Why PPPoker is one of the best places to play poker – detailed analysis.


Why PPPoker is one of the best places to play poker , you may ask ?

Well it goes way back to 2018, when PPPoker took the poker world by storm. It is the major “culprit” , in getting the club based poker apps, into the highlights of the online poker scene.

Even though there was a lot of skepticism and questions, such as why pppoker, when there are regulated poker sites .

Well, due to countless reasons.

We are In the early days of 2021 and many people still do not completely understand or care to explore why PPPoker is such a huge trend. Let us introduce you to one of the absolute best places to play poker and give you all the reasons why PPPoker must be your next online poker home.

PPPoker was launched back in 2016 as application for playing online with virtual chips.  It was designed for mobile platforms but later fully functional PC Windows client was introduced as well,  making multi tabling enjoyable and convenient.  PPPoker is a decentralized poker game app. This means that there’s no specific operator that’s organizing the game or guaranteeing your payments on the mobile poker platform. On the surface, chips have no value and are virtually ‘play money’ chips. However, that’s not the case.

The mobile poker app allows you to create a club where players play against each other. So why on PPPoker, a group of club owners get together to form unions ? Very simple, to offer large poker rooms, available worldwide.

This is a brilliant concept because you get to play against players from various private clubs in the same player pool on PPPoker even if you have access to only one club. Club owners charge players a small rake for providing ‘host’ services on the poker site. Accounts are usually settled weekly and the mode of payment depends upon your arrangement with your punters.

When you start playing, you want to look for a reliable PPPoker agent who can get you access to clubs with the softest action. Agent is a person who connect club owners to players. This is where our services come in.

Our ThePokerAgent team offers widest selection of secure and profitable PPPoker clubs, many of which are working from many years. Some PPPoker clubs has that home feel, where you join and there are only few hundred players.

You have only couple of tables to choose from and usually players are there to waste few bucks and make you some good profits.

Usually in those PPPoker clubs all players are amateurs. Some other clubs and unions have huge player pool and boom with traffick and action. ThePokerAgent has access to more than 5 gigantic PPPoker clubs in which there are over 30000 players and growing each day. There you can participate in big tournaments, try variety of new poker formats and multi table.

“PPPoker is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.”“Any monetary value indicated in this article is solely and exclusively the opinion of the author only

Why is PPPoker have become so popular?

-Even if a country deems poker illegal, players can still play on PPPoker.

-Countries where the law enforces a tax on poker winnings dissuades players from playing on normal sites and the traffic gets diverted to PPPoker.

-Being a global app, you aren’t restricted to playing against players from your home country.

-The rake charged on PPPoker is lower than many global online poker operators.

-There are so many payment options available (and that too discreet ones) that players are naturally attracted to PPPoker.

-Innovative new poker formats, game types and software improvements.

-Bad Beat Jackpots with huge prizes.

-Easy to join and play. No verifications, no additional documents and other formalities.

How does PPPoker club look

Thanks to a crisp and clean interface, all information is neatly presented. As soon as you open the app, you see a list of all the PPPoker clubs you’re affiliated to. It tells you the club name, whether the club is part of a union and the number of tables in the club.

Once you choose a club, you get a list of all the tables with the game type, number of players and the stakes. The lobby is super easy to navigate so that you can find all different sections of the app through just a few clicks.

PPPoker UI

In our opinion, PPPoker can give the best online poker websites of the world a run for their money when we talk about the interface and the overall look and feel of the app. The best part about the interface is that the developers are constantly updating the app and listening to player feedback.

With more and more players preferring mobile devices for playing poker, the app has been specifically optimized to be used on iOS and Android devices. Many of our players have described the app as straightforward and reliable.

For a smooth playing experience we can recommend using some of the newer versions of iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy, but pretty much all modern Android smart phones will do the job quite well also. But, you’re not forced to play on a mobile device only: you can also install the software on your PC.

PPPoker has perfected the look of a table with their portrait view. This means you don’t have to tilt your phone at all during game play or when choosing the table, which makes playing very comfortable at their poker room.

All actions are super easy to grasp and it shouldn’t take a newbie more than 10 minutes to familiarize themselves with the entire app. Whether you’re a seasoned online poker pro or a new member just starting out to play online poker, we bet you will find using the app easy as pie!

You might not be able to change the look of a table or change the deck. Still, we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed with the current, default look.

As far as features are concerned, you can get a detailed look of all your weekly poker sessions, hand history of the last 100 hands which you can share on the forum to discuss hands, your career progression (wins plus losses) and access to the forum. Applying filters to quickly jump in your favorite game is fast as lightning!

Can you use tracking software such as HEM?

PPPoker software doesn’t officially support any third-party tracking tools or HUD’s, but you can view some basic stats of each player through clicking their profiles. Generally the level of play on most clubs is terrible, so there is plenty of value to play in them even for players who used to having some type of tracking software always supporting their decisions.

You can also view your own stats in your profile. To unlock the stats of other players for viewing, you first need to purchase a ‘Black Card’ from the shop inside the app.

Games and Stakes

Different clubs have different chip values. To give you an idea, a typical club from Europe will have 1 chip equivalent to 1 EUR and a club from Thailand will have 1 chip equal to 10 THB. Similarly, Indian clubs will have chip values like INR 5, INR 10 and INR 50 etc. Your upline agent or club owner will clearly mention this when you’re registering to the club.

Currently, PPPoker supports these poker variants: No Limit Texas Hold’em (NLHE), Pot Limit Omaha (PLO), Pot Limit Omaha 5 (PLO5), Open Face Chinese (OFC) and the new 3-1( Pineapple Holdem).

You can also play MTTs and SNGs through clubs or PPPoker itself. An SNG or a cash game table can have 2 to 9 players depending upon the format and action. Each table has a limit of 12 hours of being open, and if the play still continues after 12 hours the table will be automatically closed and a new one with similar limits opens.

Unlike poker websites, where all the players are on the same platform, PPPoker has a decentralized concept. Therefore, you can play on as many clubs as you want at the same time. This means that if you see there aren’t many players in one club, you can easily play in another club. Thus, there’s no dearth of action.

Also, as mentioned before, many clubs get together to form a union. This means if you play through one club, you’re actually playing against members from various clubs of the union.

Promotions and Campaigns

Like all the best online poker rooms, PPPoker has something in store for new players as well. Instead of cash bonuses, poker lovers who join PPPoker will get rakeback from their clubs.

PPPoker clubs regularly organize tournaments where you can win prizes and bonuses like iPads, iPhones, gold coins, diamonds, VIP cards and even real cash. You can also win seats to live tournaments which they organize almost monthly in different countries. VIP cards are available through in-app purchases as well.

If you’re a fan of live poker, you can participate in a PPPoker festival to meet fellow players around the world. The latest one, PPPoker London festival was held in January 2020, with tens of cash game tables running in Aspers Casino at peak hours.

Deposits and Withdraws

Depositing and withdrawals on PPPoker might seem like a double-edged sword to some players. However, the trend seems to be the complete opposite. When you get in touch with an agent, you choose the deposit method of your liking. Common deposit methods  are bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller and Revolut. For players of PPPoker India and other Asian regions we can help you to find the most suitable payment methods by utilizing our large networks of local contacts.

Why PPPoker ? – Conclusion.

Why PPPoker is profitable, easy and without limitations ?

Because everyone is allowed to play, there are no verifications and strict rules. The only rules are – no cheating. And the security team does a damn good job in keeping the games safe.

Why PPPoker ? Because setting up account is easy and without verification of Identity. Withdrawing funds is simple, secure and without the need of sending documents. Players are mostly easy to overpower since they play for fun or come from countries in which poker have no history and traditions. They lack the know-how.

Why PPPoker online offers exotic poker variants like 3-1 ( Pineapple) Holdem , we do not know, but it is an extremely fun game. As a new poker format, it is perfect for exploiting opponents who are not familiar with this poker game.

Now you already know some of the reasons why PPPoker is among the best club based apps and online poker rooms in general. If you are newcomer to the platform, you can keep discovering new things about it from the links below :

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