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Join Bitcoin Poker Rooms in 2022

 Playing in bitcoin poker rooms is the modern way of enjoying poker. Almost every poker room in the world, now supports it.

We have assembled a big number of bitcoin poker rooms, apps and clubs, in which you can use your crypto wallet, to play regardless of your location. The advantages are many – fast transactions, low fees and worldwide availability. being the most important ones.

Bellow you will find an ever evoling list of the latest bitcoin poker deals, as well as information on the crypto wallets, which are convenient for poker.




  • Weaker Players
  • Bigger Rakeback
  • No Country Restrictions
  • Extremely Strict rules and Security. No Cheating Possible.
  • Jackpots, Bonuses and other Incentives
  • No Documentation or Verification Needed



 How to Join Bitcoin Poker Rooms ?

Playing in bitcoin poker rooms is super easy !  All you need to do is select from the deals above and make educated decision, where are the most suitable games for you.

If you are not sure, feel free to contact us for recommendations.  After creating account and joining the chosen bitcoin poker room, it is time to set up a cryptocurrency wallet, if you do not have one yet.

HERE – you will find more information about some good universally acclaimed wallets. If those are not available in your country, you may try some other ones, which work the best for you. All coins we use for poker are identical, regardless of the crypto wallet you chose.

Bonus : These wallets from the link above, also offer crypto debit visa cards, which they can send you for free.

HERE  – is the review of currently the best bitcoin wallet to use for poker. And if you prefer to waste no time and set it up – follow this LINK

 HERE   You will find all the deposit and cashout methods you can use in 2022. Crypto wallets, eWallets and others



 Which Cryptocurrencies To Use ?

Many players who are not familiar with crypto poker, often ask us about this. The main coin for poker was bitcoin, not long time ago. However, currently the king of the crypto poker world is called USDT (Tether).

This is a stable coin, which always stays almost exactly the same price – 1 American Dollar. What USDT does is, it eliminates the risk of sending 500 USD worth of bitcoin and worrying that they may arrive slighly more, or slightly less. While bitcoin is still one of the main poker coins, the most used one will always be USDT.

The stable exchange rate is not the only advantage it has over bitcoin. Another one is the speed of transactions. While bitcoin, may take up to 2 hours, Tether arrives immediately, within few seconds of sending. This is super convenient when you are in a hurry. Not to mention the tax of sending USDT, no matter the amount, is just 1 USDT ! Practically no fees for sending.

How is Crypto Poker different  ?

bitcoin poker rooms


There is no difference , whether you use eWallets, bank cards or crypto wallets. In reality you receive the exact same amount of funds. The advantage of using bitcoin for poker is in the low fees, worldwide availability and gaining access to more private poker rooms. 

When you want to deposit you send out Tether ( USDT) or Bitcoin, when you withdraw, you receive them. Nothing different than the regular online wallets. Usually newcomers to the bitcoin poker world, are afraid it is complicated and  would require huge investment of their time. 

In reality it is easy to set up and even easier to use afterwards. If you do not undestand something about it, wre are available for questions.

Is Currency in Those Sites , Crypto ?

When you play in the suggested places above, each site or private poker club has its own currency. For example clubs on Upoker have currencies in Israeli Sheckels, USD or even Brazillian Reals. Depending on the private club you are in , the value of chips is different.

It is worth mentioning, in no poker deal, we count the chips , as some form of crypto. The currency of chips, in these bitcoin poker rooms , is always matched to the native currency, of their country of origin.

When the time comes for withdraw, we calculate the amount of your request and send it in crypto ( BTC or USDT).