClubGG Unions already. Started as small Israel ClubGG Alliance and now rivals Israel Poker Kingdom in size.

The difference between Valuebet and other big alliances is that Value Bet is not only large in size, but also has many weaker players. The game variety is enormous – from traditional Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha, to all the extravagant variations, such as tables with different amount of seats, double boards, bomb pots and some heads up Omaha and NLH action.

Stakes vary from micro to high stakes. Active tables are between 40-50 at almost any given time. There are even some tournaments and SnG tables.

At the time of updating this article – April 2024, this is the very best ClubGG Union with almost no downsides. If you wish to gain access, just contact our Telegram Admins.

ClubGG Unions – Summary

This list is made according to what we saw , tested and heard from our players feedback. In any case , different ClubGG Unions suit different type of players. Preferences like time to play, amount of active tables needed, stakes, game types, formats – all come into consideration when we select club for players who contact us.

If you know which union is for you – great ! For those still wondering which one might be best for them – just talk to us and we will figure it out together. Reminding you, we have a few secret private clubs as well, which are not part of any of the ClubGG unions.

There are also people looking to become ClubGG Agents and invite their friends to play on the platform. If you are one of those people, check our how to become agent page. The fastest way to be updated about new clubs will always be by subscribing to our Telegram News Channel .

For all questions about ClubGG, we are ready to talk with you at any time. Good luck and may the poker gods guide your path ( away from bad beats ).

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