Weekly ClubGG Poker App News – Best High Stakes ? (2022)

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ClubGG Poker App is quickly becoming one of the main attractions in online poker. Not only it is preferred when it comes to poker apps, but its professional design and soft clubs are magnetizing a ton of new players on daily basis.

This speed of light development is the reason why many players are having a hard time on keeping track, what exactly is going on with ClubGG Poker App.

Of course, The Poker Agent already wrote ClubGG Poker Review and is giving you access to all the latest ClubGG Clubs . We even rated the best ClubGG Unions , which you can join.

Now we will do something a bit different. This article will be updated on weekly basis, to keep you informed on everything that is happening on the ClubGG Poker platform. All the interesting content, regarding ClubGG Poker, will be gathered in one place. Consider it a weekly news magazine, to which you can subscribe by bookmarking our article. If you prefer to receive the news right to your phone, without moving a finger, we got you covered too! Our Telegram News Channel is always updated with the latest online poker content.

ClubGG Poker Overview (October 2022)

ClubGG Poker App already has a lot of different clubs to choose from. From ClubGG Unions like UTG, which are for lower stakes, through the biggest Israeli Union – Israel Kingdom and ending with the smallest private high stakes’ clubs.

Still, our observations are, that at this point at time, ClubGG Poker main strengths are the private high stakes clubs. Those are filled with whales, who just want to enjoy the game far removed from the pros.

Club poker apps exist due to two main reasons. First one is that the games on those are mainly for recreational players. They are easy prey for skilled grinders. Second one, is that they allow you to play from anywhere in the world.

ClubGG Poker app is home to some exotic clubs from Israel, which fully showcase both advantages of poker apps, we mentioned above. Israeli players are preferred opponent for almost any seasoned poker player, so we are strongly recommending you to take a look at the clubs below;

ClubGG Poker PLO5 Options

These are all universally great choices with club The300, being the most stable and busy one, as part of the second biggest union on the app Israel Kingdom. ” Stable Clubs ” are those which will most likely exist a long time, without you having to change clubs in same union or having to stop activity all together.

Counter to common sense, some “unstable clubs” are the best ones, as they exist only for 1-2 months, but are golden mine for every half decent player who joins. They are filled with 100% recreational players, who often lose interest of the game fairly quickly, but not before they are drained dry, by some regular player.

The Poker Agent guarantees 100% all the deals. Just contact us and you will not have to worry, whether club is stable or not. We will be your bulletproof vest, leaving you only to worry about your poker skills. Our team takes care of everything else.

ClubGG Poker NLH Options

Not surprisingly, Texas Holdem is among the two most popular games on the platform. Most of the ClubGG Poker clubs are offering NLH tables. The Israel Kingdom Union is among the places, where you can play NLH on both medium and high stakes.

The game is vastly more popular however on two other ClubGG Poker Unions, which you can see below ; Feel free to apply Club ID and Ref ID and join to check the games yourself. If you are currently browsing on your phone, the button ” Join” will automatically apply to those clubs lead you inside of ClubGG Poker App.

Both clubs mainly offer low to mid stakes NLH games, with occasional 5/10 for those willing to play higher. There are some regular players in UTG Union, but in general the games are not tough. Traffic is very good there, players come from all around the world.

On the other hand Donkey Union recently merged with Uproar Union and currently have a stable boost in traffic. The active tables are still less than UTG union, but games are a bit softer. Both Donkey United and Uproar were USA unions, so the newly formed ClubGG Donkey United Union, is mainly an American alliance, with many recreational players. We always recommend this club to NLH players, who love lower stakes.

What to Expect on ClubGG Poker – Week 17.10 – 23.10

Just recently we added few high stakes ClubGG Poker clubs to our portfolio. There are two of them, which prefer to stay out of the spotlight, as the whales there are worried about sharks taking their soul ( and bankroll ) . You can contact our Telegram Admin for more information on those. Games are mainly PLO5 of 25/50 blinds and above up to 100/200. One of the highest stakes online, especially for club poker apps.

A private club, which we can definitely recommend is Sea World. This is an exclusive American club with 99% American High Stakes Players. Details attached below :

Games in this club happen rarely. Good news is that the field is quite soft and also that the tables run almost every day. Many private clubs organize games only two or three times a week, but here people are playing on daily basis.

As always, we have great deals for agents and this week is no exception to the rule. All the clubs above are available to affiliates and agents. If you are ClubGG agent, feel free to message us and we can discuss a deal in any of the clubs above, or those we have not mentioned yet . See you next week !

ClubGG Poker App in Week 23.10-30.10

This week we updated our ClubGG NLH options, which you can see above. Now we can offer even better conditions in ClubGG unions Donkey and UTG. Traffic is also a bit better there.

This week we have good news for all Omaha lovers, who dare to play nosebleed stakes. By omaha we mean PLO5 and by nosebleed stakes, we mean 100/200 blinds and above. Games are no joke, so make sure your bankroll can handle the swings.

ClubGG Poker in Beginning of November 2022

ClubGG is continuing to grow, the player base grows in every union and club. The app is slowly but surely closing in on Pokerbros, for that first place spot in club poker apps world. There are no new clubs this week, but we remind you that we have access to some high stakes private clubs on ClubGG, which do not allow to be promoted. Contact us for more information. Happy Halloween and see you next week !

Week 7.11 – 14.11 (2022) – What is new on ClubGG Poker App?

This week on ClubGG Poker the clubs and deals remain mostly the same. The most interesting stuff comes from club Super Mario, part of the union CryptoGG. Details of how to join you can find in the beginning of our article.

CryptoGG union is starting to get noticed and action has increased drastically. We remind you, that this is one of the best ClubGG unions to play high stakes PLO5 games. See you at the tables !

ClubGG Poker in 14.11 – 21.11 (2022) – Silence before storm ?

It has been oddly quite on ClubGG Poker app in the last few weeks, but we suspect it is a silence before storm. Old grinders know the strongest period in the year is during Christmas. Pokerbros app is launching new app in few weeks time, for second year in a row, so hopefully ClubGG joins the trend.

The Poker Agent has one new club for you this week. It is not entirely new deal, as it is part of the CryptoGG union, we mention above. However, in this club we have better conditions for both ClubGG agents and players.

Better than Blick Friday – ClubGG Poker with Its First Indian Alliance 21.11 – 28.11 (2022)

Black Friday is over and we had some special offers on our Telegram News Channel , but ClubGG Poker has other exciting news as well.

This week we are happy to introduce to you, the first ever ClubGG Indian union, with ultrasoft high stakes games. All of you, who love nosebleed Omaha 5 card games, look no further than the India and Dubai club on GG app . Stakes are 25/50 + and we have only few players, who claim that if this was live game, they would lock the door and swallow the key 🙂

How ClubGG Poker Enters December 2022

ClubGG Poker has proven once again it is currently the absolute BEST online poker room for high stakes Omaha. Most of the private high stakes PLO and PLO5 games, happen on ClubGG Poker.

This week we have yet another new EXCLUSIVE ClubGG deal. A private Indian whale infested club. Since December is the big premiere of the Avatar sequel, we are happy to tell you that in December you will not only watch Avatar, but you will also play Avatar . See the details below ;

ClubGG Poker in week 05.12 – 12.12 – New Clubs Available

This week all apps have a lot of exciting news, clubs and deals. However, the cherry on the cake is ClubGG Poker app, where the options available are getting too hot.

This week there are two new ClubGG Poker clubs available for our players, but joining them is a bit different. We will not give away their IDs, nor will we put a link, which will lead you directly inside.

Both of these clubs would prefer to stay under the radar, as players inside are recreational, who play for fun. Owners of these ClubGG Poker clubs, don’t want to ruin the atmosphere by bringing every possible player.

So, The Poker Agent team respects their wish, and because of that, we will give you the information for both of the clubs below, but you will have to contact us directly, in order to get you playing.

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