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In 2022, Upoker is still one of the market leaders when it comes to club-based poker apps. Upoker Unions are still popular choice, among players from all over the world. The app has developed a lot during its almost 4 year journey. Many Upoker unions emerged, while other dissapeared.

For these reasons it is very important to have professional poker agent, who can navigate you through the complicated environment, that is club-based poker app industry. Today we will review all upoker unions and help you choose the right ones for you.

5. Upoker Unions – Asia Pioneers.

Upoker unions

Really small union, primarily for players from Taiwan and other asian countries. Here you can enjoy extremely soft NLH cash games. Not much to say, besides that there is not a lot of active tables, but for now, they are full of amateur players. Some regular players already know of this union, which is why it is in 5th place.

4. Upoker Grand Union

Upoker Rakeback

The biggest Upoker Union ! Many upoker veterans stay away from it, cause on low/mid stakes have quite a few regular players. Grinders can be spotted , but it’s nothing like a regular poker site. It is still a club-based app, in which recreational players are much more in numbers.

The main advantages of Grand Union lie in its impeccable tournament schedule, full of all kinds of formats, rulesets and prizes. There are enough MTTs for both Omaha and NLH to keep you satisfied at all times.

Another huge advantage of Upoker Grand Union, over all the rest , is the size of it. As the name suggests, this is quite big poker room with many active tables at all times. On top of that, the variety of formats here, is breathtaking.

You can enjoy NLH, NLH Swap, PLO, PLO5, PLO6 ,Double Boards, Short Deck, Bomb Pot , Chinese Poker and few other modern poker game types.

Where Upoker Grand Union really shines, is on its high stakes tables. It will be more accurate to describe them as nosebleeds. Especially good are the 6 Cards Omaha games, where super loose asian whales , love to gamble huge amounts, with very poor hand selections. And all this happens on 5/10 , 10/20 and even 25/50 USD blinds.

We would like to challenge you and ask you to suggest an online poker room in the comments below, which has recreational players on 25/50 stakes !

Upoker Jackpots

3. Upoker Capital Union

This is one of the few purely asian upoker unions, which are left standing. Most of them disappeared with time, as few regular players, managed to destroy the games, by driving away the fish.

Even though Upoker Capital Union is old , to this day owners there take their job very seriously. They are making sure, recreational players are happy by giving them more bonuses compared to more regular players.

This union with Singapore origin is amazing place to play regular No Limit Texas up to 2/4 Euro stakes. Yes, this Upoker union currency is €.

Upoker Online Deals

2. Upoker Unions : Israel

Absolutely gorgeous place to play poker. Loose games. Players from Israel , who learn Omaha on the fly. It is one of those Upoker unions, seewhere players act like in Zynga.

All you need is good knowledge of PLO and PLO6 and enough patience. If you are strong mentally and play disciplined tight game, succeeding in this Upoker Union is inevitable.

Upoker High Stakes Club

1. Upoker Middle East

Formerly purely Jewish Upoker Union, but Middle East expanded. Now. it is home to many more nations, which possess the skillsets of an average poker player from Israel.

This is the reason, we consider Middle East – the best Upoker Union. Traffick is bigger than most other Upoker Unions , while games are equally softest. In Middle East, very high stakes on PLO and mainly on PLO6, can be found at almost any given time. Plenty of profitable heads up tables await lovers of poker duels.

6 carded Omaha Is the cherry on the cake in this union. High stakes whales and low skilled players. Deadly good combo for experienced players.This is the go-to union on Upoker, regardless if you play NLH or any variation of Omaha.


Upoker is still a big platform , which is not going anywhere in 2022 either. There is a stable growth of players, thanks to club – based poker apps exploding with popularity in the recent months. Do not hesitate to chose from these Upoker Unions and message us to get you started.

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