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Club based poker apps, such as ClubGG, proved doubters wrong yet again, by becoming even more popular in 2021. As this new poker trend keeps growing and evolving – many people in the industry started to notice the huge advantage of having an platform, which connects poker players without limitations and country restrictions.

The simplicity of joining and interacting with these apps brought many recreational poker players, back to the poker tables. ClubGG is the newest addition in these club based poker games. It is powered by GGPoker, which recently overtook Pokerstars, as the biggest online poker network in the world.

Here is what you need to know about ClubGG app :

GGPoker Network developed the app

As world class professionals , GGNetwork always have an eye to the latest trends. They seem to be always one step ahead. Whether it is their superb software, eye-catching visuals, innovative features or guerilla marketing, GGPoker is always on top of the poker world.

This is why it comes as no surprise, that even in the first few seconds of launching ClubGG app, you will be fascinated how smooth and visually stunning it is. You will immediately recognise the professional style of GG. blended with the look of Upoker and a slight nuance of Pokerbros.

clubgg software
clubgg software

How ClubGG Operate ?

GGPoker’s Head Of Marketing Operations Paul Burke describes the platform as home game app. It is introduced for players who want to play for free with virtual chips. However, many poker unions and clubs already have their eyes set on ClubGG, and wait for the appropriate time to launch their private real money poker games.

Few such clubs are already operational on the platform , running cash tables on traditional poker formats like NLH and Omaha.

ClubGG Clubs
ClubGG Clubs

Will ClubGG become popular ?

This turn of events is highly likely due to two main reasons. One of them is that all club based poker apps provide access to markets where traditional online poker rooms can not operate.

Second reason is that the biggest poker network in the world is backing and promoting it.

clubgg join
clubgg join

Does ClubGG offer promotions and bonuses ?

The platform itself, do not encourage real money gambling. Hence why it does not offer any welcome bonuses. This, however, does not mean the clubs formed on the platform will not. Private game organisators will encourage you to join their games by giving you generous promotions. If you want to learn about them or explore few clubs, feel free to contact us. We will be answering any other questions you might have.

clubgg bonus
clubgg bonus


ClubGG is poised to dominate club-based poker app industry, just as GGPoker is dominating the real money poker market. We expect ClubGG to launch many new clubs till the end of 2021. Many of them will remain exclusive for our players. You can contact us to book your place and avoid being left behind by this new poker trend.

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