Pokerbros Diamond Union – Review 2023

Pokerbros Diamond Union Review

During the cold winter days, plenty of poker players, take the time to recharge their batteries, by going skiing or visiting hot exotic destinations. Some players even add few live poker fests to the mix.

If you are not among those people and still look for amazing places to play online poker – Pokerbros Diamond Union is the place for you. Diamond is the oldest ,and at the same time, currently the biggest Pokerbros Union .

We chose Pokerbros Club from Diamond Union in our club of the month section, because we feel this union just continues to impress by focusing on bringing recreational players, while still remaining huge in size. It is very rare to find both soft and huge player pool. Usually softest poker clubs are small in size, but this is not the case with Diamond Union.

Pokerbros Diamond Union in 2023

Whether we talk about size, variety or innovation – Pokerbros Diamond Union is always in the conversation. Here you can find active tables 24/7 on variety of poker formats including ;

  • NLH
  • PLO
  • PLO5
  • PLO6
  • PLO8
  • Spin & Go
  • Sit & Go
  • MTT
  • Fixed Limit Holdem
  • Fixed Limit Omaha
  • Short Deck
  • Mixed Games
  • Double Board Omaha
  • Bomb Pot Variations

As you can see, the number of poker formats is impressing. What is even more impressing is games on all of those run all the time. Stakes go from NL10 to NL10000. You can not find such limits in every poker app. Recently Diamond Union is offering some nosebleed stakes on FLH , as well as Mixed Games tables.

Here is the time to remind our readers :

Disclaimer 1: PokerBros is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real-money service.
Disclaimer 2: PokerBros is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.

Pokerbros Diamond Union Series of Poker 2023

pokerbros diamond union
Diamond Series of Poker

In the summer of 2022, once again Pokerbros hosts the annual Diamond Union Series of Poker ( DSOP) . Usually there are a lot of beefy tournaments at any given time but by adding such events, Pokerbros Diamond Union offers even bigger tournaments. Prize pools are huge and we expect the same generosity this summer, when the series return

Another thing worth mentioning about Diamond Union tournaments is that participants are much less than tournaments on the well known online poker sites, yet prizes remain the same or even bigger. This means you compete with less players for bigger rewards.

How to start playing on Pokerbros Diamond Union?

Pokerbros Diamond

The Poker Agent currently offers a handful of clubs inside Pokerbros Diamond Union. When clubs are part of same union, there is no difference which one you can join. However, we as professional poker agent team, have access to many clubs, in case some of them stop operating.

Starting is super easy and takes only few minutes. All you need to do is download the app to your phone ( or PC with android emulator) and create account. Then you can contact us about giving you Pokerbros Diamond Union club info.

To join the main club we offer in this union, just head to the Pokerbros main lobby, click magnifying glass symbol and add the following IDs

  • ID: 55555 
  • Agent ID: 693507

To get your application approved and get you started contact us on ;

Telegram: @thepokeragent

Whatsapp : +359878805600

Facebook : thepokeragent

Our Pokerbros Players Get :

  • Help with choosing best club for your preferences and skills;
  • Free chips transfer between clubs;
  • Biggest amount of clubs and unions on Pokerbros and other apps;
  • Personal support manager;
  • Full Guarantee for correctness

Pokerbros Diamond Room is huge poker room with strict rules. Clubs in which we operate, often are being switched, so it is best to keep in touch with us for the latest offers. Another advantage to using our services , is that your deal will never be stopped, as we navigate smoothly the deep waters of Pokerbros Diamond Union.

Joining Pokerbros Diamond Union as Agent

Pokerbros clubs list

For all Pokerbros veterans, who look to become agents, we provide unique opportunity to work in all unions, on all platforms. Not only that, for already established affiliates , with many players, we have VIP deals. These offers are not only lucrative, but also come with full package of bonuses, to make your life as pokerbros agent easier.

Pokerbros Diamond Union agents, who decide to sign up with us receive ;

  • Full weekly reports of their players
  • Seemless chip transfers between Pokerbros Diamond Union and other clubs, unions, apps and platforms.
  • Highest Deals
  • 24/7 Support, fast and secure service
  • Opportunity to bring only shark players, with reducing weekly bonuses

To What Kind of Players We Recommend Pokerbros Diamond Union ?

It goes without saying, that Pokerbros Diamond Union is perfect choice , regardless of your preferences. It offers every known and unknown poker game, as well as many active tables 24/7 . However, there are many other good unions on Pokerbros , PPPoker and Upoker, to choose from.

To narrow things down, Pokerbros Diamond Union is at it’s best when it comes down to traffick and high stakes games. The sheer size of this room almost rivals the biggest poker networks in the world. There are many tables to choose from, regardless of stakes you want to play. The variety of poker formats, you can choose from, is also astonishing.

The next thing, which often is the reason players and agents choose Pokerbros Diamond Union, are the high stake games. There are many available at all times. Not only that, high stakes tables are super soft. Whales just sit and play for fun. You will not believe how low the level of play is on 5/10 + tables. It feels like 2006 all over again.

As far as formats are concerned, it is hard to choose one, which is the king here. If we were to pick one, it would be PLO5. It is probably the softest one, out of all the classic ones. 5 carded Omaha here is played loose passively with lots of limping and calling. Just wait for the nuts and collect monster pots.

Pokerbros Diamond Union Verdict

The most desired private room in the world is still going strong in 2022. With plethora of games, soft field, good promotions and beefy tournaments – it is the place to be. There are few minor downsides, when compared to other unions and private clubs, but in general – this is a highly recommended online poker room. If you are not inside, already, it is a high time you correct this mistake. If you like to discover all the offers on the platform – check out dedicated Pokerbros page.


  • Huge amount of active tables
  • Beefy tournaments
  • Plethora of game types to choose from
  • Soft High Stakes
  • Great PLO5 Games
  • Big weekly bonuses from u
  • There are some softer unions
  • No Heads Up

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