Online Poker Cheat Sheet – 5 Best Hacks for immediate results .

Online Poker Cheat Sheet

if you ordered for Christmas an online poker cheat sheet , and did not receive one, today is your lucky day. We will reveal our top 5 list, of legal hacks, so to say.

This means not getting in trouble, for doing something illegal, yet reaping the benefits of having overpowered tools at your disposal. If this sounds intriguing, let’s dive into our online poker cheat sheet !

Online Poker Cheat Sheet – Timing Tricks.

If you read this article, we would only imagine, you look to profit from poker in the long term. This means you are ready to sacrifice something in order to achieve your goal.

To implement this trick from our online poker cheat sheet , you will say goodbye to sleeping at night.

As old gamblers know, the best times to play poker in casinos are between 5:00 AM – 9:00 AM. At these times, you will find the most drunk or tired players. It is the same in online poker rooms.

To implement this trick from our online poker cheat sheet, it is not enough just to play at these times yourself. In fact, your own time of day is irrelevant. You need to understand where the majority of player pool comes from.

If it is some private room on PPPoker with 99% players from Russia, you need to play between 5:00 – 9:00AM – Russian time.

Unbalanced Tournaments – Poker Cheat Sheet Hack

Online Poker Cheat Sheet

This poker “hack” is applicable mainly on applications, such as Upoker, PPPoker and fresh new sites like WePlayNetwork

The essence of the trick, lies with the fact, that these private rooms , lack the traffick of GGPoker, Pokerstars and similar huge networks.

Sometimes tournaments in private rooms, have large player pools, but our online poker cheat sheet dictates, it is not always the case.

If you join few places and start tracking the tournaments, you will find that even the most attractive ones , sometimes are almost empty. There is nothing better in finding tournament with 1000 USD + guaranteed prize pool, which has 5 minutes  of late registration left and there are only 15 players playing.

This means the reward is for a big tournament, yet the format is almost like Sit & Go. These tournaments are common occurrences on apps, hence why it is like hacking your way to victory, without breaking the rules. This is the golden egg in our online poker cheat sheet.

Online Poker Cheat Sheet Hack for PLO8

Many Omaha Hi/Lo players , probably know this, but for others, it may come as a surprise. Online Poker Cheat Sheet dictates you should definitely play PLO8 in smaller private rooms. In those places, where this is not a popular poker format and there are only few tables available – many amateurs join the tables unknowingly.

These hobby enthusiasts think it is regular Omaha. Combining this with online poker cheat sheet rule number 1 above, will be the second best combination , only behind tequila and lime.

Omaha Hi/Lo is magnet for amateurs, who think they play regular Omaha. Usually It takes them few dozen hands, to realize why they split certain hands and losing others.

Online Poker Cheat Sheet Rule – Invest In Hardware

Poker hardware

Again, this online poker cheat sheet rule is best applicable on apps, but there lay the money these days.

On these apps, many bad players, join from phones, tablets, unstable computers, broken laptops and many other forms of subpar hardware for poker.

This is why , it is almost like a hack, to use high quality hardware , when you play against them. Playing from a phone or tablet , allows for multi-tabling, yet without being able to fully immerse yourself in the game.

It is hardly a possibility to follow closely the action. Tables are saparated in different screens, you miss out on important table dynamics, timing tells – among other things.

Not much different is the situation , when playing on bad PC. It may seem very expensive to invest in quality computer, but it will pay for itself in the long term.

Another advantage of powerful laptops is, that they can run android emulators. In some real money apps, where there are no PC version, but emulators are allowed – quality computers can run one without freezing and lagging .

Bankroll  Booster Hack – Use  Affiliate / Refer A Friend Bonuses

Did you know, you can win money from poker , even while you sleep ? Signing up with some refer a friend program, can give you big benefits like more rakeback or flat  pay per acquisition bonuses.  There is no easier way to boost your bankroll.

If you want that extra money, feel free to check our Affiliate Program.

Finishing Words

This was the online poker sheet, which is most certainly different from, all of the rest, you have read. It is because we focused on a practical and real ways, you can boost your income greatly, without having to study for long hours.

Improving your poker game theory, strategy and mindset are crucial for your success. Adding that to the secrets from our online poker cheat sheet and you will be unstoppable force.

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