PPPoker Stand Up Game – Big Live Poker Hit is Coming Online

pppoker stand up format

With all due to respect to all other poker platforms – no one recognizes the trends, as early as the PPPoker application.

It was proven many times before and now the latest evidence is the introduction of the PPPoker Stand Up Game Type.

It aims to recapture the magic of the Stand Up Game Type, which was, until now, played only live.


What is the Stand Up Game Type ?

This popular game type was a popular choice among gamblers in American casinos. To not go over the rules and strategies of this game, again, we will point you towards our Stand Up Game article, which covers all you need to know.

The game adds a fresh dynamic to the game and even introduces a small chunk of physical endurance to the game of poker, which is unheard of. Spending time in the gym, will finally pay off on the poker table as well !

PPPoker Stand Up Game – Rules and How to Play

Who better to explain how the PPPoker stand up game works, than their own team :


As you can see from the photos, the rules are pretty similar to the live poker variant, but you do not have to physically stand up from your laptop ! Do not worry, no one is watching, so sitting out is done automatically by the platform.

PPPoker stand up game is now being offered by some of the PPPoker clubs , which you can join with our help.

If you do not own the platform already, do not worry, its super easy to download, create account and start playing.

PPPoker is also hosting number of other unorthodox game types such as Double Boards, Bomb Pots, 7-2 Holdem, Pineapple Holdem and even some non-poker games like Tongits, Pusoy and Teen Patti.

We are waiting for you at the tables, let’s see who is the last man standing ! ( pun intended )

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