Top 5 Upoker Unions To Be Profitable In

Upoker clubs

Upoker is asian  poker platform similar to PPPoker.  The clubs and unions system here is working the same way, though some key differences can be spotted. There are many more poker clubs which are standalone and not in a union, as well as many small unions of 2-5 clubs. This gives a feel of playing in private games or home games with unknowing opponents. Many of those clubs with small player pools are extremely profitable, because players are amateurs and playing for fun. With that being said, there is one Grand Union , which is enormous and action packed non-stop.
Upoker in general, we consider the easiest field you can play online poker in. Here are our top 5 picks for the platform;

5. Asia Pioneers

Upoker Soft Unions

Really small union, primarily for players from Taiwan and other asian countries. Here you can enjoy extremely soft NLH cash games. Not much to say, besides that there is not a lot of active tables, but for now, they are full of amateur players. Some regular players already know of this union, which is why it is in 5th place.

Upoker Rakeback

4. Taiwan Union

Medium sized union with NLH and PLO cash game action. You can not see poker sharks here, but some regular grinders can be spotted during certain hours. Many russians play here, as well as local players from Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia. The union is perfect for higher stakes action, because the level of playing on low stakes and high stakes, is the same.

Upoker Jackpots

3. Crown Union

This is definitely small union for now. But nevertheless ,it is absolutely amazing  how profitable the games can be here. Very soft games like on Asia Pioneers Union, except here you can play both NLH and PLO. Strongly recommended if you are full time poker player and don’t have a problem to play in specific time frame, when it is more action packed. Also they run daily freerolls which is nice touch.

Upoker Online Deals

2. Royale League Union

At current state, this Upoker union is offering the easiest online poker games. Traffick is still small, because player pool is only from Asia. Easiest PLO, PLO5 and PLO Hi/Lo games you will ever find. Dare to say we are the first international poker agent in this union. You will be joining unexplored fishtank with lots of hobby poker lovers.

Upoker High Stakes Club

1. Grand Union

The single best place to play on Upoker. In our opinion, it is probably the best place to play online poker – period. Huge array of games, formats and stakes. Extremely action packed. Cash game tables are running non-stop on NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6 OFC. In addition to them,  there are big tournaments, freerolls and special events on Texas Holdem and Omaha. Tables are full of reckless gamblers, players who barely know the rules and tilted guys. Regular players can be spotted very rarely, which is strange, considering this union is incredibly action packed and full of novices. The two things which got our attention, way back, when we were discovering this poker heaven, were VPIP percentages and playing style of opponents. We never saw poker players with over 85-90% VPIP on daily basis, let alone on high stakes ! Which bring us to the second thing. Your opponents here will be no different whether you play NL6 or NL1000. They all seem equally (un)skilled. Normally on NL6, level of play is way worse, but here it just depends how much money someone has to gamble. Even on highest stakes, some guys are completely clueless. Grand Union is certainly gold mine for poker grinders.

If you wish to join the best upoker unions we can get you started immediately.

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