UPoker Scoop Holdem – Fresh NEW Poker Format in 2022

Upoker Scoop Holdem

UPoker Scoop Holdem is a fresh new poker format, which packs a ton of action. Quite unlike NLH Holdem, SCOOP is bearing more similarities with Chinese Poker. For those, who do not know, this asian mix of poker and solitaire is called OFC. It is mainly played in Asia and it is a trending game, among the ladies.

OFC and Scoop Holdem, however bear some key differences, which we will explain to you below. It is safe to say, that UPoker Scoop Holdem, might just become the next mania among the recreational players – which always is a good thing for regulars, who join the games early.

Upoker Scoop Holdem Rules

Upoker Scoop Holdem

As we have already mentioned, Scoop holdem is very similar to Pineapple ( OFC). The game can be played by 2 or 3 people, just like Chinese Poker, however, Upoker Scoop Holdem allows up to 4 players max ! When tables are full, the gameplay is easily more action packed than the last Fast & Furious movie.

The rules are pretty straight forward. Just like in Open Face Chinese poker – players in scoop holdem have three positinos, where they put cards from their hand. Unlike OFC, here you do not have to rank your hand from worst to best. There are no penalties if your hand in position 2, is stronger than the one at position 3.

However, there are bonuses for ranking your strongest hands in the first positions. In Upoker Scoop Holdem, your first street brings most points, second less and third one – least. This opens a lot of possibility for different strategies – do you always focus on having the strongest possible hand in first position or you spread your hand more equally ,

Speaking of hand strenght – the essence of the game is to win all three streets. This is called ”scoop” and gives you a big bonus points for beating your opponents on every street.

There are not many poker formats, which are as dynamic, as Upoker Scoop Holdem. Each hand begins with players receiving 7 cards. Flop is dealt and every player places 3 hands with which he competes until the river. One card is discarded.

In Upoker Scoop Holdem, there is no betting and bluffing. This may be a dissapointment for most poker traditionalists, but the game offers different kind of experience. It is a very enjoyable format, which quickly may become your favourite, once you see the hobby gamblers playing it.

Scoop Holde

How to Play Upoker Scoop Holdem

Obviously you will have to download Upoker first. Create free account and head to the lobby. From there click Join a Club and enter ID: 113495. After that you can write us to accept you and help you deposit.

Once inside the club, you can filter tables and easily find Upoker Scoop Holdem. This is the newest poker format, so you can expect between 2-5 active tables at first. Such new formats are discovered slowly with time and those who are there first, gain a lot of experience and know-how . All this results in huge advantage over your opponents in the long run.

Upoker Scoop

Currently, the games are almost exclusively played by people, who know nothing about the rules. There are other private games on Upoker, in which amateurs love to gamble money they obviously did not win from poker. Bumhunt such individuals by choosing from the biggest selection of Upoker Clubs.

What is the Main Difference Between Upoker Scoop Holdem and Other Poker Formats.

Apart from the ruleset and absense of betting/bluffing aspect – Scoop Holdem is running with completely different dynamc to the rest of the games. Here you play hands for seconds and participate in each. There is no folding ! You play a hand and in few seconds. This is a nice change of tempo , especially after grinding for hours and playing 20% of your hands on NLH.

We bet that Scoop Holdem will attract casino lovers, as well. It has some vague similarities with Video Poker, so expect even more poker amateurs to join the party soon.

upoker scoop game

Finishing Words

Scoop holdem is a breath of fresh air from all the regular poker types. If you crave for more action and hobby players to play against – this is the game for you. Fun, dynamic and no fold option ! The definition of good time.

If you hate to miss an interesting new games like Scoop, as well as news , rumours and deals – The Poker Agent can remind you personally. Just subscrbe to our Telegram News Channel and all the latest in the world of poker is at the tip of your fingers.

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