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X-Poker app is a new poker platform released in late 2020. The app was developed by the Malaysian company Funnygames, which belongs to the largest Dutch media holding company Talpa Network, a leader in the casual games market in Europe.

The business model is simple a play-money platform where chips have a value unnder the table in X-Poker Clubs.

X-Poker Rakeback

Just like any other club-based app, the promotions you get depends on your agent. When you sign up with ThePokerAgent, you will get a unique deposit guarantee and a top rakeback deal.

The rake structure is set by each game host and is usually 5% capped to 3bb. The rake is standard compared to other club-based apps.

X-Poker Reliability

X-Poker app holds a valid RNG certificate from Gaming Labs issued on 9/21/2020 valid until 9/30/2021. The document is issued to Pony Technology Co., Limited, a company with no public information on the Internet that seems to be based in Hong Kong (the support phone number is also from that area).

As usual, X-Poker has no gaming license as they offer only “play-money” games.

X-Poker Clubs and Unions

To join you need to know the ID and send a request to the administrators. Once accepted, you will see the tables in the lobby and will be able to check the traffic.


ThePokerAgent give access to the best X-Poker app clubs, and our set is updated continuously. Reach our team to get more information and check the tables before depositing.

X-Poker Games and Stakes

The game formats available on X-Poker are Holdem, PLO, PLO 5, MTT, 6+ and OFC. Open Face Chinese poker is available with jokers. You can find No-Limit Hold’em games up to NL1k as well as Omaha action up to PLO2k. Micro and low stakes poker players will find many suitable games to choose from. As 6+ Hold’em is a very popular game among Asian poker community, you’ll find short deck poker tables on X-Poker too. 

The higher stakes do run surprisingly often. The softness of games compensates for the lower player traffic compared to more established poker operators. Compared to major poker networks, the playing experience is more similar to a home game played with your poker buddies over the internet.

For the Asian players, there are number of locally popular game types such as Tongits, Mau Binh, OFC and AoF. Of course, in the X-Poker clubs which offer those formats, the games are fully available to players worldwide. However, they are mostly desired by Asians.

X-Poker Unions

In 2024, X-Poker have also introduced a brand new format called the Squid Game. It adds very interesting twist to the game. All you need to know about this poker variation, you can learn from our X-Poker Squid Game article.


How to Join X-Poker Clubs

The Poker Agent offers only secure and verified X-Poker clubs with soft games. Currently the platform is much emptier than other poker apps, so we chose to offer only clubs with decent traffick. The usual downside of X-Poker clubs are that active tables are less and poker formats are usually limited to NLH, PLO5, OFC and MTT.

As you can see the developed X-Poker Unions are mainly from Asia, which is very convenient, as player pool is purely amateurs. Most X-Poker clubs are still widely unknown, this is why good players are nowhere to be found.

Here are the X-Poker clubs you can join with The Poker Agent :

  • X-Poker Fight Club
  • ID: 1673033
  • Ref ID: 955715
  • Games NLH, PLO4, PLO5, PLO6
  • Stakes: 1/2 , 2/4 , 3/6, 5/10
  • Country: Europe
  • X-Poker Club Highlander
  • ID: 1417509
  • Ref ID: 955715
  • Games PLO6
  • Stakes: 1/2 , 2/4
  • Country: Scotland
  • X-Poker Club Nebula
  • ID: 1735962
  • Ref ID: 542526
  • Games NLH, PLO4, PLO5, OFC
  • Stakes: From 0.2/0.4 , Up to 4/8
  • County: Russia
  • X-Poker Club Continental X
  • ID: 897790
  • Ref ID: 542526
  • Games NLH, OFC
  • Stakes: From 0.5/1 , Up to 3/6
  • Country: Malaysia
  • X-Poker Club WPC
  • ID: 1643648
  • Ref ID: 955715
  • Games NLH, PLO5
  • Stakes: From 0.5/1 , Up to 4/8
  • Country: Indonesia
  • X-Poker Club Continental Aces
  • ID: 1698371
  • Ref ID: 955715
  • Games NLH, PLO5
  • Stakes: From 0.5/1 , Up to 2/4


X-Poker is still new poker app, which makes it unexplored field, filled with recreational players and a lot of gamblers. Within the first week of launching, we already were inside the top 3 best X-Poker unions and one of our players was going through high stake tables like chainsaw through butter. He made over 10k in profits for only one month !

The Poker Agent has unmatched experience in the club-based apps world. We provide safe access and rakeback deals to the softest unions worldwide and have an experienced team that is always ready to help our customers. For more poker deals keep checking our poker rooms page

X-Poker Agent

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