Weekly Pokerbros App News – Find The Best Deals First ( 2024 )

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Pokerbros app is arguably the most famous club poker platform in the world right now. Your poker buddies recommend you some clubs, your wife’s uncle proposes you another, you read that some random Facebook “friend”, has opened a club and is inviting you to play…. A complete mess!

Who to trust? Where are the best games? How to keep track? We realized how stressing it may be for both newcomers and even experienced Pokerbros app veterans to stay in touch with what is happening.

The Poker Agent already has the biggest list of Pokerbros clubs, which gets updated on daily basis. We also rank all the Pokerbros Unions and even write a full review of the biggest alliances like Pokerbros RGS Union.

Still, our team feels we can do even more for you, by having a page, which is updated weekly with all the interesting Pokerbros app news. Here you can find all that is happening on the app and its clubs, week by week.

Pokerbros App Week by Week

Disclaimer 1: PokerBros app is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.

Disclaimer 2: PokerBros app is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.

pokerbros app

Where USA players play on Pokerbros app ?

Of course, this is a trick question. There are hundreds of Pokerbros clubs and almost every single one has players from America. We have one of the biggest portfolios of Pokerbros deals, which is consistent of all the Pokerbros Unions, private clubs and even multiple different clubs, to access each union, with different deals.

There are many USA players, who prefer to use only the well-known American methods to get into the games. They prefer everything to be easy and even to contact the club directly, without speaking to us. This is completely ok with us and here are two clubs, which gladly will accommodate these kinds of players;

You can write the club id and referral id inside the Pokerbros app lobby and send application to join and check the games. By clicking join on your phone, you will be taken directly inside of the app and automatically apply to the clubs.

In both clubs, there is contact of club owner in the description. If you prefer to contact us first, shoot up a message to our Telegram admin. If you are PC player and wonder how to play on Pokerbros app with HUD or emulator, check our article .

For those two clubs, there is not much to say, because they are part of well-known American Pokerbros Unions. Paradise Alliance is one of the first big Pokerbros rooms and Grinderzz is one of the newest additions. They both have their advantages over one another, but in short -if you prefer lots of active tables and omaha 4 or 6 cards – Paradise union is your place. In case you are more of a PLO5 guy and prefer softer games, over traffic – check out Grinderzz Union. Both alliances offer NLH tables.

Top 3 Biggest Pokerbros Unions in October 2022 ?

There are so many unions to choose from on Pokerbros. Usually, most players value the many active tables and beefy tournaments. Below you will find how to join the three biggest Pokerbros Unions – Diamond, Panamericana and Paradise.
As we mentioned, The Poker Agent offers few different clubs in each union, in case some room stops or has some kind of problems, we switch our players and agents to the next one, in the same union. Below we will list our second Paradise union deal, which is more suitable for Pokerbros Agents and regular players.

Those are also highly suitable Pokerbros Unions to be an agent. All Pokerbros agents will receive generous deals by us. Acquiring players will be easy for you with our VIP conditions, which we provide agents with.

Best Clubs for Pokerbros Agents in October 2022 ?

With Pokerbros app being so popular, dozens of people ask us to become Pokerbros agents, each week. Not only newcomers are enticed to our deals however, but we also improved many old school agents as well, by giving them access to new clubs to work with or just improving the service, that they were getting elsewhere.

Those 3 Pokerbros unions above are one of the best places to be Pokerbros agent, but we also recommend few other smaller clubs. Yes, those rooms are smaller, but with softer games and less well known. Easy games for your players and less competition for you as agent, because not many have access to the following Pokerbros rooms. A recipe for success!

These are the best deals for agents at this point and time. If you need to ask us questions on these deals or start in a whole another place, let us know.

Best Non – Union Pokerbros Clubs in October 2022 ?

Pokerbros app is host of many unions, but especially lately, it is also a home of many small Pokerbros clubs. Those make you feel like you are part of the typical friday poker night. Everyone aims to make bold plays and call of stacks with very bad hands.

Recreational players in those small clubs, make up for the fact, that games run rarely in some of these clubs. Some private Pokerbros clubs run only a few days of the week, others have at least few active tables 24/7. It is strictly individual.

Check out which private clubs are worth your time this month ;

Isolation club is British club filled with bad players. Both clubs are very soft, but if you have chosen one as your secondary grinding fields, let that be Isolation. Super easy to win games and juicy games.

Lucky stars club is definitely busier of the two with better game type selection. There you can find even some double board and bomb pot tables. Whether you are NLH or Omaha player, do not miss these Pokerbros app clubs. If not as your main hunting fields, at least use them as a sweet secondary spot to compliment your main places.

Pokerbros App Week 17.10-23.10

Last few weeks, Pokerbros app was swarmed by new private high stakes Omaha clubs. While this is great news for all PLO lovers – NLH fans were left behind a little. This comes to an end from this week onwards ! A new private high stakes NLH club has launched. Blinds are 10/20 + and there are more than 4 active tables at peak times.

The club is American and there are decent amount of whales playing on it. We really loved what we saw, as there was good activity in all 7 days of the week. Usually, high stakes private clubs run only 2-3 days a week or work with appointments between players / agents. Here we have a professionally run club with good amount of active high stakes players, right from the start.

Details attached below ;

Pokerbros App Week 24.10 – 30.10

New week, new club on Pokerbros app delivered to you by The Poker Agent. Now you can play in a rare type of room. It is private Pokerbros club from Switzerland with good mid stakes games. Players are not bad, but club is quickly developing into an interest place to play PLO6 games, away from the largest Pokerbros Unions. There are also some Freerolls, for all micro grinders.

Pokerbros app on Halloween and First Week of November

Pokerbros app celebrates Halloween this week with a little change of looks and a few new avatars to choose from.

pokerbros halloween

We as a Pokerbros agency, celebrate it a bit differently. Our team constantly seeks new deals and this week we have news for all players interested in smaller unions. First one is that Pokerbros Mexico Union is currently on stop ! Playing there is no longer available.

But not everything is so grim, this week. New Pokerbros Union has just launched ! Well, it is more of a relaunching old union, but traffic is slightly increased – so we are happy to invite you back in Pokerbros Matrix Union . This is essentially Grinderzz Union with few tweaks. So, to sum up – Grinderzz Union is now called Matrix Union. King is dead, long live the king.

pokerbros matrix union

This club mentioned previous weeks , as well. Here is a reminder how to join and this time we have even better deal for both players and agents !

Week 7.11 – 14.11 (2022), What is Happening on Pokerbros App ?

This week, we cannot introduce you, to new and interesting clubs. At time like this, it is best to remind you, that The Poker Agent not only gives you access to all Pokerbros unions on the app, but we also have the widest selection of Pokerbros private clubs to choose from.

For now, we will part ways with eyes toward the future. There is new union brewing up on Pokerbros app . Our spies, tell us it will launch in the beginning to mid-December and will have structure similar to Diamond. Punishing slightly the sharks and rewarding recreational players. We will not reveal the union name yet, but you can expect another big soft Pokerbros alliance next month.

PokerBros app in 14.11 – 21.11 (2022)

This week, there are not many new developments on the app. Most of the interesting things of last two months are that many unions have started and there are very good bonus deals for players and agents.

Pokerbros StarPoker Union will no longer be active as it is. Instead, it will merge with one of the other Pokerbros unions. Expect more news on this and all other matters regarding Pokerbros app in the following weeks.

Black Friday on Pokerbros and New Developments in Week 21.11 – 28.11 (2022)

The Poker Agent team had some exclusive Black Friday deals for all our players on all platforms, including Pokerbros app . Such promotions, you can see in our social media pages and Telegram News Channel.

Black Friday offers are exciting, but what is even more exciting is finding new Pokerbros clubs to play in. Or maybe some old ones coming back online. One such club is MTY, a Mexican Pokerbros club with one of the softest low stakes NLH and PLO5 games. The club is part of the Pokerbros Alliance Mexico.

Pokerbros App in the Beginning of December 2022

There are not many new developments on the app, as far as club-based play is concerned. This week is the last chance for you to obtain some of the exclusive Black Friday Deals on Pokerbros.

pokerbros black friday

Another thing you may have missed is our new article on how to fix issues with playing Pokerbros on PC. Many have problems with PC emulators, being stuck on loading screen. The very easy cure to your problems is in the link above.

And if you just crave for some poker, check from all the club options we present to you in previous weeks. They are still available and better than ever. See you next week !

Pokerbros App in Week 05.12 – 12.12 – NEW UNION

New European Pokerbros Union has just launched. It is a very good place for you to boost your winnings, by playing low to mid stakes No Limit Holdem and 5 card Omaha games. Most of the players are from Europe, but don’t let that scare you ! Games are pretty soft and stakes are affordable for almost every decent poker player out there.

The new Pokerbros Union Envite , launched few days ago, yet the traffic is pretty decent. You can find games running almost at all times. Peak of traffic is during European evenings, where you can choose from more than 10 active tables.

Pokerbros App Week 12.12 – 19.12 – New Pokerbros Union Crystal just Launched !

Almost a month ago, we have teased those who follow our blog, that there is new Pokerbors Union in the works. Well, today 12.12.2022 Pokerbros Crystal Union has finally launched ! It is very early to tell, how it all gonna play out, what kind of formats will be played the most. Our first impressions is, that Crystal union has very attractive Tournament schedule.

To quickly join and be one of the first players to get access to those tournaments, check out the info below :

Pokerbros App Enters Christmas Week with yet another launch of New Pokerbros Club

Since its Christmas, The Poker Agent has a humble gift to offer you. There is hardly a better poker present, than a new soft room to play in. The one we are about to offer you, is a Pokerbros club, which would make all 6 card Omaha players very happy. The players here, love loose games, big hands and huge pots. There is hardly a game, which is more exciting than PLO6 and launching a new pokerbros club with exclusively 6 card omaha games , is the perfect way to spend your holiday time frame.

Details of this new PLO6 Pokerbros club below ;

Pokerbros App in Christmas 2022

Last week of 2022 is upon us and we wish all of you Happy Christmas ! May your live a long and healthy life , full of joy and success.

As far as Pokerbros is concerned, this week is pretty quiet, but let’s not forget, that the last two weeks were very intense. A new Pokerbros Crystal Union is continuing its development, with tournaments getting boost of traffic. This is also true for the ring game tables.

Not to leave you empty handed this week, let us provide you with one additional Pokerbros Diamond Union deal. The most desired Pokerbros alliance. Above you, can find our main deal, which is suitable for everyone. This club below, is better for American players, as it has quick live support, which you can reach by joining and seeing their contact in club description.

Pokerbros App in the first week of 2023

It is holiday season, time for vacations, skiing , time with family and yes, time for grinders to chill a bit , after the emotional roller coaster throughout the year.

Usually at this exact time of the year, is when the recreational players, with too much free time, decide to join and play some quick poker games for fun. Whether it is after dinner with family, before going out, after going out or in the early mornings of some sleepless nights – they are easy prey for experienced player.

If you are hunter, who always seeks soft games, it is very suitable time to go fishing. There are no new clubs this week, but revisit the plenty new ones, we mentioned last weeks.

Pokerbros App Update in 7.01 – 14.01 Week

New year and new Pokerbros deals….are lacking at this point. Last time we had nothing new for you in two consecutive weeks, two new unions and few private clubs had launched the following week. Let’s wish this will be the case again , when we see each other in the 3rd week of January.

Not to leave you empty handed – here is a reminder of the TOP 3 Biggest Pokerbros Unions and how to join them :

Pokerbros App in 16.01 – 23.01

The yearly instalment of Diamond Series of Poker (DSOP) on Pokerbros app is upon us. For those who do not know, this is the biggest tournament series on club poker apps, hosted by Pokerbros Diamond Union – the biggest alliance on all poker apps.

It will take place between January 20 and January 29 and guaranteed MTT prizes are off the charts ! Check it out :

To join Diamond Union on Pokerbros App, just navigate towards the main lobby and add the Club ID and Referral ID of the following club :

Pokerbros App in the last week of January 2023

After the Pokerbros Diamond Union huge tournament DSOP series have been announced last week, and is already well under way, this week Pokerbros Panamericana Union responds with a worthy Tournament festival.

Not only that, Panamericana Union also organizes live game festival in Panama ! Those willing to play some live poker and meet with like minded people, contact us for more information.

Back to the Pokerbros App and its great winter tournament series – check what Panamericana Union has in store for you :

As you know, in Pokerbros Panamericana Union, we collaborate with Poker Geek club, which you can join directly from the link below :

Pokerbros App in the first week of February 2023

With the launch of fresh new Pokerbros unions and private clubs, we saw a big oversight of ours, in the previous weeks. By focusing on the many new options on Pokerbros, we forgot to mention one of the best places, you can play poker online , which we ranked #1 Pokerbros Union for 2 consecutive years. Of course, we talk about Pokerbros RGS Union, one of the most balanced online poker rooms you can play in.

It is the gem in the crown of the Pokerbros app. Out of the 4 main Pokerbros Unions, RGS is the smallest, but also arguably the softest of the bunch. Games resemble more a private field, rather than a huge alliance, which it is . Check out the details :

Pokerbros App in week 06.02 – 13.02, time to revisit underrated Pokerbros Union

This week, we carefully monitored all the activity on Pokerbros app. We noticed that new unions like Crystal, have hard time developing, but some other ones fly under the radar.

The Poker Agent team strongly recommends every Holdem or Omaha 6 card player, to check out Pokerbros Galaxy Union. It is a very rare breed of online poker room, which blends soft games, decent traffic and good game variety. Galaxy union is available for both Pokerbros players and agents. If you already have downloaded Pokerbros app on your phone, just click the “join” button below and application will be sent for you to enter and check the games.

Pokerbros App in Week 13.02-20.02

For the last month or so, there are no new interesting clubs on PokerBros. However we already have plenty of options for our players. Just look at our extensive clubs list , which covers 5 different platforms – among them Pokerbros App.

Pokerbros agents, looking to improve their conditions, are welcome to contact us and get the best possible setup. See you next week !

Pokerbros App in Week ( 20.02 – 27.02 )

Pokerbros app is famous with its big unions. However, it is also a home to few private Pokerbros club, which offer exclusive games.

By far, the biggest private Pokerbros club is Lucky Stars. It has 24/7 action, good amount of active tables running at all times and pretty wide game variety. Here are more details :

Pokerbros App in March 2023

Good news this week ! Another private club on our favourite Pokerbros App, has opened its doors for our players. It is a small club for low to mid stakes PLO5 games. Atmosphere is quite friendly and there are no trash talking regs, to ruin your experience. If it sounds interesting to you, apply to check it out. Games run between 21:00 and 2:00 GMT time :

PokerBros app in Week 13.03 – 20.03

After the launch of the new European club, last week, this time the Pokerbros app did not surprise us with new clubs. Insted, we have something even better for you. An older Pokerbros club, which is now even more active than before and at the same time – remains the softest possible place to enjoy super easy to win NLH low to mid stakes games. Reminder on how to join this club :

EXPLOSIVE WEEK for the Pokerbros App ( 20.03 -27.03)

This week, there are 3 new Pokerbros app options for you to play in. A new union, was formed, due to a split of partners in one of the main Pokerbros Unions – Matrix. The new Rec Room Union is ready for action, you will find details below :

Two new private clubs, are also available on Pokerbros App this week. One for all kinds of stakes and formats and the other one specialize in high stakes Omaha games. Here are the details on how to join each one :

PokerBros App in First Week of April

New Caribbean Union has just launched on Pokerbros app. It is home mainly to players from Latam countries, but looks to expand internationally. The main selling point of this union, is that it offers one of the softest Omaha games (both PLO and PLO5), on Pokerbros app.

Stakes are low to mid, players are currently 99% recreational and it is a perfect time to join. Being one of the early birds, will help you develop better understanding of player base and will help you bumhunt in the future.

Pokerbros App in April ( 04.04 – 11.04 )

With Omaha being the most popular poker game types nowadays, it is becoming increasingly hard to find a good NLH higher stakes private games. Often recreational players prefer the action packed PLO action, over the good old Texas Holdem.

This is not the case with the club Dogfights, which you can find on the Pokerbros app. The only stakes here are 5/10 with 3 ante, so expect juicy action and big pots. Here is how to join :

Pokerbros app in 10.04 – 17.04

There are not a lot of new things happening on the Pokerbros app this week. We continue to recommend it to almost every poker player, as there are plethora of rooms, with variety of different poker formats. There are almost no preferences, which can not be satisfied on Pokerbros.

The app has plenty of everything and you are one message away to us, from getting access.

Pokerbros App in 17.04 – 24.04

New exclusive room from Denmark, now available only on Pokerbros app. These European private games are held mainly during the evening time (GMT) for few hours. The favourite game of Danish players is apparently PLO6, which is the only game available in this club, at this point and time.

However, if you play plo6, you will fall in love with this place. Super soft and loose action, it is one of our first recommendations if you have the patience for tables to come online.

Pokerbros App in the Beginning of May 2023

We have added few Pokerbros clubs this week, but most of them wish to remain anonymous. To get access in them, you should message us directly and ask about our exclusive selection.

If you are fan of the main Pokerbros Unions, we have the latest one ready for you. In the last month, there is no question, that most desired Pokerbros union was The Rec Room. Union owners tried to keep this union under wraps as much as possible, this is why we got our players access from 4 different clubs.

We respect the decision of The Rec Room Union to remain away from the limelights, so if you are looking to play there, it’s better to ask for the current best deal in this club, our telegram admins.

Pokerbros App in 15.05 – 22.05

Many new clubs and offers available on the Pokerbros app, while summer is knocking on the door. Time for tough decisions, do you stay home and play in the new extremely fun clubs, with very loose and winnable games or do you enjoy the warm summer evenings. Maybe there will be time for both, who knows.

These are the new clubs, which we offer, but to join them, you will need to write us directly :

Pokerbros App in 22.05 -29.05

After the plethora of new options from last week, it is rather quiet week on the Pokerbros app. With summer being so close, we can not miss the opportunity to remind you about the inevitable Diamond Series of Poker tournament, which will take place, for yet another year.

Diamond Union is the most desired one on Pokerbros app, if you need deal there as player or agent, we are more than ready to get you started. Just reach out to The Poker Agent team and we will provide you with attractive offers.

Pokerbros in 29.05 – 05.05

With many private rooms on the Pokerbros app failing to capture the attention and retain good activity – it is time to revisit the old classics.

This week The Poker Agent team has prepared a super special offer for all serious Pokerbros agents and players. The TOP 5 PokerBros unions as of right now, are back with the following tempting bonuses :

pokerbros unions rgs, diamond, panamericana , paradise , rec

To join a club in each of those unions, you can find the ids quickly in our PokerBros Clubs portfolio. An even better option is to contact us directly and discuss an individual offer.

PokerBros app news in the beginning of June 2023

  1. There is new PokerBros Union set to launch mid-june. Deal and more information – soon.
  2. Our team evaluated the results of all our players, compared to the volume player and found that the softest PokerBros clubs for NLH are – The Rec Room and club Isolation
  3. Diamond Series of Poker is under way in 2023, with plenty of MTT action.
  4. For high stakes OFC, players we have an exclusive club, with 3-4 players looking to play privately.
  5. Some smaller under the radar Pokerbros unions, started to lose much of their player base, as summer approaches, but with that, they became considerably softer. Among these Alliances are Envite and Mexico
  6. PokerBros Caribe Union is on stop this week. Waiting on further news, whether it will come back.
  7. Club Lucky Stars is the biggest private club on the PokerBros app, but is starting to lose players and agents rapidly, due to firm rules and deals often being on stop.

PokerBros App in June 12 – June 18

  1. New PokerBros app Union “On Fire” has just launched. Incredibly good PLO4 games, soft action on mid stakes. Some NLH available as well.
  2. New special access to PokerBros Diamond Union – NO RABATE deal ! Super special offer, which is exclusive and not available for everyone. Ask us for more information.
  3. Many players still complaining that they cannot play on PC with emulator. In our Telegram News Page, we have shared the solution to your problems –
    • All you have to do is make sure to use the latest version of LDPlayer (9) + Asia Hand Converter ( DriveHud ) .
      • It is best if you make a clean install on the emulator and update everything from scratch. Even better if you first login from your phone and enter some tables in the clubs you are part of. After that the emulator restricted tables, work without problems on your PC setup. Good luck 🍀
  4. PokerBros HiLo action has been increasing . The main places to enjoy this unorthodox poker format are Diamond Union, Panamericana Union and The Rec Room Union.

PokerBros Update in June 19 – June 26

  1. New access points for agents in the major Pokerbros Unions – Diamond, Panamericana, Paradise and RGS. We are one of the very few ways, for winning agents to leave their players win comfortably, without worrying, that deals will stop.
  2. PokerBros App is the place to play 5/10 NLH. There is a club called Dogfights, which specializes in these kind of tables. Recreational players are fighting it out on 1 or more tables during evening time ( CST) .
  3. The Poker Agent team offers a private Danish Pokerbros club for PLO6 games on low to mid stakes. Good option for people, who have the patience to wait for the games to get going. Excellent place for a secondary club.
  4. There is a new private OFC club with limited access . only for trustworthy players and agents. Stakes are higher – micro players will not find suitable games here.

PokerBros App News in June 26 – July 02

  1. PokerBros Union On Fire, lives up to its name. It is becoming one very hot attraction for mid stake Omaha lovers. Contact us to try it.
  2. One of the very best clubs on the Pokerbros platform is union-less and is not American, by origin. The private UK room Isolation is our favorite Pokerbros App room, with games being so soft, that our players quickly fall in love at first sight. Contact us to gain access.
  3. The Rec Room Union now offers tables up to 5/10 and 10/20 blinds. It is slowly expanding and becoming even better.
  4. New better deals for PokerBros agents in the main unions on the platform. The exact percentages and conditions, are discussed with every PokerBros agent, individually.
  5. Omaha Hi Lo is very busy in Panamericana and Diamond unions. Games are no longer that soft, as they were year ago, but the activity has improved a lot. PLO8 can also be found in The Rec Room Union, which slowly is becoming a favorite of The Poker Agent team.

PokerBros App in July 03 – July 10

  1. Unfortunately, from now on PokerBros On Fire Union is will not be available. There is a chance, that it will return , but for now is off limits.
  2. PokerBros Pacifica union now available with better conditions for No Limit Hold’em grinders and Pokerbros agents.
  3. La Nueva Era is another club which loses popularity, with games happening less and less frequent. The big omaha whales are maybe on summer vacation, we expect them to be back soon.
  4. With the absence of PokerBros Union On Fire, the next best thing for small private PLO4 games, is definitely the Squirl Poker club. You can find more info on it by asking The Poker Agent or visiting our Pokerbros clubs page.

PokerBros app in July 10 – July 17

  1. New Pokerbros union is coming in the end of this week. Expect more news soon.
  2. PokerBros Rise and Grind Union is no longer available.
  3. Pokerbros Squirl Poker is private club, where you can play some soft lower stakes PLO4. Good under the radar room, which welcomes players from all skill levels.
  4. The Canadian Avenue club is on summer pause. We expect it eagerly to be back this fall.

PokerBros app in July 18 – July 24

  1. PokerBros app completely stole the show this week and exploded with so many good offers. But before delving deeper into the matter, allow us to introduce you the new way of following the TOP 5 clubs on each poker game type in real time. This can easily happen from our dedicated page. Simply the quickest way to see where are the best games for your preferences.
  2. New PokerBros Alliance has just launched. Global Poker Union is worldwide available room, with mainly Latin American players, as of right now. It will offer a variety of game types and stakes. Currently the main format here is Omaha. PLO4, PLO5, PLO6 on low, mid and high stakes.
  3. New Pokerbros Union The Poker Pit. One of the few unions purely focusing on NLH and MIXED Games. Thats right, this super fun format can now be enjoeed in this smaller Pokerbros alliance, with recreational players, who struggle to master one poker game, let alone many of them.
  4. Pokerbros On Fire union continues to be good source of soft poker games. Let’s see if the deal will be available for longer period of time or end abruptly. as some unions tend to.
  5. Few times a week, OFC high stakes private games are running on PokerBros. Ask us where !

PokerBros App News in July 24 – July 31

  1. More new Pokerbros deals ! Fresh new Pokerbros Union has launched called the Ice Cold. Great for NLH and PLO4 low stakes.
  2. New deal in Daring Donkeys ( The Poker Pit Union ). Contact us for more details.
  3. Full list of all the Pokerbros clubs , is available to everyone at anytime. The list is only one on the internet, which stays updated on daily basis. Be sure to tune in and follow the Pokerbros action, like never before.

Pokerbros App in the first few weeks of August 2023

  1. The newest Pokerbros Unions – Ice Cold, On Fire and Poker Pit – proved great addition to the platform. Now we give full access and attractive weekly bonuses to all players and agents. The Poker Pit is one of the few places where you can play amazing Mixed Games and Ice Cold union is one of the few Pokerbros clubs, offering Omaha Heads up.
  2. 2 New Private UK Pokerbros clubs available. Games are ultra soft, but clubs prefer to remain widely unknown. For more details, talk to our Telegram admins.

Pokerbros App in August 21 – August 28

  1. The Poker Pit union continues to develop like crazy. Just like that it transition from the private room feeling, to actual decently sized union, with 24/7 action. Not only that, it is one of the few places offering mixed games. This exclusive offer, makes it even more appealing for players, specializing in the this format.
  2. New Diamond Union deal without rabate ! Ask our Telegram Admins about it .
  3. New Panamericana Union deal for agents. Message us for further information on how to start.

Pokerbros App News in September

  1. New Pokerbros union among our offers. Rise and Grind Union is a very good place for low to mid stakes NLH, PLO4 and PLO5. Contact us to start playing there right away.
  2. UK private clubs are continuing to impress us and in our opinion are the very best private clubs on the Pokerbros app.
  3. DSOP series is underway. Huge prizes , juicy games and plenty of satellites.
  4. Bad Beat Jackpot fell in Diamond Union in an impressive manner ! More than 115K chips were collected by an “unfortunate” player, who lost while holding quads.

What is new on Pokerbros in September 18 – September 25

  1. Pokerbros On Fire Union is temporarily on hold. Most of our players transitioned to other unions such as Ice Cold.
  2. In Diamond Union, deal without rabate is possible for some of the players and agents. Message us and see if you qualify for this exclusive offer.
  3. Paradise Union deal continues to be without rabate – perfect opportunity for agents to use our services in this amazing alliance.
  4. Pokerbros Rise and Grind Union is back among our offers. Very soft action, highly recommended.
  5. Pokerbros Envite Union has now dramatically increased in size and is now a perfectly good place to grind on daily basis, especially if you are fan of PLO5.
  6. Pokerbros app is no longer home to the Mexico Union. Their owners turned out to not be 100% correct with club owners, agents and players. This led to the disappearance of the union.

Pokerbros app in October 2023

  1. This week we have good and bad news. Usually people prefer to hear the bad ones first, so here goes… The Poker Pit union is no longer available. In a bid to keep the games soft as possible and limit them only to locals, the union owners basically removed 90% of the Pokerbros agents and players. Games may be slightly better, but from what we saw, its hard to say it for certain, because there are rarely enough players to start the tables .
  2. Good News ! Black DIamond – a brand new Pokerbros private club from Greece is the hot new place, where recreational players gather to have fun . All regular players can join and take advantage of the easy games. Just ask us how.

PokerBros App Halloween Update

  1. No tricks and only treats last week of october in one of our favorite poker apps. The most important news is that there is a whole new PokerBros UK Union has launched ! One of the best NLH and PLO6 games we have seen in a long time !
  2. The Danish Pokerbros club for PLO6 – Supreme 22 is back online with better games than ever ! Conditions are slightly different, so make sure you contact us for deal.

PokerBros App in Beginning of November

  1. A brand new private Pokerbros club from Europe is now available to everyone around the world. It offers one of the best PLO6 games, including Heads Up, which is very rare to find on apps. The club name is ” Best Friends “.
  2. Lately the action in the private UK club Flop Me has been nothing short of incredible. Super soft games, contact us for more details.

New Pokerbros Union has launched ( November 13 – November 20 )

  1. PokerBros Kings and Fives Union is the newest addition to the Pokerbros app. It is a Greek Alliance for some really soft low stakes games. Traffic is low, because there are purely recreational players and they join mainly during evening time to play a few hands for fun.
  2. Pokerbros Rise and Grind Union and Rec Room Union has proven to be difficult to work with and deals are often are put on hold. Do not depend on those unions to be your main places to play.

PokerBros App Black Friday Update

  1. Black Friday Bonuses on Pokerbros comes in the form of ultra soft private clubs, which are EXCLUSIVE and access is almost impossible to find elsewhere. Luckily all you have to do is navigate towards our dedicated Pokerbros page and learn more about them + how to join.
  2. First new Pokerbros club is called ” Rolex “ It is private European room with very soft Omaha games. They come in all forms , shapes and sizes – low stakes, medium stakes, 4-5-6 carded, ante tables, straddle tables – they have it all. Purely recreational opponents await.
  3. Pokerbros clubs from Kosovo are next to impossible to find, but The Poker Agent team gives access to such club. ” ProWin “ is an exotic private room with unbelievably weak players. Easy to extract value from this room, just by playing for few minutes.

PokerBros App News in December 12- December 19

  1. New Mexican Pokerbros Union is launching. Very good low stakes action against hot-headed latinos is expected. Be among the first players to reserve your seat !
  2. New private club ” Las Vegas” has been running some incredibly easy-to-win tables, against recreational players from all over the world. PLO5 and PLO6 low to mid stakes available.

PokerBros App Christmas Update

  1. New festive look of the app. More customization options available.
  2. Brand new private club The Home Game is the latest place available to our players. Low to mid stakes Omaha can be played there.
  3. Upgraded conditions in King and Fives Union.
  4. More Pokerbros Clubs from Mexico ! This time, a private room called El Callejon for PLO4 Bomb Pot.
  5. Happy Holidays to everyone following The Poker Agent !

First Pokerbros App News in 2024

  1. New Pokerbros club “Flamingo” now available. It is a private room, for low to mid stakes action.
  2. The Dawg House, formerly called Matrix, is now busier than ever. Peak of traffic is during the UK evening time and you can play one of the best NLH and PLO6 online poker games in this British Pokerbros club.

PokerBros App in January 22 – January 29

  1. Poker Pit Union is no longer available.
  2. Some private Pokerbros app games have stopped. Clubs Las Vegas, Flamingo and Flop Me Happy among them.
  3. Other options, however, has arisen . The main one being the Club 888 – Australian private room for mid/high stakes Omaha.
  4. Rolex club is busier than ever. Lots of Omaha tables for every taste – four, five and six carded.

PokerBros App News in The Beginning of February 2024

  1. New options in all private Pokerbros clubs – Cap Tables. In those, there is a pre-defined maximum number of big blinds, each player can contribute to the pot during each hand at the table.
  2. Lucrative new deals available in Panamericana and Paradise Unions. Only for serious Pokerbros agents and high stakes grinders !
  3. Bad Beat Jackpot in Diamond Union is now over 90k and in Panamericana is over 65k.

PokerBros in February 19 – February 26 – Removed from App Store.

  1. It has been a tough month for the Pokerbros platform, but as we all know, upswings and downswings are not only on the poker table, but also in every aspect of our daily lives. With that being said, to our surprise Pokerbros platform was removed from Google Play. This is not the first time, which this happens and there is easy fix, with which you can still download Pokerbros on your Android device. Pokerbros app will resolve this minor inconvenience and soon will be back on Google App Store.
  2. The PokerBros Dawg House and Flop Me Happy are no longer available. They were very good spots for No Limit Holdem and our players destroyed the rest of the pool so bad, that they have to lick wounds for a long time. Soon The Poker Agent team will find more similar private PokerBros clubs.
  3. Brand new deals for agents in PokerBros Club Rolex and PokerBros Mexican Union. Attractive conditions !
  4. Improved conditions in PokerBros Paradise Union ! All players and Pokerbros agents can now enjoy the no weekly rebate !

PokerBros Platform in the End of February

  1. PokerBros has bounced back in style, after series of disappointing news last week. Fresh attractive deals available. Brand new Spanish PokerBros Union is forming up, we will be giving access soon to all our players.
  2. Another private PokerBros Club from Spain will be available on February 27 for all our players. Keep an eye on our Telegram news channel or our PokerBros page for more news about these hot destinations.

PokerBros App – Early March Update

  1. New Spanish PokerBros clubs available. The best one is called El Puerto – a private room for mid to high-stakes Omaha with Bomb pot for some increased adrenaline. Straddle/ante additions are also turning up the head. This Spain-based PokerBros club is currently 100% populated by whales and recreational players.
  2. Puerto Banus is another PokerBros Club from Spain, you can access with The Poker Agent. Lower stakes NLH action, once again with bomb pot variation. Seems that Spaniards just can’t help but love some extra juicy Bomb Pot tables.
  3. Poker Pit Union – Only for American players. Has good traffic and Heads Up. Contact us if you are currently USA-based and look to play in this PokerBros union
  4. Kings and Fives Union , which offers probably the best NLH action on the platform is now also running Heads Up tables. If you are Holdem player, look no further than this alliance. It is the perfect addition for some low to mid stakes action.

PokerBros App in the last week of March 2024

  1. PokerBros Application is back on Google Store after brief absence ! All Android users can easily download it from their Google Play.
  2. New Pokerbros Union – Lets Go Poker has just launched for people all over the world. It focuses on recreational ring-games and busy MTT schedule. Contact us for deal.

PokerBros April Fools Update

  1. PokerBros app is sporting a brand new spring look, with easter eggs and bunnies hoping around your phone screen. On top of the cosmetics, the developers have added few new modifications to the free-to-play lobbies.
  2. On the private Pokerbros clubs front, an old acquaintance has appeared once again. Yar Poker – the Russian private club for only 1-2 tables of 4-card Omaha during the evening (Moscow time) is active once again. Grab your seat with The Poker Agent.

PokerBros App in April 15 – April 22

  1. The most exciting Pokerbros private club, that has launched this year is called Spot club. It is another Spanish Pokerbros room with quite developed player-pool. Spaniards are starting to become one of the most common nationalities on the platform. There are already several purely Spanish Pokerbros clubs with incredibly soft and fun games.

PokerBros App Easter Update

  1. May 2024 is upon us and few years have already passed since the launch of the main Pokerbros Unions – Diamond, Panamerican, RGS and Paradise. The Poker Agent offers one of the highest deals with 100% safe access. All Pokerbros agents and players can use our access for the very best experience without interruptions of clubs closing doors or stopping activity. Not that we are immune to these things happening, but we work with more than 3 Pokerbros clubs in each union.
  2. PokerBros app has just launched 3 board format. Now you can enjoy your favourite games – Texas Holdem and Omaha on 3 separate boards ! Most such games running can be found on Diamond Union.
  3. Besides the main Pokerbros unions, we also work with few private Pokerbros clubs. You can find all these Pokerbros clubs in one place. Now we also list shady club owners and agents, as well as untrustworthy unions.

PokerBros App News in May 20 – 26

  1. New better in deals in all the main Pokerbros unions.
  2. Brand new Pokerbros Spanish union available called Viscochotos. Amazing 5 and 4-carded Omaha with bombpot.
  3. Another private club has opened its doors. It is called Master of Puppets and the player base focuses on mid-stakes Mixed Games format, as well as high-stakes NLH and mid-stakes PLO4.

PokerBros App ( May 27 – June 2 )

  1. Good games lately in the PokerBros Portugese club Spot. Very juicy Omaha tables.
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