Top 5 PPPoker Unions you should definitely try out

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PPPoker is the place to be if you are online poker lover. Extremely soft poker clubs from all over the world with wide array of games and even new poker formats like 3-1 No Limit Holdem , make PPPoker one of the hottest poker destinations. Today we analyze the TOP 5 PPPoker Unions , as of right now.

As you probably know, PPPoker is club based platform. To build more traffick, clubs join forces and combine their player pool and form unions. This is, ofcourse, to offer a lot more action, bigger bonuses, cooler jackpots and beefier tournaments. Here is the list of some of the oldest and most reputable PPPoker unions you should definitely try out.

5. Primetime Union

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You can not go wrong with this one. Successor of Nuts union – One of the biggest unions on the platform with 70+ clubs inside of it. Main games you should play here are NLH and PLO5. Some great tournament action with mixed in freerolls from time to time, make it perfect choice for cash grinders, as well as MTT lovers.
In Asia Fish Market Union, there are tables which offer EV Chop as option. If you are not familiar with it, basically, when you are All in, you can choose to win chips from the pot, according to the strength of your hand in %. And not concern yourself with the runout.

4. Alliance Union

PPPoker EV Chop

Our favorite Indian union. Probably the biggest traffick you can find on the platform. You can find all of the traditional poker formats and games, including Omaha Hi/Lo, as well as Short Deck and Spin&Go. Many tables available 24/7 on all kinds of stakes. Great for players, who play tight and like to call down bluffs. Many players in this union like to bluff just for the sake of it or try catch you bluffing way too often.

3. PPPfish Union

Most reputable australian union. A lot of action on all stakes and limits plus tons of weak players on PLO5. PPPfish is very well managed place and a lot of new players come on daily basis. If you have the patience, you can almost always find tables with novice players, who like to try their luck.
Also some regular players can be spoted, but usually they play way too tight, and mainly occupy NLH tables.
PPPfish offers Sit & Go tables as well as some beefy tournaments.

2. Yamal Union

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This is the newest addition out of the bunch. Smaller traffick and less active tables. Not huge variety of poker games, formats and stakes.
Yet, we rank it high in our list… Why? Because this union is very soft. You can find many recreational players on Omaha Hi Lo and PLO5. Also the union offers the new poker format 3-1 NLH(Pineapple). The rules are simple. Discard one card in the beginning of the hand and continue to play with normal No Limit Holdem rules. Much more action packed game, and much bigger chance to have AA as your starting hand. What’s not to like?

1. Pinoy Donks Union

PPPoker Malaysia
3-1 Poker Game
Pineapple Poker

Biggest Malaysian union. Extremely soft games. Huge cash game action in NLH, PLO, PLO5 and big amount of amateur poker players. Heads Up available on both Holdem and Omaha. Very often you will see players going “All in” just for fun. A lot of limping players, making many pots multiway, but with enough patience, the place is gold mine for poker grinders. Heads up players are often playing tilted after bad session on 6 max tables.
One of the oldest and most reputable unions.

You can try the best PPPoker unions and many more online poker clubs by contacting us. We will set you up to play in couple of minutes.

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