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“You do not need to be the best player in the world, you just need to be the best player at the poker table”. Famous quote which is oozing wisdom. The main things which determine your poker winnings in the long term, is choosing the right games with lesser skilled opponents. This is where Upoker comes in handy, like almost no other online poker alternative.

Upoker, similarly to many other others like PPPoker, Pokerbros and Xpoker,  is an online social gaming platform using the play money model and does not provide any real money service.

This is where agents like us come in. Club agents process deposits and withdrawals by attributing real value to Upoker chips – and then exchanging them. This effectively renders such club a real money club.

Real money Upoker clubs were originally meant to offer games to poker players living in countries with restrictive gambling regulations, thereby avoiding any potential legal issues.

However, as apps became more and more popular, players from other countries also joined in on the action. In just a couple of years after being born, the poker app market has grown immensely and at a much faster rate than expected. We expect this trend to continue in the future. Many clubs which back at launch were small private clubs, now are part of big poker unions with huge player pool, which grows every minute.

Upoker clubs usually join in Upoker unions, which are basically clubs which share their player pool with each other for bigger action and tournament prizes. There are many small local Asian unions, which are almost 100% full of recreational asian players, who have very poor knowledge of the game. A lot of these players do not know the rules of some of the poker games, such as Omaha Hi Lo and Short Deck, yet they join and play for few hours straight without realising why they lose in certain spots.

Upoker is designed in China and can be played in many other countries. This is an online poker platform where you can enjoy poker with friends and family. You are playing for real money, and the winnings are all yours.

Countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and India are just a few countries that are making use of this platform to play poker. Starting your game of poker on UPoker is easy. Download, register and enjoy.

Upoker offers very soft and profitable games

The cash games at Upoker are EXTREMELY soft. This is mainly due to a large share of players being Asian recreationals with their VPIPs frequently above 50 %, making the games very profitable.

Upoker being designed primarily for your phone also means that it’s possible to play anytime from anywhere, which greatly increases the traffic.Most clubs have 100+ active tables, but they also differ by time zones – which means you’ll be able to find action at any time of the day!

Whether you looking for No-limit Hold’em, Pot-limit Omaha, Open-face Chinese poker or Short deck poker, in heads-up, 6max or full ring versions, micro-limits or high stakes, or are interested in tourneys, Upoker will definitely have something to offer!

Cash games run from $0.10/$0.20 all the way up to a staggering $15/$30.

Upoker rakeback is the icing on the cake

We work exclusively with reliable & trusted clubs and can also advise which one to join, based on your preferred game format. Our Upoker club portfolio is constantly growing. We also have vast experience in apps, so we’re certain you’ll be satisfied with us.

Our exclusive rakeback deals start at 30% and can climb up to 55% for those high stakes poker players or poker agents. Many other poker bonuses like high hand jackpots, bad beat jackpots and weekly hand chases, can boost your bankroll significantly.

In terms of customer service, we are offering 24/7 live support, including fast & reliable deposits and cashouts. Money flow between agents and players can be done via e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller, etc.) or via cryptocurrencies, such as BTC or USDT.

Also, have we mentioned that players from ALL OVER THE WORLD are welcome?

Contact us to get a complete list of our Upoker clubs and rakeback deals.

Upoker software is simple and easy to navigate

The great thing about UPoker is that it is compatible with different software. You can download and enjoy UPoker on Windows, iPad, iPhone, and Android. Making sure that you can enjoy a poker game on any device that you might have at hand.

UPoker allows you to multitable up to 4 tables at once. Options such as dealing multiple times, insurance All In, are not revolutionary but still nice to have  The clean interface and simplicity of navigating between clubs and tables make newcomers feel at home after just few minutes inside the Upoker app.

After logging in to your account, you will see a list of clubs in which you are a member. When you click on the club logo, you will get a list of available tables with their key features: game type, stakes, number of players and remaining time.

Trackers are not supported. In the client you can see the basic stats of your opponents: VPIP, the number of hands played and the results at the table. You can write notes and use color labels. Built-in hand replayer is also available.

Why chose Upoker ?

If you are still not convinced let’s make a list of the Upoker advantages over almost all other poker rooms and sites out there ;

-Softest poker games. Play against amateur asian players from Thailand, Taiwan, India, Malaysia and Israel.

-Rake charged is really low as compared to poker websites and the rakeback given to players/agents is really good.

-Upoker has taken compliance very seriously, so it has added security over and above the normal RNG (Random Number Generator) etc. There’s GPS tracking, bot detection, IP tracking, Collusion detection and no tracker compatibility. In many clubs when you sit to play, you have to complete simple puzzle, like when registering on websites online. This is to negate the AI opponents which flooded poker sites in recent years. Even the biggest and most famous ones.

-Upoker offers higher rakeback possibilities, many incentives like beefy freerolls, hand chases and jackpots. You can also play short deck, PLO6 and PLO8 against some asian players who do not know the rules of these poker games.

-It’s perfect for players who reside in countries where online poker is illegal or frowned upon.

-Since it’s unregulated, players don’t have a tax liability.


Upoker has ton of profitable and at the same time fun games. It captures the feel of playing poker with friends at home, which is unique for online poker room. Soft and profitable tables in combination with overall fun experience will make your time a blast. Plenty of jackpots, hand chases and other incentives such as big rakeback are just the cherry on the cake. Do not hasitate to contact us if you have questions or want to start directly in the best Upoker clubs and unions. Happy grinding !

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