Top 5 Pokerbros Unions You Will Fall In Love With

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Pokerbros unions are so many that it might be confusing which one you should choose. The platform is full of clubs which organise games, but just few of them we consider perfect. Our top picks, as always, we base on combination of four factors. Soft player pool, big traffick, variety of poker games/formats and good bonuses in form of jackpots. We always considered  playing in soft games the most important thing when choosing online poker room. Here are the best Pokerbros unions;

Diamond Union - The Biggest Pokerbros Union

5. Diamond Union

Might be a surprise for some, but we place in 5th position the biggest union on the platform. Amazing union with the biggest tournaments and live games action. Lots of poker formats and tables are running hot 24/7. Yet here you can find some regular players and while we consider level of play in Diamond Union average at best, in other places you will find much more poker “fish”. 

Paradise Union - The Most Developed Pokerbros Union

4. Paradise Union

One of the new kids in town, this union is like the baby brother of Diamond Union. Smaller traffick, not as much tournament action, yet still big union compared to others. Also the games here are softer than Diamond. The union is growing rapidly because of the amazing balance of the 4 key factors, we spoke about earlier.  You can choose between NLH, Short Deck and all Omaha variants including Hi Lo. In addition to all that, Paradise Union very often runs beefy freerolls which is nice touch.

Eurobros - Best High Stakes Pokerbros Union

3. Eurobros Union

6max games only action. You can choose between NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6 and Omaha Hi Lo. This union we consider the best for grinding high stakes. A lot of players which should not be playing that high can be found. While all other unions are great for multi tabling, here you can target 1 table but be extremely successful on it.

RGS Union - Softest Pokerbros Union

2. RGS Union

Fastest growing union on the platform. Still the smallest on the list, but by the time you read this, that might not be the case. Softest games out of all unions. Good amount of tables on both NLH/Omaha as well as some good tournaments and freerolls as well. Great for seasoned players who have time to wait for specific time frames during the day, in which it feels like Zynga poker. Almost 100% recreational players and no regulars.

Panamericana union - Second Biggest and second softest Pokerbros Union

1. Panamericana Union

Second biggest union on the platform. Basically it is like Diamond union but softer. Usually we like smaller unions, because they are extremely profitable, but here we have huge one which do amazing job in bringing amateur players non-stop. Panamericana has amazing ways of always improving and keeping the tables full and at hobby levels of play. 

These are Pokerbros go-to clubs and unions.  There are many more which we consider good, but these are the best at the moment. You can always try all of them or consult with us on choosing the best place for you, individually. We take into account your skill level, your preferred games, formats and stakes and get you started in couple of minutes.

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