Pokerbros Panamericana Union – Extra Large Bonuses in 2024

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When it comes to Pokerbros , you can choose from many private clubs and unions. Pokerbros Panamericana Union is the second oldest one, and at the same time, the second biggest out of them all. The biggest strength of Panamerica, however, is not the sheer size of it, but the variety of games, formats and stakes you can choose from. Today we will reveal if the games are still that good, like years ago.

Pokerbros Panamericana Union Traffic

This union is one of the biggest on the platform  and many active tables can be found 24/7. It is very convenient for multi-tabling, as well as playing multiple tournaments, at the same time.

Pokerbros Panamericana Union, not only have tournaments, they have very big prize pools, and at the same time, you compete with much less players, than the traditional poker rooms.

The players who can be found in Panamericana, come from all around the world. There are many players from Latino Countries, Europe, Australia and even Asia. There goes without saying, that the bulk of the player pool is from USA. Some other Pokerbros Unions are not targetting certain countries on purpose, but Panamericana is not picking and choosing. Everyone will feel right at home.

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Disclaimer 1: PokerBros is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.

Disclaimer 2: PokerBros is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.

Pokerbros Panamericana Union – Games and Stakes

Now this is one of the strongest suits of Panamericana. Some other unions have very soft Omaha High-Stakes, others are great for NLH low stakes – but here everything is in place.

You can play from micro , up to nosebleed stakes(25-50) on the following formats ;

  • NLH
  • NLH Pineapple
  • Omaha
  • PLO5
  • PLO6
  • PLO8
  • FLH
  • Sit & Go
  • Spin & Go
  • MTT
  • Mixed Games

Not to mention almost all of those have variations , such as Double Board or Bomb Pot. There are mainly 6 seated tables but you can find also 4,8 and 9. The variety and innovation here are truly breathtaking and even some of the biggest poker sites can’t compete with Pokerbros Panamericana Union.

Pokerbros Panamericana Deposit

When it comes to tournaments , there are Freerolls, Satellites, KO Series, Super Turbos, Deep Stacks, Freeze-Outs and all the other well known alternatives.

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PokerBros Panamericana Union Cap Tables


Union Panamericana introduces a refreshing new spin of the traditional poker rules – The Cap Tables . These games play exactly the same as the regular ones, with the only exception that there is a Cap, which defines the maximum number of big blinds a player can contribute to the pot, during each hand at the table.

It can be described as Limit and No Limit Poker meeting in the middle.

Pokerbros Panamericana Union – Bonuses for Agents / Affiliates and High Stake Players.

Our bonuses for those who wish to join Panamericana Union, as more than regular grinders, are extremely generous.

For both agents and high stake players bonuses vary depending on weekly stats. But numbers are between 35-65% , sent in chips on weekly basis.

pokerbros agent panamericana union

Panamericana Union Welcome Bonus

For all newcomers, who joined Pokerbros Panamericana Union with The Poker Agent – there is exclusive bonus.

After topping up chips , you must play ONLY 400 hands, to receive 10 chips as a bonus. But this is where it becomes interesting – if you keep playing 400 hands week in and week out, you keep getting 10 chips bonus.

Now this maybe no match for grinders, who can play much more hands than that. For them The Poker Agent has even better bonus. Each Panamericana player, who completes 2000 hands for 1 week – receives 50 bonus chips. No matter on which poker games, you complete them.

Bad Beat Jackpot

On top of all that there are huge Bad Beat Jackpot Bonuses (BBJ) , for those ”unkucky” players, who lose with Aces Full or better hand. As you can see the BBJ can reach over 100K !

Pokerbros panamericana jackpot

Hand Races


On top of all the bonuses from our team, PokerBros Panamericana Union is also running a weekly hand races. There are variations for all kind of blinds and game types. You can compete in leaderboards for ring games and even Sit & Go tables. This is definitely the most generous of the Pokerbros unions, offering a variety of different ways to reward loyal players.

In 2024, Panamericana Union even introduced an additional weekly Bad Beat Bonuses, on top of the usual Bad Beat Jackpot. The difference is, each week, hands which don’t qualify for the BBJ, can still win a smaller reward, for losing with a strong hand.


How to Join Panamericana Union on Pokerbros ?

Joining this union is super easy !  As with all other Pokerbros Unions, all you have to do is write to us.
Telegram: @thepokeragent

The whole process of creating account and joining is not longer than 2 minutes. It is extremely simple to get started and even simpler to beat the games.

Pokerbros is well known of its soft games and Panamericana Union is no exception of the rule. 

Unlike PPPoker and Upoker – Pokerbros App do not have fully dedicated PC client. The way to play on computer is by downloading Android Emulator such as LDPlayer.

Pokerbros Panamericana Highlights

The Poker Agent offers all Pokerbros Unions. You can find them all HERE. Each club, which is part of union, has different appeal and strong suites. This is why we offer more than 15 places to play on Pokerbros , and Panamericana Union is one of our main recommendations usually.

Yes, maybe elsewhere there are softer low stakes , but Panamericana exceeds in Medium and High Stakes. They are second to none on both NLH and Omaha.

Especially splashy are the PLO4 and PLO6 games, in which there are plenty of loose players chasing draws or calling rivers out of curiosity.

pokerbros panamericana union

The downside of Pokerbros Panamericana Union are the lack of many Sit & Go tables. Even though available, they lack activity. The good thing for the fans of similar formats, is the regular presence of Spin & Go tables..

PokerBros Panamericana Union Review Summary

Pokerbros Panamericana Union is still the place to be after all these years. It’s games and stakes variety is only comparable to the biggest poker sites and diamond union.

The sheer amount of active tables, innovating poker formats and soft games is enough to get you hooked. On top of that it has many easy-to-win high stake games and extra large bonus deals for poker agents and newcomers.


  • Big Variety of Game Types and Stakes
  • Soft Medium and High Stakes
  • Many Active Tables
  • Tournaments with Big Prizes
  • Large Bonuses for Agents
  • Generous Welcome Bonuses
  • Nosebleed Tables
  • Innovative Poker Formats


  • Lack of Sit & Go activity
  • In Some other Pokerbros Unions, Lower Stakes can be Softer
  • No Heads Up

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