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Pokerbros is probably the most well known and established club-based app on the market in 2022. It attracts players from all over the world with the amazing private games, that happen on the platform.

Since it is on the market from more than 3 years, there are already big and proved Pokerbros rooms, called unions, which host thousand upon thousand of recreational players. The variety of game types / stakes and formats in those large Pokerbros Unions, can fit every need a player might have.

However, there are also many non union Pokerbros clubs, which have limited access. These private games, often are the real gems of the Pokerbros club collection, as the traffick is there is purely recreational. Since regular players do not even know about these clubs, they are practically a fish tank.

Not only that, most of these non union Pokerbros clubs are oriented towards high stakes whales, who love to play in juicy games. Such hobby players are mainly playing to enjoy themselves. Winning is a bonus to them, not a necessity. With so many new private rooms launching recently , it might be a good time for you to try your luck in a non union Pokerbros clubs, instead of the large alliances.

Here are the main advantages of playing private poker games in these exclusive clubs :

Non Union Pokerbros Clubs Often Are Softer

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Even the largest Pokerbros Unions are one of the easiest places you can win, playing poker. They are almost exclusively filled with recreational players, who know very little about proper poker strategies.

With that being said, non union Pokerbros clubs are even softer than that ! Most of the private poker games on those are high stakes Omaha games, which are aimed towards hobby businessman poker lovers and recreational players. These enthusiasts try to avoid, even bad regular players. The idea is for them to enjoy the game with other amateur players.

This is why, these fish tanks are not available for most Pokerbros agents, affiliates and regular players. However, The Poker Agent has access to many private poker games, which include almost all non union Pokerbros clubs. We provide access to all kinds of secret clubs – small stakes, high stakes, Texas Holdem oriented, Omaha oriented and more. Even a private club for Chinese Poker !

All you have to do is follow our up to date Pokerbros Clubs list and choose a room, which you can monitor further inside the app, before deciding to play on it.

Non Union Pokerbros Clubs Have Higher Stakes

non-union pokerbros clubs

This is of course, not always the case, but a general rule. There are many non union Pokerbros clubs, which run low stakes private poker games. But in general, secret clubs are aimed towards the higher stakes guys, who love to play in more friendly enviroment.

Big Pokerbros unions have a lot of high stakes options as well, but most of the tables are low/mid stakes up to 5/10. To have games running at 50/100 blinds and above, is not a common thing.

Here is where the private non union Pokerbros clubs come in. They offer a lot of high stakes options and the focus are always ring games.

Now let’s talk about the advantages of the large Pokerbros Unions over these private clubs ;

Large Pokerbros Unions Have More Active Tables

It comes as a no-brained but newcomers to Pokerbros, might need to know it before starting. Big Pokerbros Unions like Diamond, Panamericana, Paradise and RGS – are not only soft, but also have plenty of tables to choose from.

It is super easy to make a switch from regular poker site like Pokerstars, to these Pokerbros Unions, as active tables will be enough for you to multi-table at all times. These large alliances have enough games at every poker format and stakes, you wish to play.

In Established Pokerbros Unions, We Can Offer You Better Bonuses

This is not always the case, but more often than not in these big rooms, the weekly bonuses are higher. They aim to always bring more and more players in by having these good promotions . You can check some of the Pokerbros promotions we run ourselves, on top of the weekly bonuses we give by default.

On the page above you will find also promotions on other apps and tournament schedules. Speaking of MTT schedules….

Non Union Pokerbros Clubs Rarely Run Tournaments

As we said, the focus of non union Pokerbros clubs is to provide quality ring games, filled with recreational players. Tournaments run only in certain clubs and they run rarely. The good thing is often these tournaments are with small amount of competitors for large prizes.

Disclaimer 1: PokerBros is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.

Disclaimer 2: PokerBros is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.

Exclusive Private Poker Games Available

All in all the advantages of Pokerbros Unions over non union Pokerbros Clubs are many, but the good thing about playing in private poker games is that it is almost impossible to lose. Opponents are helping you win. Literally. This sole reason is enough to make these private poker games one of the best places to play online poker. Especially if you are high stakes player, not in need to multi-table or grind for a long time the lower stakes tables , to make a decent win.

You can always contact The Poker Agent , to get started in the latest private poker games or wherever you chose to play. As of August 2022, our non-union Pokerbros Clubs lists looks like this :

Pokerbros arabic
Omaha High Stakes (PLO5,6)
Arabic Players
Pokerbros plo5
USA/Israel Club for PLO5 Bomb Pot
Pokerbros albania
All kind of Stakes NLH and Omaha. Super Soft. USA Players.
pokerbros europe
Super High Stakes Omaha. International

To enter these private games, drop us a text and we will get you started in no time. We also have few other top secret clubs, which prefer to be 100% anonymous. We will tell you more about them in private conversation.

How to Stay Updated On the Latest Private Poker Games ?

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There are few ways for you to get these deals first and receive always early access to all new non union Pokerbros clubs. One way is by contacting us directly periodically, which will not be the GTO decision.

The best way to stay updated on these exclusive deals is by subscribing to our Telegram News Channel. This way you will receive all action alerts right in your phone. You can always mute the channel and check it out later, as well !

The other way is by monitoring our website. We have a dedicated page to each app and also a gigantic poker club list , of all our current offers, whether they are on club-based poker apps, sites, private networks or some other form of online poker action. We will be waiting for you !

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