Is CoinPoker Legit ? Find If It is Trustworthy (2022)

is coinpoker legit

CoinPoker Review

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– Rakeback : 30%
– Cashier : Direct
– Payments: Crypto
– Licensed : Yes
– Platforms : Windors, iOS, Android
Recreational Players
Active Tables
Withdraw Speed
Game Variety
Stakes Variety


– CoinPoker is legit online poker site
– MTTs and cash games
– Decentralised poker platform
– RNG Validation Tool ( Verifying Fairness of Hands)


CoinPoker Intro

Is CoinPoker Legit ? This is a hot topic in the poker community. This poker room have been around since 2017, beginning as play money platform and diverting to real money games in 2018. It was one of the first licensed crypto poker sites, which raised many eyebrows back in the day, when cryptocurrencies were not that popular.

CoinPoker uses digital currencies as ingame currency. Most of these are the well known USDT ( Tether), BTC , ETH. The one which is exclusive for the room is a native token called CHP. This is CoinPoker own digital coin, which can rise and drop in value, just as any other altcoin, which is not stable ( like USDT for example).

CoinPoker also has a “token burning” policy to maintain the price and demand for CHP: the coins are sent to special “eater addresses” and disappear from the market forever. 50% of the coins received as rake are burned, and the remaining half is given back to the customers in the form of various bonuses.

Is CoinPoker Legit ?

Nowadays, CoinPoker is one of the wave makers, with the room gaining more and more popularity. Signing poker superstars as ambassadors is one of the ways CoinPoker shows its commitment to the project. There are many famous players promoting the brand, but the most notable one being Tony G ( Antanas Guoga ).

Of course, there are much more definitive proofs, that CoinPoker is legit online poker site. First and foremost, CoinPoker is completely licensed room. It is completely legal to play from any country, in which Bitcoin is legal.

CoinPoker legitimacy is proved mainly by the fact that the platform uses smart contracts. To avoid complicated crypto jargon –  this online casino ( as now it offers sports,as well) is fully connected to the blockchain. This means it is governed by smart contracts. It is virtually impossible to be scammed, due to the non-human aspect of it, thanks to these contracts. In fact, it’s probably safer than licensed casinos.

Are the payments in CoinPoker Legit ?

coinpoker legit

As we mentioned, CoinPoker is not using an agent system, when it comes to payments. The platform has fully automated cashier and you can request cashouts, as oftes as you want. The minimum cashouts are $5 and there is no minimum deposit amount.

With risk of repeating ourselves – all these payments are governed by smart contracts, which makes them completely safe.

CoinPoker holds the record for the biggest online pot in history of the game !

If you are still asking yourself ” is coinpoker legit” , this here may ease your worries. The high stakes action on CoinPoker produced a record breaking pot of over 7.7 Million Dollars . More about this you can read on Poker News .

CoinPoker has pretty decent high stakes games. Although they are not, as soft as those on Upoker, for example, they are definitely one of the easier ones, to profit from.

CoinPoker Legit RNG Verification Tools – Proving Fair Shuffle

coinpoker rng validation tool

Thera are many revolutionary aspects of CoinPoker, but none bigger than the RNG Verification Tool. Is CoinPoker legit thinking this new tool will stop the bad beat complains ? Of course it won’t, but it as a step forward in convincing players of online poker fairness in shuffling cards.

Without paraphrasing, here is what CoinPoker says about their own project.

Doubting the fairness of losing with pocket Aces is something many poker players are guilty of. To help put any doubts to bed, our decentralized card shuffler comes with the Validation Tool, making it possible to prove if the shuffle was fair.

CoinPoker’s new RNG software is decentralized, meaning that all players participate in the shuffling using an encrypted input referred to as a “seed”. Using the same seed, players can use that data to check and verify if the shuffle was random, therefore proving that the hand was fair.

CoinPoker Game Types

is coinpoker legit

You will find the following games in the lobby

  • Hold’em;
  • Omaha (including the new 5-card format);
  • Chinese Poker;
  • All-in or Fold.

Most of the games are played on stakes up to NL100 . Most of the times, there are also about a dozen other tables, played on the limits up to NL1000 .

OFC and AoF tables are played on lower limits and there are not many players currently on those.

The CoinPoker MTT grid is composed of more than 20 tournaments with guaranteed prize pools up to $3,500 and buy-ins from 100 to 25,000 CHP. The biggest events (all with a 25k CHP buy-in) are:

  • Big Bang 750K GTD;
  • Big Bang Mini 350K GTD;
  • Andromeda Sunday 400 GTD;
  • Deep Space 500K GTD.

CoinPoker Promotions

Many of our players, who came from ”regular poker sites”, asked us – are the promotions on Coinpoker legit ? This comes to say what they think of the tournament schedule and bonuses on the app. We personally think, they are not on par with those on poker apps, but the sheer prizes promised are eye-catching. Poker community is usually a bit cautious to everything new, but it is expected, given the amount of scams in today’s world. This is probably the reason, why most of our players at first did not believe CoinPoker legit offers such promotions and rewards.

  • HighRoller Special 100K
coinpoker mtt
  • Bad Beat Jackpot
coinpoker bad beat jackpot
  • Galactic Grinders
coinpoker galactic

CoinPoker Rake Structure

Is CoinPoker legit holder of the lowest raked games online ? No, but it is very close to being one.

coinpoker rake structure

It is truly a heaven, especially for micro and low stakes players, who often find their toughest opponent to be the table rake. Nothing more annoying to crush weak players and pay a big rake for it. CoinPoker has very generous rake structure, which allows you a room to breathe.

CoinPoker legit assessment of Good / Bad players ratio

To put it simply – CoinPoker is softer room than most ”regular poker sites” , but no way near as private clubs on apps. Games are winnable and the low rake helps as well. Sharks are a rarity. However, complete rookies are also hard to find. It is definitely a good place for you to go fishing, hunting or however you call the proccess of playing against weak players. Just not one of the best rooms to do it.

We recommend you to try the Cosmic Spins . Many recreational player are having fun there, trying to get the biggest reward possible and giving it a shot, without much knowledge of the spin format.

CoinPoker Interface

The state of the art interface of game client, website and everything surrounding the brand is apparent right from the start. CoinPoker client is masterfully crafted. Not only it is perfectly functional but also a joy to play around with.

coinpoker software

The first time you log in to the client on a new device, the software runs an SMS identification process. Under the Coin Poker logo, there are two rows with main controls. The first one has buttons to access all available games, and the second one contains filters.

In the upper right corner of the table, there are several icons with information such as the balance, the cashier, settings, and language selection.

coinpoker tables

In the “Visual Settings”, you can change the table’s appearance. There are five types of decks and many themes. Trackers don’t work directly with the CoinPoker client, but a hand converter can be installed to use a HUD.

Is CoinPoker Legit Everywhere ?

CoinPoker is legit everywhere , as long as you don’t play on this platform from jurisdiction, which prohibits gambling. The platform itself does not have a list of prohibited countries. However, they do not allow sports gambling in the United States.

Final Verdict

Not only is coinpoker legit poker room, but it also has some additional features, to make your online poker grind, a better experience. If you are a crypto lover or at least use it for poker – do not hesitate to play here !


  • Low Rake
  • Good Traffick
  • BlockChain security
  • RNG Verification Tool ( Fairness of Card Shuffle)
  • Instant Payments


  • No Welcome Bonuses
  • Only Crypto Payments
  • Not Huge Traffick on Higher Stakes

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