Can’t Play Poker Apps on PC ?  Try These 3 Easy Fixes

poker apps on pc

Long gone are the times when smartphone applications remain mobile-only and when computer programs were exclusive for PCs. With all the craziness going on in the last few years, being platform restricted is no longer a thing. You can enjoy everything on every device.

Online Poker makes no exception and develops with quite the speed in the past 3-4 years. Playing poker apps on PC is a now a standard. By having so much more options to play nowadays, the competition by game providers has dramatically increased.

The recreational players have been enjoying games on club – based apps for example, far removed from the tough games on poker sites like Pokerstars, PartyPoker and 888Poker. This in turn, is an attracting hunting field for a regular player on the mentioned above poker sites, which are shark infested and most players lose on the long run.

All these things led to the need for good players, to be able to play poker apps on pc. Many club-based poker apps like PPPoker , Suprema , X-Poker, ClubGG and Upoker have a fully dedicated PC version of their software, with all the needed features to play comfortably on your computer.

Other apps like Pokerbros and Pokerrrr 2 , however, do not have a PC version. How to play those poker apps on PC , then ? What problems you might face in downloading the other apps on your computer ? How to fix these problems ? All answers to those questions, you can find below :

Can’t Download PPPoker , Suprema and Other Poker Apps on PC ? Fix #1

pppoker HUD

Generally speaking, all the club – based poker apps are available worldwide. There should be no problem downloading them and playing, even on PC, as they have dedicated clients. However, in some countries it is strictly forbidden to download even free to play poker apps.

In other regions, some others can be downloaded, and others can’t. For example, lately players from England have trouble accessing the official PPPoker website and downloading the PC version. There are also certain states in America, which reportedly have troubles accessing that very same website.

Another example is the Brazilian Poker app Suprema. It is one of those poker apps on PC, which just works like a charm, when you get it going. But, in similarity to PPPoker, some countries have trouble accessing Suprema Poker Official Website, in order to download the app.

The workaround these annoyances is pretty simple, but many players are not aware of it still. There are 2 ways to play these poker apps on pc, when official website is not working for you. First option is for someone to send you the installation file. Second option is to use VPN.

By using VPN and different location settings, you will most certainly be able to download all the poker apps you need. This is a super easy way to bypass the location problems and play all poker apps on PC, without any problems. Here are some free VPN providers to choose from .

The best part is that in order to play any of the poker apps on PC, you need the VPN only for few minutes until software is downloaded. After that you can play without problems, as the apps themselves are available worldwide.

How to Enjoy Pokerbros , Pokerrrr 2 and Other Poker Apps on PC , Without Official Desktop Version- Fix #2

pokerbros pc emulator

The reason you can not find where to download those poker apps on PC is that they have no computer versions. The people who are playing them on PC are using a Android Emulator.

In theory, these emulators allow anyone to download any smartphone app to their computer use it with the help of this third party software. One such android emulator we recommend for playing on Pokerbros , Pokerrrr 2 and other mobile platforms is called LDPlayer.

Android emulators are free to download and easy to setup. The whole process takes just few minutes. However, there might be difficulties in using this kind of software to run poker apps on pc.

One such complication is that these emulators require above average hardware. If you plan on running them on old computer with outdated windows, it might be better to focus on other poker platforms, with full PC Support.

Playing on low-graded hardware, might be very bad idea as there is a high chance that the emulator will crash, lag or have some annoying bugs, which to prevent you from concentrating and playing your best poker. Sometimes it is flat out impossible to play or not even launching the poker app, at all. So, make sure your laptop is at least with average specs, before attempting to play poker with android emulator on it.

Another problem with emulators, is that sometimes they just don’t work perfect with certain app or hardware. You might have the latest rig, fresh off the shelve and again the emulator to be buggy. This is a very rare scenario but still happens, the fix to this problem is trying multiple emulators, till you see, which one works best. Some good options are Nox and Bluestacks

Started Playing Poker Apps on PC, but Have Problems Joining Tables on Pokerbros and other Platforms – Fix #3

poker apps on pc

This is problem is not caused by your hardware or software. This is entirely a restriction which comes from the private clubs, on the apps themselves. Tables are restricted for PC devices and only those with tablets or smartphones are able to play. There is even a little red “X” sign and laptop icon, next to the tables in the lobby.

This is done to attract mainly recreational players and to repel regular grinders. Which turns out to be good strategy, as games are filled with amateurs, who play for fun while they work or having a night out. For some grinders, this restriction is just a motivation to go around it and get inside those soft games.

The way to that is to use HUDs. Not many tools like them , work with mobile poker apps, but some of them do . Some of the best ones are DriveHud , Hand2Note and EliteHUD .

These HUDs will also help you with keeping track of your own stats and evaluating your decision-making post session. They come with a ton of customization and will allow you to play comfortably on those poker clubs, which have PC restricted tables running.

pokerbros hud

Finishing Words

These are the most common problems, players might experience when playing poker apps on PC. In general, it is a smooth sailing, but if you are a newcomer to these club-based platforms, you might give up quickly after the first few hindrances.

The 3 Fixes are well known to experienced players, but if you are a rookie or even a veteran, who seeks answers to some questions regarding poker apps – The Poker Agent is here for you. Drop a comment or contact our Telegram Admin to help you with all you might need.

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