February – the month of love. Between the lockdowns and the lack of working live casinos, online poker is booming with action and amateur players who have too much free time.

During the love month we will be changing slightly our monthly TOP 5  rankings of the best online poker rooms. Since for one month, not much changes in our recommendations for profitable  poker clubs and unions, we decided to spice things up.

In the rankings below, not only you will see poker clubs in which you will LOVE to play, but they will target different poker tastes, bankrolls and payment preferences. From now, we will divide our recommendations to categories , so that you get a better understanding of what to expect when you join certain poker club.

Once again our recommendations are divided between  PPPoker, Upoker and Pokerbros.  Club based platforms with no country restrictions, providing many private poker clubs from all over the world. You can check full reviews in our poker journal. Other platforms such as Pokio, AA Poker, GG Poker and Xpoker are also available, for everyone interested in them. We assure you, we offer the biggest variety of clubs, unions and circles on all poker apps.

With that being said, here are our TOP 5 poker clubs;


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5. AK Creation ( PPPoker) – Best Poker Club for Indian Players

This is poker club based in India but is available to players from all over the world.
Players are 90% locals and play really bad. Certainly under the radar, exclusive PPPoker club. Very few players and poker agents know about it, the sole reason you need to join. On top of that there are many payment options, including Revolut, Zelle and local Indian banks.

Country: India
Union: Indian Union
Player skill level : 3/10
Traffick: 6/10
Games: NLH , Pineapple Texas Holdem, PLO, PLO5
Stakes: NL15 – NL700
Rakeback: 25%
Payment Options: Indian Bank Accounts, Bitcoin, Revolut, Zelle.

4. HiJack ( PPPoker) – Best Poker Club for Low Stakes

This is PPPoker club based in Peru but is available for players from all over the world. Very few regulars and a lot of loose players. This is the best description for this PPPoker club. Latino Americans are with short temper and will be way too aggresive with almost every hand, bluff a lot and pay off
with the worst hands. Perfect poker room for tight players with patience. Another under the radar poker club.

Country: Peru
Union: 365 Soles
Player Skill Level: 4/10
Traffick: 7/10
Games: NLH, 3-1Holdem, PLO5
Stakes: NL2 – NL400
Rakeback: 30%
Payment Options: Bitcoin, USDT, Skrill

3. TheMonkey’s ( Pokerbros) –  Best poker  club for Omaha 5 card and Omaha 6 card.

PLO5 and PLO6 are currently the trendiest poker games. Many amateur players try their luck there because it is much more action packed and a lot more fun to play than regular texas. Not to mention the high variance, gives the less skilled players more of a chance to win. This is the reason many games, even on higher stakes are easy to beat in this Pokerbros club.

Union: Paradise
Player skill level: 5/10
Traffick: 7/10
Games: NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6, MTT
Stakes: NL20- NL600

2. CC Poker ( PPPoker)  – Best Poker Club for playing many tables and trying the newest poker format 3-1 ( Pineapple) Holdem

A lot of tables and many opportunities to table select. You can find profitable games 24/7 and also the best all around balance between cash games , tournaments, spin and go and heads ups. Here, like in many other PPPoker clubs, you can play 3-1 ( Pineapple) Holdem. Amazing game which significantly improve your win ration if played correctly. Rules are simple, you are dealt 3 cards at the beginning of each hand, discard one and continue to play like regular No Limit Texas Holdem. This little change in rules, give you bigger chance to receive premium hands and stack weaker players who fail to adjust their starting hands. For example in regular NLH  KQ is very good hand but here often is dominated in 6 max game. Not to mention the plethora of chances you get to set mine with low pairs.

Country: Russia
Union: Super Union
Player skill level:  5/10
Traffick: 6/10
Games: NLH, PLO5, PLO8, MTT, Heads Up
Stakes: NL6-NL600
Rakeback: 30%
Payment Options: Bitcoin/Skrill

1. Northern Stars ( Upoker) – Best Poker Club for Medium and High Stakes soft games.

Israel club with a lot of rich people who have chips to give away. Very soft field for high stakes cash games. Especially on PLO. Overall terrific Upoker club for every bankroll.  Our rakeback offer is quite high for this club, usually players play with none or barely existing rakeback here.

Country: Israel
Union: Upoker Israel
Player skill level: 5/10
Traffick: 6/10
Games: NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6, HiLo
Stakes: NL60- NL1000
Rakeback: 30%
Payment Options: Bitcoin, USDT, ETH, XRP


These are next level poker rooms. Not much to explain besides that. Simply the best places you can play online poker at the moment. You can join each one by downloading PPPoker, Upoker and Pokerbros. Joining is easy, just click hand symbol on our website, contact us and we will get you started in few minutes. Happy Grinding !

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