Best Way to Build a Poker Bankroll Without Playing ( 2022 )

build a poker bankroll

In our modern society there are tons of options to make money. Long gone are the times, when the only way for you to succeed in life is to get a solid education and work as hard as possible.

A lot of people are passionate about poker, but do not know how to build a poker bankroll. They think the only way is by grinding micro-stakes and climbing the ladder slowly . This is an option, but the longest and most boring one, you could ever attempt.

Playing on micro-stakes will not only teach you almost nothing about poker, but the high rake and the requirement to multi-table a ton of tables, will have negative effect on your results.

There are way better options for you to build a poker bankroll , while having more free time, less stress and more importantly – you can start playing higher stakes immediately ! Here are some ways you can earn money, which you can reinvest to build a poker bankroll :

Build a Poker Bankroll by Starting a Poker Twitch Channel

poker twitch

Okay, we said that these methods will not require you playing to build a poker bankroll, yet the very first one indicates that you will have to play poker…. But hear us out !

The hunger for poker twitch channels is real, as most of the activity on twitch, when it comes to poker, is watching the same old popular poker veterans, playing high stakes games. Most people can not identify with famous poker stars, as they play high stakes and are on completely different level to the regular online poker lover.

This where you might come in ! Yes, building a poker twitch channel from scratch is no joke ! It will require time and effort. Not only that, you will need something to differentiate yourself, to build a fan-base.

Building a channel by playing poker, of course implies that you will risk some money in the process. Not necessarily ! You can contact online poker brands and offer them to promote their services. by you playing and testing their online poker products. Of course, Pokerstars and GGPoker will not have you in their ambassador team, but you can get few other propositions.

By starting a poker twitch channel, with little luck and effort, you can get sponsored to play, while at the same time building your fan-base and growing your twitch presence in general. The possibility to get a deal by Twitch team itself, will also be possibility in time.

Not risking your own money and getting sponsored to play and build a poker bankroll is much safer and enjoyable option, than grinding micro-stakes.

If you can’t find lucrative deals to start a poker twitch channel, we can help you with this. Just drop us a message and The Poker Agent will give you places to play, which you can use for your Twitch content, without risking your money. On top of that , we will reward you and help you build a poker bankroll or even separate side income.

Build a Poker Bankroll by Creating Community

build a poker bankroll

Let’s just start with this – this is by far the longest way for you to monetize a side project. One thing is for sure, however, it is one of the most profitable ways for you to do so. Not only you will build a poker bankroll, but you will have a full blown online business.

The only requirement is to play your cards right. Of course, this community can be small side thing, which barely brings any dividends. Or it can become a famous forum or group, in which thousands of people share their poker stories. Once you have a large poker player base, you can bring them value with tons of projects, like books, merchandise, hiring coaches, getting them poker software discounts and more.

You will help them and in return, you will get side income. This is a sure way for you to build a bankroll, but not the easiest one.

This is the moment to mention one of our players, who just created his blog website, where he will share interesting articles about Omaha poker format. He plays with us on Suprema and Upoker and hopefully , he will tell mention what it’s like playing on these and how he rates them. Check out his blog , not only the name is catchy, but the articles themselves as well –

He is just beginning his journey as blogger, so things will only get better and better. Blog is young and yet there are already few quality articles. Another way the owner of the blog is using his time, is by managing fairly large Discord group. This way he is involved in poker on multiple levels . If your mission is to build a poker bankroll, this is a bulletproof way to do it.

Not only that having a whole poker community with hundreds and thousands of players can help you…

…Build a Poker Bankroll by Becoming Poker Affiliate

poker affiliate program

To build a poker bankroll by becoming a poker affiliate is an easy task, which requires most of the effort at first. By referring players to popular or less popular networks – you will get rewarded with flat reward or percentage of their rake.

Let’s get back to why it could be hard to be poker affiliate at first. The tough part initially is getting players to trust you, while at the same time finding lucrative deals. It is hard to convince someone to play on Pokerstars with your referral link, when he can easily choose to do so without or by using services of other big affiliate, which has much better bonus.

The trick is to find much better rooms than Pokerstars, PartyPoker and other famous online poker rooms, which offer little to no bonus for affiliates and run their own cheesy promotions. Finding private poker rooms, small networks and in general – online poker places, where the games are super soft and fillet with recreational players is the surest way to attract all kinds of players. Both recreational and regulars.

The Poker Agent can help you find all those deals . Read more on our ” become poker agent ” page. You will have high rakeback bonus directly from the start and secure deals to work with.

Becoming poker affiliate to build a poker bankroll may sound confusing and tough, but in reality is pretty simple. Every poker affiliate started small in the beginning. The Poker Agent team, was not created instantly. We were high stakes players, who could retire or venture in much more ” safe” business ventures.

Instead we chose to use our connections and friends in the poker community and get them playing in the types of games, we loved. Against recreational whales, who play mostly for the thrill. This way only from friends and ”friends of friends” , we had a whole bunch of players, who trusted us to navigate them towards the best games online.

Word from mouth and promoting online got us to the world best affiliates, in under 2-3 years. We started doing the whole affiliate business 8 years ago, but only offline and depending on word to mouth. Making players happy by finding them soft games, started to become addicting and we completely stopped offering big networks like PokerStars, PartyPoker and 888Poker, which were reg-infested.

Till this day we are proud to say, we can help you build a poker bankroll EASILY, by following our guidance to become poker agent. After all there is only one “the poker agent” to our knowledge.

So….Which Way are you Going to Build a Poker Bankroll ?

There are many options to monetize your poker skills by venturing to new horizons online, but these 3 are the ones, which 100% not only build your bankroll, but give you opportunity to create a whole online business, if you take them seriously and work hard.

Which method you find most intriguing ? Contact us to get more information about your chosen way towards a solid side income. In case, you want to read more articles and follow all kinds of poker news, subscribe to our Telegram News Channel : @thepokeragentclubs .

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