Most Profitable Poker Formats in 2022 are… ?

Profitable poker formats in 2022

Since the pandemic started, online poker is seeing it’s second  biggest growth of all time. Many experts predict this trend will continue in upwards trajectory for years to come.

This newfound popularity, brings many newcomers to the tables , who ask themselves – which are the most profitable poker formats to play ?

After all , poker has been around for a while now, yet most new players develop an interest from watching pros on TV and Youtube. As we know, 90% of the times, televised events are played in No Limit Texas Holdem format.

Today in 2022, learning only the regular NLH , might not be the best way to spend your time, if you look to optimize, your win rate.  If you do not play for the pure love of the game and want to make some money, below we reveal the most profitable poker formats in 2022.
There are two different types of poker formats. All games are split in three categories – Cash, Sit & Go and Tournaments.  Let’s see the benefits and disadvantages of each poker game type ;

Profitable poker formats

Are Cash Games Profitable Poker Format in 2022 ?

Cash games are the bread and butter of online poker. Yes, tournaments give opportunity to win huge rewards, but cash games, live and online, made poker popular.

In 2022 , cash games are STILL great way to make a living and definitely in the profitable poker formats conversation. Each of the three main game types, bring different value to the table and you should understand what are your current needs and future goals.

Cash games are the best way to generate cash flow. Many other “experts” would advise recreational players, who look to make poker their main job, to play tournaments. Their selling point is, that MTT’s are much softer than cash games, usually.

While this is correct, when you are a newcomer to poker and look to make it your only job – your LAST choice should be tournaments. Explanation is pretty simple. While they usually offer lesser competition and big prizes, reaching those prizes is much harder and unpredictable, than grinding cash.

Add to that, the huge luck factor and tournaments can really quickly make you reconsider a career in poker. All beginners should aim to play cash games or Sit & Go’s.

On these you can much easily calculate your expected return. Your goal should be to find soft rooms, weak players and to improve your skills, by studying and playing more.

This is definitely one of the profitable poker formats, if you work and put in the time. No splashy rewards, but regular cash flow . Bankroll is growing and results in you being able to keep raising the stakes = more options for even bigger winnings on regular basis. As with a new console game, it is the good old carrot-stick motivation. You play more, progress, become better and reap the rewards.

Is Sit & Go still part of the most profitable poker formats ?

Back in the old days, this was a preferred territory for many seasoned grinders. This online poker format offers variety of games to play , under different rules.

It is super convenient for people, who have limited time to play and want to play in action packed games. However, Sit & Go’s are not only fun, but also very profitable poker format, if you play them correctly.

First thing you would want to do, is check the rake of the games. Many sites charge big fees upon entering the games. Maximum rake you should pay here is 10%. This means in 5 dollar table – 50 cents rake.

Most Sit & Go formats are turbo or hyper turbo. Which means they finish fast and there is not a lot of room for maneuvers. The goal here, is to learn the fundamentals and keep studying them, till you are perfect on theory.

Than you keep playing, regardless of your results, to add enough experience under your belt. This poker format has less variance than tournaments, but more compared to Cash Games. So you can expect to have some downswings, but you have bigger ROI, than MTT’s.

The worst kept secret of Sit & Go , is that volume is king here. This is one of the most profitable poker formats for multi-tabling players. It is better to become good enough and play AT LEAST 4 tables on all other poker formats, because otherwise you miss out on huge value. For Sit & Go’s you should look at playing even more tables at the same time.

Can you Profit from MTT format ?

Probably the most exciting poker format for viewers and players alike. There is nothing better than good old fashioned competition where you gain throphies , besides money.

However, playing tournaments is by far , the most risky way of maintaining cash flow. Yes, you can win huge by playing just few tournaments, but often this is not the case.

MTT’s are extremely high variance and luck oriented game. They come in all sorts, shapes and sizes, but in all, making a living can be nerve wrecking , even for seasoned players.

It is best to mix in few MTT’s , while playing cash and SnG, rather than focusing solely on them. It is always good idea to have, at least 50+ Buy Ins in your bankroll, of your chosen tournament. Many other experts are more conservative and recommend 100+.

To sum up, tournaments can be profitable poker formats, but not suitable for beginners to depend on it, like salary. Do not expect regular cash flow, by grinding those. One month you may be on top of the world and two months to barely score anything.
For reference, Daniel Negreanu just recently ended his 7 year tournament title drought.

Now let’s talk about poker game types. In 2022 there are many options to choose from and we will help you make the right choice.

Is Regular No Limit Holdem still profitable poker format ?

NLH is by far the most popular poker game in the world. Even though Omaha, is closing the gap with wild speed, No Limit games still rule the known world.

It is hard to say, if texas holdem is still part of the most profitable poker formats, but for sure it is most well known one. In poker , as in life, strength is measured in information. What this means is, the most informed individuals, are in the best position.

With so much training courses, charts, poker coaches – NLH is pretty much solved game. This should not discourage you , however, because on the other hand – No Limit Holdem is attracting most newcomers. Yes, those who learn poker from movies or by watching TV. The poor fellas, you hope to play against.  When it comes to online poker, most of these players , can be found on PPPoker and Upoker Clubs.

Is Omaha more profitable poker format than NLH ?

Regular omaha is very popular poker format in the  last few years and quickly gained many fans, with its fast paced gameplay.

Adding to that the today’s rise in popularity of PLO5 and PLO6, is just the cherry on the cake. They present even better gameplay, than regular PLO, while being even more profitable poker formats .

Omaha is fast paced game, in which you play more flops , turns and rivers, than regular NLH. This 4,5 or 6 carded game presents an opportunity to hit more made hands, chase more draws and play in more multi-way pots.  Coolers and Bad Beats are a regular thing, but with that said, omaha is still one of the most profitable poker formats.

In PLO many players are not that well rounded in strategy and even worse in discipline. They chase draws or misread the strength of their hands. Whales hate to fold marginal hands. Gamblers chase weak draws. It is absolutely a gold mine of a game, for disciplined and informed grinders.

If you have good hand selection preflop, do not take wild risks and chase only the nuts – all omaha variations, can be very profitable poker formats. Especially soft, are the games in Upoker Clubs .

What about Short Deck (6+) format ?

Short deck games gained popularity in the last few years, with many poker pros participating on live events in Asia
Mainly played in Macao, this fast and furious poker format, is the preferred game of many rich whales . It eliminates big part of the folding pre-flop, which is always a bonus.

It is tough to say for sure if 6+ is more profitable poker format, but as a newcomer to the party – it is highly likely , you will find more fish, in these untested waters. The best place to play 6+ Holdem currently is in PPPoker Clubs.

Is Omaha Hi/Lo  better format than regular omaha ?

Do not neglect this game ! This is one of the most profitable poker formats in 2022.

Players here often overfold, do not know the rules, misread their hands – among other mistakes.

Without repeating the rules , let’s just say many amateur enthusiasts, often join these games by mistake. By the time they realize the difference with regular omaha – it is too late.

In 2022, still being able to profit from players, who do not know the rules, is golden opportunity.

Are New Poker Formats like Pineapple Holdem Profitable ?

In 2021 Upoker, PPPoker and other sites, introduced many unknown new profitable poker formats. Without going into detail in explaining the rules of each one, let’s just say these games are the absolute BEST way to boost your win rate.

Pineapple poker, NLH Swap, Short deck omaha, double boards, bomb pots – all of these add seeming not huge twists to the games – but big enough to ruin the recreational players strategy. They fail to adapt and keep playing the same way, as they would an regular No Limit Holdem game. The lack of effort of most players to study these new profitable poker formats, ends up costing them.

Playing them while they are still new, keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

Finishing Words

Choosing the right poker format, place and games to play is as important, as getting better yourself. Do not be afraid to try new game types and get out of your comfort zone. Many other players are. Be ahead of the curve.

If you have questions where to play the unusual formats or the good old ones –  check the latest action in our News Channel .

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