Infinity Poker – WePlayNetwork Review

Infinity poker review

The beginning of 2022 brought us a new online poker site – WePlayNetwork. It is part of the Infinity Poker platform and aims to offer easy to access games, good rakeback and worldwide availablity.

WePlayNetwork – What is it About ?

The idea of this online poker site , as already mentioned , is to be accessible everywhere and offer good amount of active tables, so that everyone can hop up and play easily.

WePlayNetwork is one of the fastest going platforms on the market. They launched in the end of 2021 and already have very steady traffick – 10 + active tables, can be found, at any given time.
There are Cash Games on low, up to mid-stakes, which quickly started filling with players. Infinity Poker Network aims to offer higher stakes, which to run regularly.

Finding soft high stakes , in multiple poker formats , is not that simple, so WePlayNetwork, looks to fill this niche.

Currently for Omaha the best options are on Upoker and for NLH on PPPoker.

Infinity Poker – Current Traffick

Weplaynetwork affiliate

WePlayNetwork is a online poker site, which is just two weeks old, yet as we mentioned, there is already good amount of active tables.

Most of the games you will find are on the regular No Limit Holdem format, few Omaha ( PLO4) tables and one or two PLO5 ones.

As far as MTTs are concerned, there are quite a few tournaments with very generous rewards. As with the most new poker sites – beefy MTT’s are a must. Prize pools are attractive to say the least.

Infinity poker deposit

On top of that there are satellites and freerolls running on daily basis.

How to Play on WePlayNetwork

Starting is super easy. We feel this is one of the main reasons, Infinity Poker became popular that fast.

First of all WePlayNetwork , do not require from you to pass KYC or any verifications. The whole process is very straight forward ;

1. Create Account HERE

2. While entering your details, put referral/bonus code –  thepokeragent

3. You are in. Contact us for deposits / cashouts

For now, payment methods are Crypto, Skrill and Neteller. But soon we expect support of  Bank Cards.

WePlayNetwork runs very smoothly and can be played without problems from any browser , on your phone or PC.

The good news are, they just launched fully functional PC Client, for those who prefer to download a  desktop application. You can get it HERE

Infinity Poker – Looks and Features

WePlayNetwork has smooth inviting interface. We mention it for a third time, but the ease of access is the hero of the story. You just open your browser and log in. This is all it takes to start playing , without having to provide ID or any other documents.

There are the usual customisation settings of tables and your profile. More interesting is the lack of statistics for your opponents, also you can not flag them and write notes.

Weplaynetwork join

As of now, trackers and HUDs are not supported. This is not entirely bad news, because it pushes away many good players and keeps the player pool recreational.

There is also a Bad Beat Jackpot bonus feature, which rewards the most unlucky players, who happen to suffer unimaginable coolers. This is well known feature on apps, such as PPPoker and Upoker. There the BBJ usually are much bigger, but the player base in some of those private clubs are much larger.

Last but not least, games on WePlayNetwork are played in American Dollars. Currency is USD, regardless from where you play, so it makes things very straightforward.

Advantage accessing WePlayNetwork with The Poker Agent

The main advantages, as with all of our other offers, are two.

1.  Big Rakeback Deal for you

2 100% Protection of your finds.

Whether this network develops quickly or decides to shut down, your money are safe, because we give full guarantee for your deposit and winnings.

For poker affiliates we also have exclusive bonuses and higher rakeback deals.

Infinity Poker / WePlayNetwork  Summary

This young network is just a baby, compared to the already established brands, but it develops very quickly. It offers simple access to the games, have good tournament schedule and soft games ( for now). There are few downsides , which we will list below, but in general, it looks like we have something very special in the making.


  1. Ease of Access
  2. New Poker Site with Soft Games
  3. Beefy Tournaments
  4. Fast Developing – Good Amount of Active Tables
  5. Bonuses – Big Rakeback Deal, Bad Beat Jackpot.


  1. Lack of Sit & Go
  2. No PLO6
  3. Heads Up Tables and High Stake Games are Rarity
  4. No HUDs
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