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Pokerbros app is arguably the most famous club poker platform in the world right now. Your poker buddies recommend you some clubs, your wife’s uncle proposes you another, you read that some random Facebook “friend”, has opened a club and is inviting you to play…. A complete mess!

Who to trust? Where are the best games? How to keep track? We realized how stressing it may be for both newcomers and even experienced Pokerbros app veterans to stay in touch with what is happening.

The Poker Agent already has the biggest list of Pokerbros clubs, which gets updated on daily basis. We also rank all the Pokerbros Unions and even write a full review of the biggest alliances like Pokerbros RGS Union.

Still, our team feels we can do even more for you, by having a page, which is updated weekly with all the interesting Pokerbros app news. Here you can find all that is happening on the app and its clubs, week by week.

Disclaimer 1: PokerBros app is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.

Disclaimer 2: PokerBros app is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.

pokerbros app

Where USA players play on Pokerbros app ?

Of course, this is a trick question. There are hundreds of Pokerbros clubs and almost every single one has players from America. We have one of the biggest portfolios of Pokerbros deals, which is consistent of all the Pokerbros Unions, private clubs and even multiple different clubs, to access each union, with different deals.

There are many USA players, who prefer to use only the well-known American methods to get into the games. They prefer everything to be easy and even to contact the club directly, without speaking to us. This is completely ok with us and here are two clubs, which gladly will accommodate these kinds of players;

You can write the club id and referral id inside the Pokerbros app lobby and send application to join and check the games. By clicking join on your phone, you will be taken directly inside of the app and automatically apply to the clubs.

In both clubs, there is contact of club owner in the description. If you prefer to contact us first, shoot up a message to our Telegram admin. If you are PC player and wonder how to play on Pokerbros app with HUD or emulator, check our article .

For those two clubs, there is not much to say, because they are part of well-known American Pokerbros Unions. Paradise Alliance is one of the first big Pokerbros rooms and Grinderzz is one of the newest additions. They both have their advantages over one another, but in short -if you prefer lots of active tables and omaha 4 or 6 cards – Paradise union is your place. In case you are more of a PLO5 guy and prefer softer games, over traffic – check out Grinderzz Union. Both alliances offer NLH tables.

Top 3 Biggest Pokerbros Unions in October 2022 ?

There are so many unions to choose from on Pokerbros. Usually, most players value the many active tables and beefy tournaments. Below you will find how to join the three biggest Pokerbros Unions – Diamond, Panamericana and Paradise.
As we mentioned, The Poker Agent offers few different clubs in each union, in case some room stops or has some kind of problems, we switch our players and agents to the next one, in the same union. Below we will list our second Paradise union deal, which is more suitable for Pokerbros Agents and regular players.

Those are also highly suitable Pokerbros Unions to be an agent. All Pokerbros agents will receive generous deals by us. Acquiring players will be easy for you with our VIP conditions, which we provide agents with.

Best Clubs for Pokerbros Agents in October 2022 ?

With Pokerbros app being so popular, dozens of people ask us to become Pokerbros agents, each week. Not only newcomers are enticed to our deals however, but we also improved many old school agents as well, by giving them access to new clubs to work with or just improving the service, that they were getting elsewhere.

Those 3 Pokerbros unions above are one of the best places to be Pokerbros agent, but we also recommend few other smaller clubs. Yes, those rooms are smaller, but with softer games and less well known. Easy games for your players and less competition for you as agent, because not many have access to the following Pokerbros rooms. A recipe for success!

These are the best deals for agents at this point and time. If you need to ask us questions on these deals or start in a whole another place, let us know.

Best Non – Union Pokerbros Clubs in October 2022 ?

Pokerbros app is host of many unions, but especially lately, it is also a home of many small Pokerbros clubs. Those make you feel like you are part of the typical friday poker night. Everyone aims to make bold plays and call of stacks with very bad hands.

Recreational players in those small clubs, make up for the fact, that games run rarely in some of these clubs. Some private Pokerbros clubs run only a few days of the week, others have at least few active tables 24/7. It is strictly individual.

Check out which private clubs are worth your time this month ;

Isolation club is British club filled with bad players. Both clubs are very soft, but if you have chosen one as your secondary grinding fields, let that be Isolation. Super easy to win games and juicy games.

Lucky stars club is definitely busier of the two with better game type selection. There you can find even some double board and bomb pot tables. Whether you are NLH or Omaha player, do not miss these Pokerbros app clubs. If not as your main hunting fields, at least use them as a sweet secondary spot to compliment your main places.

Pokerbros App Week 17.10-23.10

Last few weeks, Pokerbros app was swarmed by new private high stakes Omaha clubs. While this is great news for all PLO lovers – NLH fans were left behind a little. This comes to an end from this week onwards ! A new private high stakes NLH club has launched. Blinds are 10/20 + and there are more than 4 active tables at peak times.

The club is American and there are decent amount of whales playing on it. We really loved what we saw, as there was good activity in all 7 days of the week. Usually, high stakes private clubs run only 2-3 days a week or work with appointments between players / agents. Here we have a professionally run club with good amount of active high stakes players, right from the start.

Details attached below ;

Pokerbros App Week 24.10 – 30.10

New week, new club on Pokerbros app delivered to you by The Poker Agent. Now you can play in a rare type of room. It is private Pokerbros club from Switzerland with good mid stakes games. Players are not bad, but club is quickly developing into an interest place to play PLO6 games, away from the largest Pokerbros Unions. There are also some Freerolls, for all micro grinders.

Pokerbros app on Halloween and First Week of November

Pokerbros app celebrates Halloween this week with a little change of looks and a few new avatars to choose from.

pokerbros halloween

We as a Pokerbros agency, celebrate it a bit differently. Our team constantly seeks new deals and this week we have news for all players interested in smaller unions. First one is that Pokerbros Mexico Union is currently on stop ! Playing there is no longer available.

But not everything is so grim, this week. New Pokerbros Union has just launched ! Well, it is more of a relaunching old union, but traffic is slightly increased – so we are happy to invite you back in Pokerbros Matrix Union . This is essentially Grinderzz Union with few tweaks. So, to sum up – Grinderzz Union is now called Matrix Union. King is dead, long live the king.

pokerbros matrix union

This club mentioned previous weeks , as well. Here is a reminder how to join and this time we have even better deal for both players and agents !

Week 7.11 – 14.11 (2022), What is Happening on Pokerbros App ?

This week, we cannot introduce you, to new and interesting clubs. At time like this, it is best to remind you, that The Poker Agent not only gives you access to all Pokerbros unions on the app, but we also have the widest selection of Pokerbros private clubs to choose from.

For now, we will part ways with eyes toward the future. There is new union brewing up on Pokerbros app . Our spies, tell us it will launch in the beginning to mid-December and will have structure similar to Diamond. Punishing slightly the sharks and rewarding recreational players. We will not reveal the union name yet, but you can expect another big soft Pokerbros alliance next month.

PokerBros app in 14.11 – 21.11 (2022)

This week, there are not many new developments on the app. Most of the interesting things of last two months are that many unions have started and there are very good bonus deals for players and agents.

Pokerbros StarPoker Union will no longer be active as it is. Instead, it will merge with one of the other Pokerbros unions. Expect more news on this and all other matters regarding Pokerbros app in the following weeks.

Black Friday on Pokerbros and New Developments in Week 21.11 – 28.11 (2022)

The Poker Agent team had some exclusive Black Friday deals for all our players on all platforms, including Pokerbros app . Such promotions, you can see in our social media pages and Telegram News Channel.

Black Friday offers are exciting, but what is even more exciting is finding new Pokerbros clubs to play in. Or maybe some old ones coming back online. One such club is MTY, a Mexican Pokerbros club with one of the softest low stakes NLH and PLO5 games. The club is part of the Pokerbros Alliance Mexico.

Pokerbros App in the Beginning of December 2022

There are not many new developments on the app, as far as club-based play is concerned. This week is the last chance for you to obtain some of the exclusive Black Friday Deals on Pokerbros.

pokerbros black friday

Another thing you may have missed is our new article on how to fix issues with playing Pokerbros on PC. Many have problems with PC emulators, being stuck on loading screen. The very easy cure to your problems is in the link above.

And if you just crave for some poker, check from all the club options we present to you in previous weeks. They are still available and better than ever. See you next week !

Pokerbros App in Week 05.12 – 12.12 – NEW UNION

New European Pokerbros Union has just launched. It is a very good place for you to boost your winnings, by playing low to mid stakes No Limit Holdem and 5 card Omaha games. Most of the players are from Europe, but don’t let that scare you ! Games are pretty soft and stakes are affordable for almost every decent poker player out there.

The new Pokerbros Union Envite , launched few days ago, yet the traffic is pretty decent. You can find games running almost at all times. Peak of traffic is during European evenings, where you can choose from more than 10 active tables.

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