4 Famous Poker Players Who Play in Private Poker Games Online

famous poker players in private games online

One of the most powerful tool of each poker room, in attracting recreational poker players as clients, is using ambassadors. Many online poker sites discovered this a long time ago and since then, they have been exploiting this marketing strategy, by inviting famous poker players to represent their brand.

While everyone is aware that these poker celebrities represent the brand, just because they are paid to do so, it is still a working strategy to increase popularity and trustworthiness.

For some famous poker players – private poker games online are the better way to boost their bank account zeros, instead of playing in the sites, they represent . This comes to show, just how popular this way of playing has become. More importantly, it shows just how much softer these games are, compared to the same old shark infested rooms, which even poker pros start avoiding nowadays.

We have been saying that those who play in private poker games online will only reap the benefit of this new method to enjoy the game. If you still need further proof, just consider that most famous poker players are sponsored to play in the biggest brands, yet they chose the private poker games online, cause they offer the softest games, even on nosebleed stakes.

Why They Play in Private Poker Games Online ?

private poker games online

On top of the just mentioned softer games, these private poker games online also offer other benefits, which regular sites do not. Those include some non-traditional poker formats, playing against people from different countries, staying anonymous and few others. Of course, the biggest advantage remains, that the games are full of rich whales, who play for fun. In such places, sharks win many times over the money, they would get from facing elite players of similar skill.

Aren’t Famous Poker Players too Wealthy to Participate in Such Games ?

While most of the famous poker players are set for life, there are those of them , who play very high stakes and while they are known to the public – in reality struggle to sustain solid win rate. Among the famous poker players in these private poker games online are some celebrities, who are not exactly pro poker players and seek softer field, which to help them avoid the king sharks.

Without further adieu, let’s see which celebrities made our list :

Linne Ji

Lynne Ji

One of the newest stars on the poker scene. She is a one of the most beautiful women in poker.

She has professed her love for gambling and fast-paced action in her videos and social posts on many occasions, and her playing style is very much in line with this.

f there was ever a mix that all the guys in the poker world would go for, it is one of a hot poker player who loves high-stakes action, and Lynne seems to be both.

Lynne Ji Twitter

Lynne regularly posts on her social media channels, appears in any TV poker show she can, and has recently been talking about private poker games online that most of the poker world can only dream of.

Tom Dwan

tom dwan macao

Next up on the list is a poker legend and fan favorite to many – Tom Dwan. While he is not directly linked to private poker games online, there are certainly many rumours connecting him to them.

One thing Mr. Dwan loves is a good high stakes live game. He excels in those environments and is often the main character in many nosebleed games. However, last few years he disappeared from the limelight. Turns out, he was still grinding, but had changed the usual places with new ones.

His newfound love is Macao and the Asian Billionaires there. These televised Triton Poker Series ,which he plays there are only the cherry on the cake. His main hunting fields are in private poker games, where he competes with wealthy poker enthusiasts. These hobby players are nowhere near the level of Tom Dwan and his peers.

Victor Bloom

isildur pokio

The Swedish poker player more famous as his online alias Isildur1, was one of the most famous poker players back in his day. He took the poker world by storm. Funnily, one of his biggest rivals was Tom Dwan, they played heads up duel against each other for crazy amounts of money.

Similarly to Dwan, Victor Bloom too turned towards easier routes to make big money. Isildur1 is often found playing in private poker games online on Pokio . He plays the highest stakes there against players from all over the world. One of our players on Pokio, claimed to have competed against Mr.Bloom, which is not unlikely, as at the time being, he was very active on the platform.

If you too wish to try Pokio and maybe get a chance to compete against Isildur1 himself – read more about the platform.

Pokio Review and Sign Up

Dan Bilzerian

dan bilzerian poker

Recently fired from GGPoker – the millionaire playboy is still a popular household name. His days as ambassadors are over, but as we know, he is man of many . Writing books, shooting guns, partying with beautiful ladies – he is enjoying a fast and furious lifestyle.

Dan Bilzerian claims he made most of his money from Poker, which is very controversial topic. Whether it is true or not, the man has some skills and participated in some nosebleed games against real killers. What he is not , though, one of the best players in the world. His solution ? Private online poker games.

He stated in an interview that he was playing on a platform called KingsClubPkr. It is an interesting poker site, which focus on high stakes and unorthodox poker formats. Like Stud for example. In a conversation with Joe Rogan, Dan Bilzerian admits his poker skills can not be compared with the best pros out there. The playboy admitted to feeling overpowered by the new wave of ‘GTO” poker players. This is when he understood, that he needs to find weaker players in private poker games online.

Can I Play Private Poker Games Online Too ?

This will be easily arranged, since The Poker Agent is one of the first organisations, working on the market. We specialize in connecting poker players to the best poker rooms for them. Whether it is huge poker sites, apps or private poker games online – we offer it all.

We can not promise that you will meet any poker celebrity in these games, but we guarantee that these are the softest games available.. If you wish to receive the latest news, articles and exclusive deals directly on your Telegram, subscribe to our channel to get all that and more.

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