Can You Use HUD on Poker Apps ? Comprehensive Analysis

can i use hud on poker apps

Playing on poker apps is slowly becoming the new “normal” thing to do, if you love spending your time online, instead of the casino.

Long gone are the days, where you just create account in the biggest poker site available in your country and hope for the best. Now players have a plethora of places to play, each with its own specifics, in terms of rules and ways to join.

Club Poker Apps were the latest trend to take over the poker world and currently are among the best ways you can play poker. They started off, as purely fun way to spend your work breaks and just have some quick poker fun on your phone.

Nowadays, club poker apps like PPPoker , Suprema and ClubGG , are the main ways many people play poker, even from their computers.

Playing on PC of course is well established ritual for experienced grinders. They always look to take maximum advantage even before beginning their sessions.

One way to do that is by finding soft games, which happens with the help of a poker agent. Another way is by optimizing their own game by using trackers. So, can you use HUD on poker apps? Is it possible? If yes, are there poker clubs, which forbid those?

Answers to all those questions in the next lines below.

can i use hud on poker apps

Can You Use HUD on Poker Apps ?

Huds / trackers / hand converters are ALLOWED on poker apps. In general. The club poker apps themselves have nothing against you, using emulators, VPN or the already mentioned HUDs. However. the private clubs on those apps, where the games are happening, have their own rules. Most of them are not against those software additions, but some of these clubs, are forbidding such third-party programs.

How to Know Which Poker Clubs Allow HUDS ?

The Poker Agent is the master key in opening each club for you. We monitor all the games on all the apps and our team is well aware with all the rules in each private club. Just send a message to our Telegram Admins – Daniel or Katie , and they will quickly bring you up to speed or just find you some juicy games to play, where you can use a HUD.

What is Forbidden on Poker Apps ?

RTA – real time assistance and Automatic software (bots) are forbidden on all poker apps. This is totally different thing from huds, so anyone using such software will be caught, removed and penalized with 100% of his bankroll. Each poker app has two security teams, monitoring the games at all times. The first anti-cheating team is the one provided from the app itself and the second one is the (club) security,

How to Use HUD on Poker Apps ?

Using a HUD on Poker Apps is not a hard task. There are apps like ClubGG with full PC support, and those that are only available on computer, by using emulator ( Pokerbros ). Hud on poker apps work regardless if you need emulator or there is PC version available. All Pokerbros players can rest assured that they can also buy themselves a HUD and track their hand history and stats.

We are not going to go into details of how to setup a HUD, because once you have it, it is pretty straight forward process. To use hud on poker apps, you first have to buy it. At the moment the best offer is on kingshands website . Their offers are competitive and their converters work with wide variety of poker sites and apps.

What are the Benefits of Using a HUD on Poker Apps ?

Using HUDS on poker apps is good way to upgrade your online poker setup. Benefits of using converter include :

  • supports mobile applications PPPoker, Upoker, PokerBros, Suprema, Xpoker;
  • displays Pot odds;
  • supports hotkeys;
  • converts stacks into big blinds on PokerBros;
  • bypasses blocking and prevents account bans in applications for using trackers or emulators;
  • open access to the forbidden tables on the emulator PokerBros;
  • allows you to open more than 1 account on PPPoker and Upoker via the PC app;
  • converts stacks into big blinds on PokerBros. PokerBros also has this feature, but it is included in a paid subscription, which costs $5 per month.
  • сan copy opponents’ nicknames in 1 click. Simply click on an opponent’s nickname in a separate HUD and it will be copied to the clipboard;
  • interacts with NiceHandOmaha, which provides the output of dynamic game statistics for PLO;
  • allows you to convert the hand histories of Asian applications saved in the Pokerstars format to a format understandable for Hand2Note.
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