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    • Exclusive secret Upoker Clubs
    • Big Weekly Bonuses for Players and Agents
    • Personal Attention 24/7, Chip Transfer Between Clubs 
    • Help in Selecting The Best Upoker Club for Your Needs
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How to Join Upoker Clubs


Download Upoker app from official website


Open Upoker App and create account.


Choose Upoker Clubs from the list below or contact The Poker Agent for recommendation . Add Club ID and Referral ID in Upoker Lobby.


Message us to accept you in one or many Upoker clubs and for deposits / cashouts .

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Upoker Clubs and Upoker Unions

Clubs on Upoker

Upoker Club The Vault |  ID: 800800 Agent ID: 490279

Not in any Upoker Unions  , this Upoker Club is one of the best ones for high stakes juicy games. Lately Upoker app is a sweet spot to play high stakes Omaha games, far removed from the big unionised rooms . These private games in club Vault host many recreational whales, who have big enough stacks to keep you occupied.

  Best for PLO5 / PLO6

Upoker omaha

Upoker Club Fischeih |  ID: 500500 Agent ID: 490279

Private Upoker club, not part of any  Upoker Union . Only 4-6 tables running at the same time, but all are filled with players , who.play loose and enjoy high stakes Omaha. Very juicy private games.

  Best for PLO5 / PLO6

Upoker the future union

Upoker Club Barracuda |  ID: 200200 Agent ID:545917

The newest addition to the app is  Upoker Union The Future.  A European union with very good tournament schedule. This eurpean upoker club is still in early development, however there are already very good mid-stakes omaha games.

  Best for PLO6

upoker friends union

Upoker Club Friends |  ID: 132962 Agent ID:545917

This private Upoker Club is not part of any   Upoker Union.  This is probably one of the softest clubs in the world at the moment. Downside is , that traffick is almost non-existent – up to 3 active tables. Perfect as secondary club for low-mid stakes.

  Best for Omaha

Upoker Clubs

Upoker Club ISRLocals |  ID: 109021  Agent ID:545917

Exclusive private club with very few players from Israel. This Upoker Club is not a part of union and has restricted access. With us, here you can find one of the softest PLO5 tables on mid stakes.

  Best for PLO5

upoker brazil

Upoker Club Carioca ID: 15646 Agent ID: 545917

Brazilian club , which is member of  Upoker Union Liga H2 Brazil. Union is identical to those in our own The Poker Agent club, yet this one is even bigger. It has all the tables from Grand Union on Upoker + few more exclusive for this club, which are in brazilian currency. Traffick is huge.

  Best for PLO6 / MTT

the poker agent upoker

Upoker Club Agent |  ID: 113495  Agent ID:

Our own club in  Upoker Union Grand. This is the biggest alliance on Upoker and active tables are above 60 in peak hours, We do not recommend our club to NLH players, but Omaha games are definitely worth it. Omaha Six Carded games are off the hook, Nosebleed games up to 25/50 blinds, can be found every single day.

  Best for PLO6

upoker faq



Joining Upoker is Easy.  All you need to do is download the app, create account and contact The Poker Agent to give you a list of Upoker clubs to choose from.

To choose a Upoker Club, you need to take into account:

  1. The game types played there.
  2.  Size of blinds on most tables.
  3. The number of active tables and time of traffic peaks.

Answer those questions and you will know which Upoker clubs are best suitable for your needs.

Usually there are no best clubs, as they are often pleasing different tastes. Another reason is that clubs grow daily and player base change very drastically in some of the Upoker clubs. What you get in week 1 of launching the club, is vastly different after few months have passed. Especially in private clubs.

With all that said, at some point and time, there are super good clubs, which we recommend to almost anyone. Message us periodically, even if you play somewhere on Upoker , to check for new deals.

Becoming Upoker agent is very simple. Just contact us and we will get you going.



There is no built-in feature on Upoker , to transfer chips between Upoker clubs. You can ask us our admins and we will do it within few minutes.




Upoker is probably the most dangerous app of them all, as it has many asian clubs, which are infamous with not being the most honest club owners. This is why it is of utmost importance to use the services of Upoker agent. And who better to choose than The Poker Agent.

Every player who uses our referral IDs, is bound to receive weekly bonus in the form of in-game chips. We send you a photo of your weekly stats and after that chips are transferred directly to your Upoker account. All of this happens on Monday.


Upoker is the value town of online poker world.  Less traffick, but good rakeback deal and softest player pool. As with  PPPoker, Upoker  was launched mainly for the Asian market, but nowadays it is global phenomenon, available for every one who wants to play, regardless of his location.

In short, Upoker allows home games organizers to create their own Upoker clubs and play online with their friends. The cash games played in the private clubs through Upoker  app are real money games. These Upoker clubs often join forces and form Upoker unions which have shared tables, to provide even bigger action for all members. We work with the biggest union on the platform as well couple small ones. For sure this is VIP place to play and boost your winnings.  

upoker app

We’re constantly looking to find new upoker clubs with juicy action for our players at Upoker, so make sure to ask us about new clubs available when you join. For those players who are used to playing on major online pokersites, Upoker is a also a good place to start exploring the games on mobile poker apps. This is due to the fact the the UI of Upoker allows easy multitabling and our Upoker clubs offer multiple game formats for all tastes.

Currently, Upoker Clubs are not very popular amongst regulars, which provides a pretty low level of opposition. To put it simply – there are enough weaker players for everyone. Most Upoker Clubs  will be an interesting option for mid-stakes players (from NL200 to NL1000), who are looking for weaker fields. Even if you play lower than NL200, we still recommend you to try playing at Upoker. It is quite possible that due to the low level of opposition you will be able to significantly increase your bankroll and move up in stakes.

In general. the main game played in almost all of the Upoker Clubs, we provide access to, is Omaha. Equally spread between PLO4 , PLO5, PLO6. But make no mistake, Texas Holdem and all other known and new poker formats, are fully available. In the biggest alliance on the app – Grand Union, there are a ton of NLH tables.

upoker clubs

Why should you play in Upoker Clubs

  • The softest poker room of 2022
  • Huge selection of different Upoker clubs (also access to Asian, Malaysian, Israel.Taiwan, Singapoor  unions)
  • Excellently designed client for mobile devices with options as insurance during All In and dealing multiple times
  • Lots of action at all limits and a great offer for MTT fans
  • Superb rakeback deals
  • Guaranteed funds in the account

HERE you can get more information about each Upoker union.