Grinding many tables and trying to be profitable is accomplished  mostly by being disciplined, rather than having fun and trying new exciting plays. This is due to the simple reason, games like regular No Limit Holdem and Omaha are getting so popular, that even amateur players try to fight back, somewhat successfully.

As you probably saw, our private real money poker clubs, have one of the weakest competition, which in turn means much bigger winnings and many more winning sessions. Still, some players have decent understanding of the game – it is not like couple years ago, where certain players from some nationalities , did not know the strength of  hands.

This is why online poker evolves and finds new ways to be exciting and enticing new players. One of the best ways it does so , is by introducing fresh new poker formats. This is good news for both recreational and regular players. For grinders, this means more hobby players to play against. At the same time recreational players benefit from starting on even ground, as nobody have studied these new poker formats.

As we always promise, with us at your corner,  you can always find the newest poker games, formats , rooms, apps, private clubs and everything else which connects to having fun and being profitable while playing online poker.

Today we are going to take a look at the 3 of the trendiest new poker games which are extremely fun to play and profitable, because no one played them.  Let’s start:

3. Omaha Short Deck

Upoker omaha short deck

You can try this game by joining some of the Upoker private clubs. Still not vastly popular and many players join tables by mistake. They forget the main rule –  the game is played without the lowest cards. Only 6’s and above.

This means you will be playing huge number of hands and will catch players thinking their low flush is good on river. Or overestimate their full house. This is extremely high variance game but when played against players who just want to have fun,  it can be so addictive. When hitting the nuts, you always get paid because  opponents fail to adjust to how strong their hand is – playing Omaha Short Deck either like regular short deck or more often regular omaha. Not to mention some enthusiasts are thinking their top pair or 2 low pairs are the winning hands.

2. No Limit Holdem Swap

Upoker swap
Upoker asia

This is another new format available in Upoker. While it is very similar to 3-1 Holdem, it has few differences.  In this poker game you are dealt 2 cards at first, if you decide that you do not like them, just swap them. Now you are dealt another 2 cards. You can continue to play regular Texas Holdem with them or fold . This is the only difference than regular NLH. Yet this gives you chance to get good hands twice as often.

First and foremost, this format is just perfect for tournaments.  MTT’s often turn in folding non-stop, waiting for the right spots . With the NLH Swap variant, you can get much more starting hands, play much more flops and make much better decisions. Flush and straight possibilities are slightly easier to calculate too, if you throw your initial hand, as you know 2 more cards which are not in play. Not that different than regular Texas Holdem, yet much more exciting.

1. 3-1 ( Pineapple ) Holdem

Pppoker 3-1 holdem
Pineapple holdem
3-1 nlh

Our personal favourite and the one we go back to most of the time. It is actually the least innovative and resemblances NLH Swap but also has key differences.

You can play this game in PPPoker Private Clubs with people from all over the world. In 3-1 Holdem all players are dealt 3 cards. The game continues by everyone discarding one. Then all  proceeds to regular Texas Holdem. Nothing earthshaking right ? Wrong ! This game is ton of fun and i can not explain how much more you can win if you follow simple strategy here.

Let’s continue by saying you would expect NLH Swap to give you far more often good hands than 3-1 Holdem. In reality, here you are dealt 3 cards at once and this give you much more chance to play low pairs for set mining or suited cards. This in turn means you will hit much more often sets and flushes. Perfect game plan for cash games.

On top of that pre flop many players think Jacks, for example, is good hand to go all in. Here , Aces and Kings are dealt regularly and TT, JJ, even QQ are dangerous hands to push with preflop. Also many players tend to overplay their over pair or even top pair on flop.

Simply put by having 3 cards and discarding one, strength of hands is slightly different and 99% of players do not adjust. They still think TJ, A8, K9 are solid hands, where in reality they should be folding these hands most of the time preflop.


These 3 new poker games are addicting and certainly attract a lot of recreational players. Whether you play for fun or solely for profit, we recommend you trying them. By joining Upoker and PPPoker private clubs you will be the first to get into these trendy new poker formats. Both apps do great job of staying ahead of the curve and offering exciting new ways to enjoy our favourite game. Happy Grinding !

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