All 14 Pokerbros Unions Ranked – Which is The Best in 2023 ?

pokerbros unions

Pokerbros is the trendiest poker app on the market right now. With all the soft games and fun poker formats, most poker players chose pokerbros unions, as their main place to grind.

While it is not hard to find a club to play in, it is much better and safer to have trustworthy poker agent, who always find you the softest games, suitable for you.

You maybe saw our top 5 list of Pokerbros unions, which was made just few months ago. It should come as no surprise, that in fewheonths time, the dynamics have changed.

Pokerbros is extremely dynamic platform which always improves and changes, and so do the Pokerbros unions of clubs. As you know those unions use the Pokerbros software to organise private games.

Today we are going to review every single Pokerbros union. As you know, you can join each one on extremely good bonus deals. Just contact The Poker Agent team and you will receive full list of Pokerbros clubs on each union.

Let’s start ranking those juicy Pokerbros Unions:

14. Pokerbros Rise and Grind Union

pokerbros clubs for omaha

Pokerbros Rise and Grind union is one of the latest ones, launching in Spring 2023. Here you can find solid mid to low stakes PLO4 games, as well as a bit of NLH action.

Games are actually pretty soft, with mostly recreational players. Traffic is not the worst one, but it is far behind many other Pokerbros unions, because the owners of this alliance do not allow regular players. They purely focus on recreational ones and when solid grinders gain access by accident, they quickly remove them.

If you are a hobby player, which plays loose and aims mainly to have fun, this is your place. Good thing is, your results will probably be the best here, in the long term.

  • Opponents Skill: 7/10
  • Traffick: 3/10
  • Games: PLO4
  • Stakes: 1/2

13. Pokerbros Global Poker League Union

pokerbros global poker league union

Global Poker League (GPL) is one of the most ambitious project launched in July 2023. It is run by high stakes professional poker players from Latin America. Expect quite a few players from Colombia, Brazil, Peru and other South American countries.

The type of games you will find here, are limited to all the different variations of Omaha. PLO4, PLO5, PLO6 with some Bomb Pot / Double Board tables, available as well. Stakes start from 1/2 blinds and can reach up to 10/20, during evening time in Brazil.

Player pool is consistent of loose players – calling stations, high VPIP % enthusiasts and chasers of questionable draws. If you look for recommendation to play just one type of tables here, focus on PLO6 mid stakes. This is the cherry on the cake.

The union is so far behind the other ones because, it is fairly new and lacks a consistent traffic. Some days of the weeks, game might not even run. It definitely gives more of a private club vibes, than a traditional Pokerbros union

  • Opponents Skill: 6/10
  • Traffick: 2/10
  • Games: PLO 4 , PLO 5 , PLO6
  • Stakes: PL20-PL2000

12. Pokerbros Union Kings and Fives (2024)

greek pokerbros union kings and fives

Very small union, which we cannot fully recommend yet, since it’s just starting to develop. Tables are online only for few hours a day, which is why Kings and Fives union is not still among on the best Pokerbros unions, but it has the potential to be one day.

The main attraction here, are the weak players from Greece, which make up most of the player base. We recommend this alliance to PLO6 players, who look for secondary club with lower blinds.

  • Opponents Skill: 4/10
  • Traffick: 2/10
  • Games: PLO5, PLO6
  • Stakes: 0,5/1 – 2/4

11. Pokerbros Union On Fire (2023)


One of the hottest destinations in 2023 (pun intended). The games in Pokerbros On Fire union are bombastic ( ok i am stopping this ). PLO5 bombpot is the only available game with decent activity so far, this is the only reason why this Pokerbros union is so far behind in this list.

Good news is some regular Omaha and NLH Pineapple tables are running here and there, so it has definitely a ton of potential to grow.

One thing is sure, this is one of the softest Pokerbros unions and if you play Bomb Pot, it is a no brainer choice.

  • Opponents skill: 2/10
  • Traffick: 5/10
  • Games: PLO5 Bomb Pot
  • Stakes: PL100 – PL600

10. Pokerbros Union – Envite

Pokerbros European Envite Union

Pokebros Envite Union is one of the softest and desired placed on the app in 2023. The only reason we rank it so low, is that the games are very scarce. Sometimes you have to wait for few hours, to play some poker. There are PLO5 and NLH tables available and once you are able to play, games are winnable to say the least. Players are not very good, which is exactly what you need, when searching for private poker clubs.

  • Opponents Skill: 3/10
  • Traffick: 4/10
  • Games: NLH, PLO5,
  • Stakes: NL100-NL600

9. Pokerbros UK Union

pokerbros uk union

First thing you need to know about Pokerbros UK union, is that out of all Pokerbros unions, this is the most suitable ones for low stakes.

It has only NLH and PLO6 games and they run only for few hours a day, which is why this British Pokerbros union is not in the TOP 5. The reason however, we still recommend it, is that almost all players are local, which play mostly for fun.

  • Opponents skill: 2/10
  • Traffick: 3/10
  • Games: NLH, PLO6
  • Blinds: 0.25/50 – 2/4

8. Newest Pokerbros Unions in 2023 : The Poker Pit


Crazy good games in the newest Pokerbros alliance in 2023 – The Poker Pit. The unorthodox thing about this room, is that it is among the few Pokerbros clubs, offering Mixed Games format.

It is one of the most fun poker variations, you can find online. It definitely attracts a lot of weak players as well. For those of you, who are jack of all trades, this is golden opportunity to exploit players, who are competent in only one poker game type.

The Poker Put union holds even more surprises. It is one of the few places on Pokerbros, offering heads up tables. Both on NLH and Omaha. Majority of the player base, comes from US and you can easily spot, that they are recreational players, who are used to home games, more than anything else.

Update: Similar union is available also on the ClubGG platform., contact us for more information

  • Opponents Skill: 4/10
  • Traffick: 6/10
  • Games: Mixed Games, NLH, Heads Up
  • Stakes: NL50-NL600

7. Pokerbros Diamond Union

Pokerbros diamond union
Pokerbros diamond
Diamond union

The oldest Pokerbros union and most famous one. If you search for something close to huge online poker sites, this is the place for you.

In fact, Pokerbros Diamond union is like a rock and roll superstar . There is a separate article about Diamond union, in which we go into detail about this alliance.

Not much to say about diamond union. It has the most traffic 24/7, also the most poker formats and stakes.  Biggest MTT rewards, biggest cooler jackpots and constantly growing player base.

The reason diamond union is in 7th place is that the games are tougher than the other smaller pokerbros unions. Overall is much more rewarding long term to sacrifice traffic for lesser opponents in other places. Here is our score for diamond union:

  • Opponents Skill: 7/10
  • Traffick: 10/10
  • Games: NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6, MTT, Short Deck, Fixed Limit Holdem, OFC, SNG
  • Stakes: NL10-NL2000

6. One of The Softest Pokerbros Unions – Ice Cold (2023)


Ice Cold Union is one of the best Pokerbros Unions on the platform, definitely the TOP 3 softest ones. If it had the traffic of unions like Diamond, it would definitely be in the number 1 spot. Sadly , the reality is that this alliance is too green and the amount of active tables, do not allow us to rank it higher.

But is you can see, it is still in the number 6 spot. Pokerbros Ice Cold needed just two weeks to impress us that much and almost to break into TOP 5. It would even be there, if there was bigger game variety.

As of right now, the main game here is PLO4, but at certain times of day, you can find also other type of poker games, mainly different variations of Omaha. If you are Omaha player and do not mind to play on just one or two tables, this is the best place to be on Pokerbros.

  • Opponents Skill: 4/10
  • Traffick: 5/10
  • Games: NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6
  • Stakes: NL10-NL2000

5. Pokerbros Unions – The Rec Room

pokerbros the rec room union

One of the best Pokerbros Unions in terms of soft games. The players are super bad, basically just give away their chips, without you having to work for it. The reason Pokerbros Union The Rec Room is so low on our list, is that the union have slightly annoying rules, which we all must follow.

Pokerbros The Rec Room Union does not welcome players outside of USA. You can get access but it is a bit tricky. Another obstacle for Pokerbros agents, especially, is the requirement to have a balanced win/loss ratio. By balanced, it is implied that most of the weeks, the downline of any Pokerbros agent, must be on minus.

This is easier said than done, as most of the players, already playing in this union, leave us with a feeling that they just DONT want to win. Playing almost every hand, calling whole stacks with low pairs, are just the few of the things , which we observed. Definitely an easy field, that any solid player would crush.

Another downside of this union, besides the strict rules, is that traffic is still low. Union launched quite a while ago, but the activity barely improved. One must wonder, whether these strict union rules are not working against them, limiting their growth.

  • Opponents Skill: 5/10
  • Traffick: 3/10
  • Games: NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6
  • Stakes: NL20 – NL400

4. Pokerbros Pacifica Union

Pokerbros pacifica union
Pacifica union
Pokerbros pacifica

This is pokerbros union which tries to accomodate players from all over the world. The bulk of players come from Asia and Australia. Tables often run in 8 max format, which is popular variant in Asia.

Pacifica union is extremely soft. It is super easy to grind and be successful. This pokerbros union focuses on low to medium stakes.

The things which prevents it from reaching our top 3 are lack of poker game variety and lack of many active tables. Pacifica is running only No Limit Holdem games. Here is our score for Pacifica union :

  • Opponents Skill: 3/10
  • Traffick: 5/10
  • Games: NLH, MTT
  • Stakes: NL10-NL200

3. Pokerbros Panamericana Union

Panamericana Union

Pokerbros panamericana
Pokerbros Panamericana Union

If you check our Top 5 Pokerbros union list, you will find that Panamericana union is crowned being the best..

Several months later we still believe this is excellent choice for newcomers and regular poker players. Still the second largest Pokerbros union, still providing quality high stake tables and big amount of fish players.

The only reason it misses our Top 2 is that games became slightly tougher. Many players have already found how easy is to win here. Panamericana Union is especially suitable for higher stakes players. The feedback from players is mostly positive, with only low stakes players, having a bit more trouble finding good micro tables. Here is Panamericana Union in numbers :

  • Opponents Skill: 6/10
  • Traffick: 7/10
  • Games: NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6, MTT
  • Stakes: NL20-NL10000

2. Pokerbros Paradise Union

Pokerbros Paradise Union
Paradise Union
Pokerbros Parasise

Third biggest Pokerbros union and overal one of the TOP 3 best ones . At least it was, in our opinion, but recently it has been in close second to our winner. Pokerbros Paradise Unions. has the whole package. Perfect balance between active tables, soft games, bonuses and game variety. Tournaments are always with big prizes. In ring games, you play mostly against hobby and amateur players.

The guys who run this union know what they are doing and new clubs are coming on regular basis. In Paradise union, clubs almost never leave or get booted due to lack of activity. This means all clubs are solid and players are happy playing in them.  With absolutely 0 downsides this is the best Pokerbros Union at the moment.

  • Opponents Skill: 5/10
  • Traffick: 8/10
  • Games: NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6, MTT, OFC
  • Stakes: NL10-NL5000

1. Pokerbros RGS Union

Rgs Union
Pokerbros RGS
Pokerbros RGS Union

The most liked Pokerbros union among our players. Probably the softest 6max games on NLH, PLO, PLO5 and PLO6. A lot of beefy freerolls , plus solid traffick on both regular tables and tournaments.

This is one of these Pokerbros unions, which developed really fast. Last year it became one of the best Pokerbros unions on the platform. It is not the biggest one, yet the ratio of size, game variety and recreational players – is second to none. Not only that, RGS union hosts amazing PLO8 games, which is rather uncommon. Our high stake players are absolutely in love with this room , as it is home to one of the weakest whales on the planet.

  • Opponents Skill: 3/10
  • Traffick: 7/10
  • Games: NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6, PLO8, MTT
  • Stakes: NL20-NL5000

If you play have chosen , which of these Pokerbros Unions, best suit your needs and preferences, do not hesitate to contact us and get started in no more than two minutes. Write to our admin at Telegram : @thepokeragent .

Pokerbros Unions Final Verdict

Pokerbros without a doubt do not disappoint yet again. With 9 solid Pokerbros unions to play in and couple of private clubs , you can not ask for more. All possible preferences you can have,  for online poker room, can be fulfilled on Pokerbros.

The Poker Agent got you covered if you are looking for more info, guidance or just want to play in some Pokerbros unions. If you wonder how to join and want to see all the platform has to offer, discover all Pokerbros Clubs here.


  • PokerBROS is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.
  • PokerBROS is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBROS endorse it.

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