What Happened in Poker in 2023 – Notable Moments Revisited

poker in 2023 roundup

Christmas is almost upon us and is time to reflect back on what has happened, these past few months. It was a very interesting year for poker in 2023. There were plenty of interesting and hilarious moments and here are some of the best ones :

 Poker in 2023 Round-Up


Date: March 3 , 2023

Alexandra Botez

Many chess players love poker and vice-versa. More than every other year, chess hustlers have crossed over to our world this year. Botez is not only a brilliant strategist over the chessboard, but she is also a crusher on the poker felt. She won the Pokerstars Mistery Cash Challenge.


Date: May 19 , 2023

Airball vs Berkey

Nick Airball and Matt Berkey had a problem to settle, which luckily was handled by playing poker without using violence. The duel was straight-forward with Berkey dominating over his loud mouth opponent.


Date: May 31, 2023

Biggest Pot in Live Poker History

Who else, if not Tom Dwan was to collect the biggest pot in tv poker history ? The notorious poker pro made the sickest hero call ever and went home 3.1 million richer, just from 1 hand.


Date: June 16, 2023

WSOP Bad Beats

But not the one you would think. A lady ” hit the nuts” against an unfortunate spectator. To his regret, “hitting the nuts” was not used in poker terms, in the previous sentence. Putting even more salt in the would, the funny situation was televised – take a look yourself.


Date: June 20, 2023

Martin Kabrhel Cheating Allegations

One of the most controversial poker players in the world was allegedly caught marking cards, in a bid to use unfair advantage.


Date: July 7 , 2023

Premature Celebration

Andreas Kniep made the mistake to celebrate, before the river was even dealt. He was sure his pocket Aces were in good form, against A2, but was unpleasantly surprised.


Date: July 7, 2023

Phil Hellmuth and the Lion

This is not the name of the sequel of ” The Lion King “. None other than Phil Hellmuth made memorable entrance to WSOP, being surrounded by 17 models, representing his 17 bracelets and even a pet lion.


Date: July 13, 2023

Marriage Proposal

Poker in 2023 had it all. Anger, laughter and even engagement rings ! Lou Garza chose the final table of a poker event to propose to his girl.


Date: August 8, 2023

Negreanu vs College Students

Imagine playing your regular Friday night poker game with friends and Daniel Negreanu showing up to spice up the games. The poker star showed once again his passion for the game, by playing college students for fun.


Date: August 15, 2023

Mikki Mase

Similarly to Dan Bilzerian, Mase became a popular poker face by posting viral videos, of him losing huge amounts on the poker tables. He claims that the millions he can afford to lose are won in poker, but many doubt that.


Date: October 3, 2023

Doug Polk vs Mike Matusow

Last few years, poker feuds have been at every corner and the latest one to the list is the one between Polk and Matusow. Everything started from a poll, which Mike Matusow initiated, asking his followers, whether he should start a coaching site, to which Doug Polk mockingly responded – ” Hello officer, I’d like to report a crime”.


Date: November 8, 2023

Game of Gold

There were many attempts to introduce a captivating TV poker show, over the last few years, yet the Game of Gold is arguably the most successful one. It combined reality TV with poker in an interesting fashion. The poker superstars invited to participate, are a nice blend of old and new faces to the poker game. If you have not watched it, we will not spoil the winner for you.

Poker in 2024

Poker in 2023 was wild, but next year has all the potential to be even more exciting one, with online poker keeping to evolve, while TV poker starting to resemble its glorious years.

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