Online Poker News : Upoker Sponsors Triton , Two Plus Two website sold.

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UPoker sponsors the live broadcast of the esteemed Triton Million For Charity Poker Series on NBC Sports US. The event is set to make its US debut in July 2021. The tournament series holds the record for being the biggest buy-in for any poker tournament. Poker celebrity Daniel Negreanu and TV personality, Ali Nejad will be the exclusive commentator for this prestigious poker tournament. UPoker is proud to bring this broadcast live to your homes.

Upoker support of Triton Poker Series

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As an integral part of the larger global poker community, UPoker wishes to see more poker events coming forth to spread goodwill. UPoker’s long term goal has always been to change global perception about the nature of poker players and poker platforms as a whole. Poker players can be altruistic and they can be even better philanthropist.

It is events like the Triton Million for Charity series that prove poker to be a life changing force. In an effort to bring this noble effort to a broader audience UPoker brings you this live broadcast. Let’s tune in tune in together.

If you are interested in being a part of the Global UPoker Community and experience bigger better poker environment, feel free to contact us. We offer many real money poker clubs on the platfor, plus our own club.

Two plus Two Website Sold Out

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twoplustwo sold

A surprising announcement came yesterday on the popular Two Plus Two forums wherein founder Mason Malmuth, revealed the news of its website domain to be officially sold. With its 24 years under its belt and 60 million written posts to date – Two Plus Two is the main forum where you can discuss everything poker related.

With the major change coming into effect, Malmuth made known their reasons for the decision while also revealing that the new owners are the ones behind the Hand2Note HUD poker tracking software. Mainly confident in the younger owners’ ability to “make this site better than it has ever been”, Malmuth assured its users that Mat SklanskyChuck Weinstock, and himself will remain active for some time to pave the way for a smooth transition.

Our reasons for selling at this time is simply that those of us, including myself, who run this site are getting old, and I’ll be 70 this fall. So, when the offer came in to sell the site to new younger people who are on top of all the latest programming technology and who should have the ability to make this site better than it ever was, we felt that the time was right and would be best for everyone, including those of you who are members of the Two Plus Two Community”, Malmuth posted.

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