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  3. Choose a club from our Upoker Clubs List below. Then enter club id and referal id inside the app.

  4. Contact The Poker Agent if you need assistance in choosing the right place for you to play. Also we will help you with deposits and cashouts.


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Upoker is the value town of online poker world.  Less traffick, but good rakeback deal and softest player pool. As with  PPPoker, Upoker  was launched mainly for the Asian market, but nowadays it is global phenomenon, available for every one who wants to play, regardless of his location.

In short, Upoker allows home games organizers to create their own poker clubs and play online with their friends. The cash games played in the private clubs through Upoker  app are real money games. These Upoker clubs often join forces and form Upoker unions which have shared tables, to provide even bigger action for all members. We work with the biggest union on the platform as well couple small ones. For sure this is VIP place to play and boost your winnings.  

We’re constantly looking to find new upoker clubs with juicy action for our players at Upoker, so make sure to ask us about new clubs available when you join. For those players who are used to playing on major online pokersites, Upoker is a also a good place to start exploring the games on mobile poker apps. This is due to the fact the the UI of Upoker allows easy multitabling and our Upoker clubs offer multiple game formats for all tastes.

Currently, Upoker is not very popular amongst regulars, which provides a pretty low level of opposition. To put it simply – there are enough weaker players for everyone. For the most part, Upoker will be an interesting option for mid-stakes players (from NL200 to NL1000), who are looking for weaker fields. But even if you play lower than NL200, we still recommend you to try playing at Upoker. It is quite possible that due to the low level of opposition you will be able to significantly increase your bankroll and move up in stakes

Why should you play in Upoker Clubs


  • The softest poker room of 2021

  • Huge selection of different Upoker clubs (also access to Asian, Malaysian, Israel.Taiwan, Singapoor  unions)

  • Excellently designed client for mobile devices with options as insurance during All In and dealing multiple times

  • Lots of action at all limits and a great offer for MTT fans

  • Superb rakeback deals

  • Guaranteed funds in the account

Our Upoker deals and other ones  on all poker platforms are crème de la crème and you will be handled individually by world class professionals in this business. We will find  the best possible Upoker club for YOU, considering your bankroll, skill level and favourite poker formats/games. We promise  to keep you one step ahead of the competition.