Do Not Miss These Exciting Heads Up Duels in 2021

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2021 started in a bang with high stakes duels, involving poker superstars such as Doug Polk, Daniel Negreanu, Fedor Holtz and Wiktor Malinowski. While they all delivered more than fair share of excitement, big pots and poker strategies to discuss, new exciting duels are starting soon.

What’s Next ?

  1. Daniel Negreanu will play live-poker against Phil Hellmuth.
  2. The Galfond Challenge is not over yet. Phil is waiting for his next opponent for nosebleed PLO HU
  3. Bill Perkins is going to play against the young star Landon Tice.
  4. In addition to the match against Stefan, Wiktor Malinowski issued a challenge to ” coach Negreanu.”
  5. Artur Martirosyan challenged Holz.

Negreanu vs Hellmuth

This is probably the biggest heads up battle in history of poker. Those are far from the best poker players, especially in 1v1 format, but they are certainly the biggest names in poker. Many people want to see them win or lose. Love or hate them, they are global superstars. This will be the most talked about poker event in 2021. The Poker Agent team picks Daniel Negreanu to win.

Phil Galfond PLO Challenge

Galfond still has couple of opponents from all those who signed up for his challenge. For those who do not follow closely, Phil issued PLO HU challenge back in 2019, to all those who dare to face him. One year later and he already took care of the new online prodigies such as ActionFreak, VeniVidi and Chance Cornuth. It is hard to bet against Galfond for his next battle.

Bill Perkins vs Landon Tice

This one is interesting because Bill is considered amateur among pros and Landon Tice a shark but on lesser limits. So one player has plenty of money, but not top tier skills and the other does not have the bankroll for nosebleeds stakes. Tice is even selling action so he can fund his bankroll. Still he is the favourite of bookies and experts. The Poker Agent team is picking Bill Perkins to win this one, due to the fact he has more experience at these levels.

Malinowski vs Negreanu

This is far from done deal, but it makes a lot of sense. Daniel Negreanu took valuable lessons from heads up expert Doug Polk. They played 25k hands, in which Negreanu lost more than million dollars.

On the other hand Malinowski got beaten by Holtz , while earlier declaring he could win playing drunk. While Victor did not took the match that serious, because stakes were not that high, he still lost in one sided battle. Fedor won 3 out of 4 sessions.

Still if Malinowski faces Negreanu, in our opinion he is the favourite.

Arthur Martirosyan vs Fedor Holtz

While Arthur is solid player on both MTT and Cash games we believe Holtz has advantage in almost evert aspect. When we add the fact he is coming off a big win, it’s hard to look past Fedor winning this one.


2021 is probably shaping to be one of the best years in recent poker memory. With all the interesting duels and the rise of online poker, there is plenty to talk and be excited about. Happy Grinding !

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