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Mr.Poker is mobile poker app released in 2019 by a Hong Kong based company – Mobile KIK Limited. Former employees of PPPoker , reportedly are also part of the Mr.Poker development team. Who better knows, the club-based mobile poker model, than the people, who made PPPoker.

Mr.Poker is already somewhat popular in Asia, but they also look to expand their presence in regions, like Australia, Middle East and Eastern Europe. Of course, the app itself allows everyone to join, from everywhere.

Even though this mobile poker app released almost 3 years ago, it is not quite as popular, due to the fact, that Pokerbros, PPPoker and Upoker – dominate the mobile poker industry. Still, even though we have limited experience with Mr. Poker, you can discover the most important things about it, below.

Mr.Poker Software and Interface

Mr. Poker Review

This mobile poker app is exclusively designed for mobile devices. If you wish to play on PC, you need to download Android emulator. Setting it up to work is extremely easy.

Mr. Poker software is similar to the other mobile poker platforms, but has few small differences. First and foremost, as any club-based app, there are no verifications. You just create account and can join any private club you want, by entering club codes. After logging in, you can not help but notice, that user interface is horizontal. Seems like a small difference, but when you enter the tables, they resemble more traditional poker room look.

It is worth mentioning, even though it is Asian poker app, the interface is clean and easy to understand. The club interface is smooth. You can quickly understand and navigate through all it’s features. There is also an Agent panel, for those who seek to refer friends to the app.

As we said, tables resemble the traditional poker sites, with horizontal interface. The same design choice can be found in the club lobby. You do not scroll vertically to find games. Instead, there is a slider, which is very convenient for mobile devices.

VPIP statistic of opponents is shown, but you can also use third party trackers and HUD, for deeper analysis.

Mr.Poker Games and Traffick

Mr.Poker Clubs

Mr.Poker is free to play platform, which allows creating of a private clubs. These secret rooms are where the real money games happen. Currently, there are extremely low amount of Mr.Poker clubs to chose from, but below you will find the best ones to join. The list is updated regularly.

Mr.Poker supports all the well known poker formats and varieties. At the moment of writing this review, the most popular formats are NLH and PLO5. The player pool in all Mr.Poker clubs, currently focuses mostly on these games.

Good news here, are the variety of limits. You can find low, medium and even high stakes at certain Mr.Poker clubs. The traffick itself is low, but luckily there are few tables running at all times.

How to Join Mr.Poker Clubs ?

Mr.Poker Clubs

Still poor on choice, Mr.Poker offers very little options in choosing a club. Joining a Mr.Poker club is very easy ! All you need to do is create account, go to the main lobby, select join a club.

After that you will see screen, where you can enter IDs. First row is the club id and the second one is agent id. Below you will find, the needed numbers to enter our recommended Mr.Poker Clubs. By entering them with our help, you can expect full guarantee for your funds and big rakeback deal.

  • Club ID : 2aa0
  • Union : Israel
  • 1 Chip = 0,9 ILS

This is club with Israeli players, who are very bad at poker. They mainly play PLO5 and a bit of NLH. You can enter the IDs from picture to join from your PC . For people, who use smartphones , gain access directly from this LINK

Deposits and Cashouts are done through us. For now payments are done only in cryptucurrencies. Contact us to get started. If you wish to become Mr.Poker agent, affiliate or just refer a few friends, to earn some extra money – check our poker agent program.

Is Mr.Poker reliable mobile poker app ?

Mr.Poker Agent

As with the rest of the bunch, the reliability and trustworthiness of the app, has nothing to do with the real money games inside of it. The games are organised by third party people, who have nothing to do with Mr.Poker development team.

This is why you need poker agent, who will find soft games and guarantee for your funds. This is the job of an affiliate – to make sure poker players perform at their best and get their money safely.

As far as, Mr.Poker is concerned – it has fully tested and certified RNG system. This allows for completely even playing field and fair game, as with any other reputable online poker platform. Mr.Poker clubs have their own security team, which follow the action and check for collusion. Tables are also equipped with GPS tracker.

Mr.Poker – Finishing Words

This mobile poker app is widely unknown in many regions of the world. This gives opportunity to participate in private games, in which almost everyone gamble for fun. Good players are non-existent, app software is competent and rakeback deals are through the roof. Mr.Poker is new club-based poker option, but oozing with potential.

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