Dan Bilzerian got fired as GGPoker Ambassador

Dan Bilzerian got fired as GGPoker Ambassador

Dan Bilzerian got fired as GGPoker ambassador on International Women’s day. These news are mostly well received among the poker ladies, as the millionaire playboy had a public clash with Vanessa Cade and Alex O’Brien.

Dan Bilzerian got fired as GGPoker Ambassador

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The American’s womanizing lifestyle was distasteful to many in the poker industry, with many players of the opinion that he was an extremely poor choice to represent a company that was seeking to attract female users.

The timing of the announcement will have many commentators writing that this is too little, too late.

To choose International Women’s Day to part ways with Bilzerian feels like virtue signalling and many will claim it is insincere. Perhaps unfairly, because it’s great to see this story being put right.

Why Did Bilzerian got fired as GGPoker representative ?

Dan Bilzerian got fired as GGPoker Ambassador

Not only was Dan Bilzerian an unpopular signing but he also didn’t even appear to do anything to promote the fast-growing site.

There was a very public clash with Vanessa Kade soon after Bilzerian’s deal was signed, and later the prominent female player Alex O’Brien won the chance to face Bilzerian in a $100,000 freeroll.

This match never materialised but fortunately GGPoker stepped in to discuss a charitable donation in lieu of the battle.

Of course, social media was soon full of abuse flying in Bilzerian’s direction for appearing to be scared to lose to a woman in such a public manner.

O’Brien was also quick to tweet happy birthday to Bilzerian almost a year to the day when she won the right to face him.


dan bilzerian alec gores

Also still being covered by the poker media is the story of the much-anticipated $100 million match between Dan Bilzerian and billionaire Alec Gores.

Will it happen? Nobody seems to know and new information on the proposed battle is scarce.

Dan Bilzerian loudly proclaimed that he wanted to make the match pay-per-view but looks to have done very little to move towards an agreement.

Even though Dan Bilzerian got fired as GGPoker ambassador , the biggest poker network in the world is still one of the biggest and most recognised brands in the modern online poker world. If you wish to read more about GGPoker or their own club-based poker app – ClubGG , The Poker Agent has the latest promotion and deals. To follow the latest trends – make sure you subscribe to our Telegram News Channel : @thepokeragentclubs

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