X-Poker Squid Game – Latest Exciting Poker Format in 2024


X-Poker Squid Game format is the platform’s answer to the PPPoker Stand-Up game. The two formats have nothing in common, when it comes to the game rules, but they both aim to bring something fresh to the table.

Today we will go over the rules of the X-Poker Squid game , so that you can be step ahead of the competition.

X-Poker Squid Game Rules

  1. In the X-Poker Squid Game, when the number of players is ≥ 5, the squid round starts. Players cannot exit the table while playing the squid round.
  2. After the squid round starts, check the current number of remaining squids on the squid icon in the upper left corner of the table.
  3. The only winner of the main pot will win a squid. In the case of Run it multi-times, Insurance, EV Chop, or splitting the main pot, the winner will not win any squid.
  4. Players have to pay additional deposit when buy-in the Squid Game. The deposit will be refunded when they leave the table.
  5. If a player does not win any squid, but he leaves during an ongoing squid round due to insufficient chips, his deposit will be deducted to pay for squid prizes to the opponents.
  6. At the end of the squid round, the players who do not win a squid will pay off each player, who won a squid.

Where and How to Play X-Poker Squid Game

As with everything, the best way to learn and understand the game better is from experience. The more you play, the better you will understand the different strategies and how to gain an edge over newcomers.

Unsurprisingly, to test this fresh new poker game type, you need to download the X-Poker platform. After that create account and go straight to our X-Poker clubs page to select few clubs to join.

If you are not sure, which ones offer the squid game type, just reach out to us and we will guide you towards the best options,

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